Therealjlow has worked with some really incredible companies over the last few years including, Long Tall Sally, Taller Than Your Average, Phoenix and the Lion, HSN and I love working with brands that fit in with the ethos of therealjlow and who are relevant to my readers.

therealjlow is now offering bar advertising. This advertising works on a monthly scheme and can be arranged for anything from a mention to a small donation, I often offer deals and trial freebies. These advertisements can be had on the right hand side bar in articles and in the footer as well as twitter.

For press inquiries please email,

therealjlow currently offers, sponsored posts and product placement and side and footer bar advertisements.

For press enquiries please email, Please be aware that therealjlow does not partake in posts that 'may' offer a mention on your page. I also don't offer free 'sponsored' posts, a lot of time and love goes into these posts and a small mention is a must for these services.

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