Fridays On Trend.

Striped Tee: Primark, Leggings: H&M, Flats: New Look, Bag: Phoenix and the Lion (in store see their bag collection on Twitter!

I want to make a promise to you all that I don’t actually spend my entire life dressed in leggings. Sometimes I do mix it up and wear say . . . jeans. I’ve just noticed in recent weeks that I seem to be wearing an awful lot of leggings based outfits! Don’t worry however, when I add up how often I actually wear leggings in comparison to other clothing options its actually not that bad! I just appear to always pick those outfits to share with you guys.

Originally I wore this out to the supermarket one night with Josh (its all about grand romantic gestures in our household) and then when I re wore it over the weekend I added my cute croc bag from Phoenix and the Lion and a statement necklace from Accessorize. What I love most about this outfit is its super casual and comfortable while having a little bit of glamour mixed in.

When you want to dress effortlessly I think stripes obviously have to play a part and the moment you add rolled sleeves and cropped leggings/trousers it just transforms into something that bit more than leggings and a tee shirt. More importantly I need to tell you about this top. I wore it before in my Miami Vice inspired outfit but I bought this from Primark for £5! Oh yes £5! I would convert that into dollars for you but I’ll be honest, Its Friday and I’m feeling lazy. Needless to say this was super cheap and yet its super awesome. Its striped with long sleeves and a chambray back. What gets cooler than that?

In fact I’m kinda ready for winter just to wear this tee shirt constantly but instead of wishing away fall and those left over warm days I will try and instead enjoy the weather that we currently have and the clothes that come along with that.

I’m hoping to do a post on my accessories next week if that’s something you guys are interested in? And tomorrow I have a post on my first week Capsule Wardrobe thoughts and bad shopping habits!

*you may have noticed but I am not including outerwear/coats in my forty but I am intending to keep my choices to a minimum. Currently I have my Poncho above, my camel waterfall coat and perhaps my green jacket and the faux leather sheepskin jacket)

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