“British Lifestyle blogger & writer , Jessica Low shows you how whether you are tall, short, apple shaped or pear shaped that you can wear anything you want and whenever you want to wear it. She even shares make up and beauty loves, her favourite books, her DIY attempts and how to save and budget whilst living your dream life.”

“What are you … like a really big Jennifer lopez fan from 2001?”

Afraid not, folks. In fact, back then I was 11 (Is that my age tag showing?). And, I was like, who is this woman cashing in on my name? (Obviously at this time, I was pretty sure I was the only one in the world whose initials also spelt out the same thing, (I was young what more can I say?)

Fast forwarding however and I decided to start a style blog! I had just left university, had moved across the country to be with my boyfriend and was starting a new! However, with no money and a huge clothes addiction … I hit a few stumbling blocks. How could I keep up to date with my love of style but with a small to non – exsistant budget? Well . . .

First, I started off by attempting the great kendi’s 30×30 challenge and alomost made it … But it was actually under taking this that I then realised it (that’s the big IT btw). I needed to form my own style/clothes rules. This was the key, to save cash, to develop a style that was entirely my own I needed an outlet, one that gave me space to showcase and ask questions and so the blog was born! So far it has helped me realise the value of my wardrobe. What I wear every week,  as a way of controlling my spending and learning my style to see what actually suited me and what really needed to go!

Of course, for this I needed a kick ass name for this venture … and I came up with … nothing, so therealjlow was born (again?) As after all, I am therealjlow and these are my real clothes, my real outfits, my real style!

All my photos are taken by my lovely Boyfriend, Josh whose an incredible, civil engineering, computer building, bike riding, ducklin wrangler. (yeah, you heard that right).

Outside of the blog I work in Marketing and Branding. I specialise particularly in small business’s looking to re brand, increase sales and market there brand as well as working with speakers and entertainment acts in branding & events marketing.

For all enquiries and questions simply email me at



Have I seen you somewhere before? 

Maybe you have! on



5foot10.blogspot.co.uk (article link)

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Kassie22 says:

    Thanks for checking out my recent post on my blog. I’m definitely going to peruse around and follow because as a recent university grad… well my love of clothes needs to find a happy place with the pretty much nonexistent budget- look forward to getting inspiration from you.
    P.S. Love how perfect your blog name is on so many levels. It must have been fated 😉
    Best Wishes!


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