Outfit 8 | The Purple Fuzzy Skirt and the end of Summer.

Sunglasses | Tatler, Free, Navy Top | Zara TRF, Skirt | M&S Collection, Sandals| New Look

We took these photos early Sunday afternoon and let me tell you it was a fantastically warm day. It wasn’t humid, there wasn’t even a cold chill in the air instead it was like the summer days August was supposed to have and never did. Of course it would also be the weekend before India which meant while the weather outside was perfect I was stuck inside cleaning and preparing everything for being gone for two weeks.

This is the problem with working long hours in the city when you live in one of the further out commuter towns, time is lacking. On average I spend four + hours a day on trains! Yes, it means I have read more books in a year than I probably had in my life before then (64 in the first year) but it does mean that you miss out on stuff like cleaning during the week, last minute errands, hell even sitting in your living room not thinking is a privilege to people like me.  In light of that I end up spending the majority of my weekends being incredibly busy and not having so much time to sit out on a Sunday in the sun.

More importantly I would like you to meet my purple fuzzy skirt. This little beauty was bought from the M&S collection and I love it. They’ve called it a mini skirt but I actually think that this is the perfect length. If you’re tall, mini skirts are one of those things that other women give you the shifty eyes for wearing. Its not as if I look more indecent with a shorter skirt but with a longer thigh length I think it looks more indecent then perhaps it is. Anyway the greatest bit, this skirt is slightly fuzzy! Its like wearing a teddy bear, its quite frankly the best! so get ready for seeing this skirt around! Also this top is from Zara and is replacing this one below in The Capsule Wardrobe.


8 thoughts on “Outfit 8 | The Purple Fuzzy Skirt and the end of Summer.

    • therealjlow says:

      Hi Alice thank you popping by! I know! I think it was only because the two items sat next to each other in my wardrobe that I thought ah that’s a good idea! (Thank you capsule!) But im also trying to avoid typical – i must put black/white with this 🙂 please do! Jess


    • therealjlow says:

      Thanks! I liked how it wasn’t too short or two long – quite frankly its just the perfect length! Oh my gosh! Don’t. I am so over excited myself and the boy tell each other everyday how many days are left! haha Hope your having a great week! Jess


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