Why therealjlow? Well back in the day, 2001? I was still only a kid when Jennifer Lopez declared that she was jlo, great branding, fab idea but kid Jess? She wasn’t such a fan! Who was this woman cashing in on my name? So in protest I set up my very first email account as therealjlow and it is in fact the exact same one the blog uses today! Strange? Maybe? But that’s where the name began!

In regards to the blog I really wanted the name to be able to grow as much I will. When I began the blog in 2012 I really had no idea what I wanted from this space and I certainly didn’t know how to use it well either! So therealjlow just fit in really well with the fact that everything here is real, I don’t stage anything and I also rarely use photoshop so the blog is really true to its name, therealjlow.

How tall are you and what size are you? I actually think it’s really important with any fashion blog or online clothing store to know what size is that model? What height? So that you guys can have a realistic idea of what the clothes look like on me and what they might look like on you!

I am technically 5 foot 10 and 3/4 but I think that fluctuates and I wear sizes 16-18 or medium-large. I am not ashamed by my size and I often think it’s our individual shapes that dictate size rather than weight. I eat healthily and exercise regularly, more of this will actually be seen come Spring 2015!

Who takes your photos and which camera do you use? My long time suffering fiancé, Josh actually takes the photos of every single outfit on this site and I take the stills! We were both complete novices when it came to this blog so everything is really trial and error but we both love doing it this way and keeping a sense of reality to every post!

We use and love our Nikon D3100 and yes we have named her, and her name is Cleo.

The Capsule Wardrobe? I started my very first (petrifying) capsule wardrobe in fall 2014. I had read into-mind before, often for style tips as I felt that I really had no signature style and then of course that little blog, un-fancy exploded onto the scene and I thought, well why not? I may have failed the 30×30 but if I really wanted to learn how to dress for my body and my miniscule budget without making gigantic mistakes I had to take the plunge and see what I really wore and what is important to me and my lifestyle. Since then I have documented my favourite outfits three times a week as well as my on-going an ever changing thoughts when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

I am looking to do a years’ worth of capsules, although probably only one, six month capsule for SS15 to really jump start myself into dressing well and easily.

The Pinterest Challenge? This has probably been done before but one morning I stood in front of my fabulous capsule wardrobe and I still couldn’t work out what to wear. This used to happen to me a lot but since the capsule this was the first time in four months that I had truly struggled. It had just so happened that my ipad was on and next to me on, Pinterest. My fashion board was staring me in the face and it came to me, make your current favourite Pinterest outfit with the clothes in your capsule, a few weeks later and here we have it! The Pinterest Challenge!

Where do you see therealjlow in the years to come? It is really my end goal to work with more incredible women and brands and to share real life tips and inspiration for every girl of every budget. I love a huge amounts of successful blogs but one thing they always miss is relatability once they hit the big time. Therefore I hope that therealjlow can really relate to women of all ages and provide economical and sustainable lifestyle options which we all love and would aspire to.

How can I get involved? If you’re a brand or company you can simply pop over to my press page and send me an inquiry (I offer sponsored posts and bar advertisements) but I also really love working with bloggers on collaborations and posts! To see if I am interested in working with you all you have to do is email me on therealjlow@hotmail.co.uk and we can take it from there!

Previously I have featured on and worked with, 5 foot 10 blog, Cap and Gown Style, The Plymouth Blogger, The Vintage Cupboard Lifestyles, joljordan and gemma.leader to name a few!

What else do you do? Outside of therealjlow I work in Marketing and Branding. Having grown up in a small business I have major love for all types of small businesses looking to make it large.

There’s something so amazing about an entrepreneur and so they are my ultimate favourite people to work with.

I’ve worked in retail, lifestyle and the corporate entertainment sector so its really diverse. I also work on branding for speakers and bands for corporate so that’s everything from font choices and content all the way to speeches!

Don’t see an answer to your question? Well pop it below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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