The Capsule Wardrobe | First week reflections and Shopping Mistakes

First Week Thoughts.

I wouldn’t say that the first week was the hardest. I found dressing a doddle with less items to choose from. I pulled out my favourite things without any freaking out and I felt well dressed and put together everyday which was a huge change from previously where I have had weeks of horrendous dressing.

I think it is easy because you have some new pieces and it all looks fresh and perfect but the second week, oh the second week I feel is the kicker. Am I already getting shopping pangs? Yes. Have I already gone out and bought a house full of new clothes? Thankfully not. What is helping, is my decision to only replace and to keep my wardrobe as a space for only great classic pieces and statement pieces. This has, so far stopped me from getting carried away or buying any cheap throwaway pieces.

What I think will be the problem is, this is only the first few weeks and they are probably the easiest so please do remind me to keep my perspective as we move forward!

Shopping Mistakes |

When it comes to shopping we probably all have those little habits which can make something fun and experimental into something potentially dangerous for bank balances and wardrobe space all over the world. When I first looked into The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge my main concern was overcoming my own bad habits. Was I going to start a big challenge only to fall half way around because of shopping? How could I make it achievable? So my first step to making the challenge possible was taking a really hard look at myself and admitting how I was a bad shopper.

The two main points that came up time and time again where;

– Buying multiples


– Buying cheap fixes

The multiples part is the big one for me. My mum is who noticed it first when I was a child. She always told me that I was a ‘collector’ of things. Whether that was books to beanie babies I was never happy with just one and when it comes to clothes thats no different.

There is a great example of this from this summer. When it comes to clothes its when I find an item that I love and suddenly I will want it in multiple colours (or patterns). I reckon that this is because in my mind I worry about finding something great, having it break or go missing and not having a back up. Thats quite frankly the silliest thing that I do while shopping and I believe that like minimising OCD you have to go against what you naturally want to do, to try and break that pattern. So one of my rules that I implemented and am having Josh watch over is no more multiples!

The second is shopping to make yourself feel better. Isn’t that what a lot of us do, even if its just sometimes? For me personally I think I am going to cure this by having a shopping list. I am not taking the three months off of shopping completely (just because in the first year I want to make sure I have a great collection of basics for every season that I can work off of moving forward.) So if its not on the list it isn’t being bought.

There will of course be times where I might slip or need Josh and my family to keep in line but I think thats what the first year will be about and thats making mistakes and working out the best way to make a capsule wardrobe work for you as an individual moving forward. I’m certainly not going to be beating myself up over this as if you want something to stick it can’t always be like a diet as you tend to always break those eventually . . .

2 thoughts on “The Capsule Wardrobe | First week reflections and Shopping Mistakes

    • therealjlow says:

      Thanks, I’m glad that I could be of assistance! I’m trying not to let myself get to bogged down by rules if I slip – but I think making your own rules does make that adherence easier!! Can’t wait to read your post! Jess x


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