Summer Fall transitional.

Wrap Jumper: Zara (£7 in the sale!), Dress: H&M £7.99!, Shoes from New Look 2011 (I think again sale for probably £8.

Summer Autumn transitional.

One thing I really wanted to work on when it comes to my wardrobe is how to transition my clothes from one season to the next.

Even after a year of capsule it trips me up time and time again and so to find great pieces that bridge those gaps is the dream.

The jumper coat

This was one of the pieces that I bought and didn’t expect to. I had fallen in love with a number at Long Tall Sally but having found this at Zara for a mighty, £7 I knew I had to take the plunge. Here I have teamed this up with a dress for spring (another shrinker!) and using this jumper as a coat means I can keep wearing my spring summer favorites with warmer pieces.

Autumn (fall) not unlike Spring is difficult when you wear too many layers, the weather is changeable and sometimes planning ahead is hard. While I have been considering another capsule wardrobe its one of the main things I have been thinking about, how do you mix a wardrobe perfectly for potentially two entirely different seasons, do you guys have a tip for those difficult capsules? Leave them below!

Outfit 15 | The twenties and Kate

I’m not sure how it happened but this week has been all about the fancy dressing. I just stood in front of my wardrobe and all these great, colourful ideas fell out! I can’t believe how great this outfit looks, fur, a hat and a nice dress? This is where the twenties got it right! gorgeous multi dimensional fabrics and colours should always be the way to go!

I snagged this dress over summer in the Monsoon sale and it has pretty much been sitting in my wardrobe ever since. Not because I don’t love it, because I do but rather, because I needed to sew the front closed. Yup, it was one of those dresses! Now this really shouldn’t have taken me this long to do this, it was relatively simple and yet lazy bones Low over here took months to get the simple job done, shame on me because look at this dress! I love it and it was so cheap for Monsoon!

Now, the Kate reference. Doesn’t this look like something she would wear? Back in the day I was all about the knee length wrap dress, I loved them, they loved me and they just, worked. However as with all great pieces that you wore consistently for ages eventually you hit your limit. The time when you just don’t want to keep wearing the same style over and over again anymore. So for the last three to five years I haven’t worn a dress like this and coming back to it, it feels a little bit like coming home.

Now for the most important question I wonder if Kate ever gets sick of the knee length wrap dress . . . mmm . . .

Fall Capsule by Julie at Julie Upstairs

Fall Capsule

by Julie from Julie, Upstairs

Hey lovelies! Julie here from Julie, Upstairs. I’m super excited to be doing a guest post for Jess while she’s on what I’m sure is an amazing trip to India. She and I bonded over starting capsule wardrobes, so today I’m sharing one of my favorite and easiest outfits from my fall capsule that I find myself wearing over and over again.

I mean really, you can’t get much easier than black jeans, a striped tee, and a denim jacket. But, when you add a fun necklace, cute flats (I’m obsessed with the bows on this pair) and a statement bag, the outfit becomes infinitely more put together.

One of my favorite things about having a capsule wardrobe is how easy it is to get dressed every day. I literally threw this on in less than 5 minutes and was out the door! If you want to see more of my capsule wardrobe, hop on over to Be sure to say hi while you’re there, so that I can get to know more of Jess’ lovely readers!

I’m Julie, a 22 year old recent graduate of The Ohio State University who is now living in the upstairs of their parents’ house and trying to figure out how to navigate the crazy, uncertain, and exciting world of post-grad life. While I desperately want to be a “real” adult, I’m also secretly enjoying having absolutely nothing figured out (because realistically, this is the last time in my life I’ll be able to get away with not paying rent and working three days a week).

Julie, Upstairs is a blog dedicated to my new phase of life. You’ll find my thoughts about life, fashion, growing up, what it’s really like to move back home after college, and how shitty looking for a “big girl job” really is. When I’m not trying to be a productive person, you can probably find me on Pinterest, loving on my boyfriend’s cat, drinking wine, wishing I was in Italy, or eating cheese.


If it wasn’t for Julie I don’t think I would have ever even thought about attempting the Capsule wardrobe challenge but in all honesty it has completely changed the way I view my clothes and getting dressed in the morning! Equally I love reading about another girl just making her way into the real world! If you’re interested in someone else’s perspective on living with a Capsule Wardrobe then this is the girl for you! I love her working wardrobe and figuring out whats right for her wardrobe then find her lovely blog here!

To discuss any of the guest bloggers on therealjlow over the next few weeks please feel free to use the hashtag #trjlgw

Outfit 5: Clothes and Memories

Blue Shirt: Marks and Spencer, M&S Collection, Black Jeans, TRF, Zara, Black heels, New Look.

Sometimes the best outfits are also the most simplistic. An example of this was last weekend when I paired a grey marl tee shirt, with the jeans above and my white Topshop blazer and rolled over sandals because for some reason it’s hot in September! Just by adding a long gold necklace and a blazer it was enough to transform a normal, casual outfit into a workable and more polished look.

The same could be said about this shirt and heels combo. I originally bought this shirt with the intention to wear it with my new purple skirt or with smart trousers but there’s something so magical about mixing smart with casual. As a naturally awkward person I probably should have a whole wardrobe of these types of things since needing to lessen the awkwardness is always a good idea only I was really lacking some good shirts.

This beauty is from M&S and is just the perfect antidote to the end of the week, “I’d like to wear jeans and leggings now please!” and the fact that it doesn’t gape on the chest means it’s always going to be a keeper!

I am contemplating putting together a post on packing and travel next week as we are soon jetting off to India again! If there’s anything you want to ask or think I should include then feel free to email or comment below! Have fantastic weekends! Jess

Fall Capsule: Outfit 4: Little Red Riding hood style.

Red Dress: H&M Basics, in store, Red belt: Next, 2009, Red heels, Clarks January 2014 Sale, Burgundy Bag: Accessorize, White Blazer: Topshop 2012?

If little red riding hood grew up, I think she’d wear this number to her Birthday dinner. Swap out the red cape (because obviously the blue nordic number of last week is so much more ‘in’) and put in a great pair of red heels and I think she would feel right at home at the party.

The amount of red going on in this outfit was actually unintentional. I’d first planned to finally introduce you all to the waterfall coat but lets be honest, it is still too warm for full on winter wear and why should I wish away the good weather when we have so many months of cold to come? Instead, I switched that out for the white Topshop blazer and at the last minute belted the dress with a red belt from back in 2009. Although the tones of red all slightly differ, I still feel like they go together enough to be passable. Then by adding a hint of more Autumnal Burgundy I felt that this outfit was just perfect for a fancy dinner out with my fiancée.

p.s. Second day curls? So not cute. This’ll teach me for waiting until it was too late to get ready and having to take the outfit photo the next day!

The Capsule Wardrobe | First week reflections and Shopping Mistakes

First Week Thoughts.

I wouldn’t say that the first week was the hardest. I found dressing a doddle with less items to choose from. I pulled out my favourite things without any freaking out and I felt well dressed and put together everyday which was a huge change from previously where I have had weeks of horrendous dressing.

I think it is easy because you have some new pieces and it all looks fresh and perfect but the second week, oh the second week I feel is the kicker. Am I already getting shopping pangs? Yes. Have I already gone out and bought a house full of new clothes? Thankfully not. What is helping, is my decision to only replace and to keep my wardrobe as a space for only great classic pieces and statement pieces. This has, so far stopped me from getting carried away or buying any cheap throwaway pieces.

What I think will be the problem is, this is only the first few weeks and they are probably the easiest so please do remind me to keep my perspective as we move forward!

Shopping Mistakes |

When it comes to shopping we probably all have those little habits which can make something fun and experimental into something potentially dangerous for bank balances and wardrobe space all over the world. When I first looked into The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge my main concern was overcoming my own bad habits. Was I going to start a big challenge only to fall half way around because of shopping? How could I make it achievable? So my first step to making the challenge possible was taking a really hard look at myself and admitting how I was a bad shopper.

The two main points that came up time and time again where;

– Buying multiples


– Buying cheap fixes

The multiples part is the big one for me. My mum is who noticed it first when I was a child. She always told me that I was a ‘collector’ of things. Whether that was books to beanie babies I was never happy with just one and when it comes to clothes thats no different.

There is a great example of this from this summer. When it comes to clothes its when I find an item that I love and suddenly I will want it in multiple colours (or patterns). I reckon that this is because in my mind I worry about finding something great, having it break or go missing and not having a back up. Thats quite frankly the silliest thing that I do while shopping and I believe that like minimising OCD you have to go against what you naturally want to do, to try and break that pattern. So one of my rules that I implemented and am having Josh watch over is no more multiples!

The second is shopping to make yourself feel better. Isn’t that what a lot of us do, even if its just sometimes? For me personally I think I am going to cure this by having a shopping list. I am not taking the three months off of shopping completely (just because in the first year I want to make sure I have a great collection of basics for every season that I can work off of moving forward.) So if its not on the list it isn’t being bought.

There will of course be times where I might slip or need Josh and my family to keep in line but I think thats what the first year will be about and thats making mistakes and working out the best way to make a capsule wardrobe work for you as an individual moving forward. I’m certainly not going to be beating myself up over this as if you want something to stick it can’t always be like a diet as you tend to always break those eventually . . .

Fridays On Trend.

Striped Tee: Primark, Leggings: H&M, Flats: New Look, Bag: Phoenix and the Lion (in store see their bag collection on Twitter!

I want to make a promise to you all that I don’t actually spend my entire life dressed in leggings. Sometimes I do mix it up and wear say . . . jeans. I’ve just noticed in recent weeks that I seem to be wearing an awful lot of leggings based outfits! Don’t worry however, when I add up how often I actually wear leggings in comparison to other clothing options its actually not that bad! I just appear to always pick those outfits to share with you guys.

Originally I wore this out to the supermarket one night with Josh (its all about grand romantic gestures in our household) and then when I re wore it over the weekend I added my cute croc bag from Phoenix and the Lion and a statement necklace from Accessorize. What I love most about this outfit is its super casual and comfortable while having a little bit of glamour mixed in.

When you want to dress effortlessly I think stripes obviously have to play a part and the moment you add rolled sleeves and cropped leggings/trousers it just transforms into something that bit more than leggings and a tee shirt. More importantly I need to tell you about this top. I wore it before in my Miami Vice inspired outfit but I bought this from Primark for £5! Oh yes £5! I would convert that into dollars for you but I’ll be honest, Its Friday and I’m feeling lazy. Needless to say this was super cheap and yet its super awesome. Its striped with long sleeves and a chambray back. What gets cooler than that?

In fact I’m kinda ready for winter just to wear this tee shirt constantly but instead of wishing away fall and those left over warm days I will try and instead enjoy the weather that we currently have and the clothes that come along with that.

I’m hoping to do a post on my accessories next week if that’s something you guys are interested in? And tomorrow I have a post on my first week Capsule Wardrobe thoughts and bad shopping habits!

*you may have noticed but I am not including outerwear/coats in my forty but I am intending to keep my choices to a minimum. Currently I have my Poncho above, my camel waterfall coat and perhaps my green jacket and the faux leather sheepskin jacket)