Five Day Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

When I was young, my mum created the best, most flawless holiday capsules ever. The key was always colour. Similar to my own colouring my mum loves good, earthy tones and so her holiday wardrobes were and are always compact whilst perfectly remixable, aided by great colour choices.

Layering I realise is also pretty key to having a great, successful wardrobe so I have made sure that everything is really remixable and works in a range of combinations, more so that even the five days I need them for!!

Every capsule needs a dress in my mind, this one is great because worn alone with leggings or tights, a nice necklace and a blazer can be worn to dinner or during the day with a chambray shirt and cozy scarf which makes this a relaxed cozy must!

A great flippy skirt worn with leggings and boots is my all time fall/winter favourite. For my body shape its easy to get the flippy skirt wrong but with this one where it has that stronger structured faux leather end means it holds its own shape wonderfully pulling itself away from your body to give a far more flattering look for those with a bit of a tum!

Here I’ve pulled out a basic, H&M bodyconesque dress to wear as a fitted T shirt. In the day I can dress this down with my warm cardi and scarf whilst in the evening I can switch this out with black ankle boots and a stand out necklace to make an imput!

My ultimate favourite purchase from H&M this season (wool blend jumper with back zip £14.99) is such an easy pull on once paired with a dark chambray shirt and jeans! I love the subtle detailing on this sweater, from the drawn in sides to the gold zip, its a must for such a cheap price!

Finally say hello to this lovely simple T! Zara are the queens and kings of basic T-shirts with an interesting twist! This is both a jersey knit blend with a shirt like bottom layer. Granted its a killer for creasing but it sits really nicely and I love it with jeans for a dressed down day without feeling underdressed.

These are just a couple of my outfit ideas but what I love is by just choosing key shapes and colours you can create huge amounts of outfits quickly and easily. For instance you can wear the chambray alone with the jeans or tucked into the skirt, the jumper can be worn with anything whilst the grey dress could be worn as an actual dress or tucked into jeans with my faux fur scarf for a glamorous evening! I haven’t entirely chosen my shoes yet but stay tuned and I will update you all with our holiday dressing adventures!!

The Capsule Wardrobe | How to get dressed with Shades of Grey

Yellow Scarf: Accessorize, Wool Jacket: Long Tall Sally, Grey wrap T: Next, White and Grey Houndstooth trousers: Zara, Loafers: Clarks

Wearing various shades of the same colour is quite frankly the easiest way to feel instantly put together. Grey is one of those colours that wasn’t an overwhelming main stay of my wardrobe last year and yet this year its now one of my most abused colour combos.

What I really wanted to stay away from this year was set colours and acidic colours like this scarf however apparently I’m appallingly predictable.

The item to check out here is my shoes! For my Birthday this year Josh very kindly bought me two pairs of shoes, this pair and a pair of brogues as its my intention to wear better quality, more foot loving shoes and this pair are a prime example of this! I particularly love the look of these (especially with smart trousers!) but I need your guys opinion, how can I wear these in a semi-attractive way with skirts and dresses?

The Capsule Wardrobe | For the love of Chambray

How I’m wearing classic chambray.

A chambray shirt has been a mainstay in my wardrobe since 2012. For the last three years I have had two chambrays, one for winter and one for summer and although I’m not sticking resolutely to the capsule wardrobe I am trying to be careful with my purchases. However a dark chambray shirt? It had to be done.

Something I struggled with moving out of the first year of having a capsule is this, how can I add dimension to my select wardrobe without going overboard? How can I keep my new style identity all whilst continuing to make dressing easy? Seems like a pretty big feat right?

It has felt like somewhat of a difficult line to walk with the capsule. Keeping it fresh whilst keeping the key basics that work effortlessly is an interesting balance. So I did stop for a couple of seconds when it came to purchasing this dark chambray shirt.

Is it a poor purchase considering I already own a well loved chambray or was it genius to invest in a piece I love and repeatedly wear just in a different colour? I decided in the end that yes a dark chambray would be a worthy investment; after all I’ve worn my other one almost to death here on the blog, so why wouldn’t I wear a second?

So far I have kept the look casual. I wore this out for a quick walk with Josh this past weekend. There’s nothing that I love more than a casual walk with Joshey on the weekend so adding my trusty new chambray and a feather down puffa and you have the perfect casual weekend look.

To check out my other favourite ways to wear chambray just click on your favourite look to take you to the blog post!

Personal Style | Running from being outdated.

A cowl neck for warmth. High waisted denims for the tummy sucking in potential. And cow girl boots because . . .whimsy.

Something which keeps reoccurring recently is feeling outdated.

A cowl neck jumper layered over a long sleeved tee with jeans? Too 2000’s. Most Jean outfits feel like I’ve reverted back to my teendom. I’m also beginning to feel like a walking advert for Maidstone fashion and that, I’ll be honest. Greatly upsets me*

I never thought I would become someone who is a slave for fashion, and I hope I will never be but I also worry. Will become stale and start wearing old trends in a predictable way. And I think that’s become the problem, everything feels a little stale and no one wants to dress like their teen selves forever! It was cool for a second but I don’t want to be that girl now! I want to be someone new, someone chic, composed . . . Slick.

“Why be the same, when you can be someone better?”

It’s actually one of the things that put me off of the capsule wardrobe this season. Who wants to stay the same when you can progress? I feel like part of this is tied into the direction my life has taken. After all I’m no longer a teenager, a child, a student . . . We have a house, a mortgage, a car currently with its engine light flashing. I’m preparing sloe gin with my husband to be for Petes sake! And now I want my clothes, and my look to reflect that too – so what’s a girl to do now?

It seems like an endless question. Like during the end of university when every question started with, “what do you want to do . . . “ and you’d stare at them blankly. Hope I land on my feet? And so with the idea of free falling I have started picking up the odd thing (living life, capsule free) but only those which are entirely different or have no resemblance to earlier me’s.

The difficulty of course comes with another question how to wear them. For instance I have never, ever been a fan of roll necks. As a kid I wore one once and only because I was in the Orchestra section of the schools peculiar space themed play. Where we (The Orchestra) had to be dressed like extras from Star Trek.  I try not to think about that stage too deeply.

Regardless it has never been me and yet a cowl neck, something resembling both a scarf and a jumper has been calling to me in recent months and so of course, had to be chosen, along with a pair of high waisted jeans (trying to get over the stomach ache of wearing them however . . . ouch) and lastly of course leather leggings.

I feel like I’m buying in a progressive manner and yet . . . the moment you pull a short sleeved cowl neck jumper on over a pair of jeans and I feel like I’ve killed all sense of style. However I’m hoping that maybe with a few strategic changes I won’t find myself outdated or maybe I will but as long as it’s on my own terms, I think that might just be alright.

*Maidstone. Its certainly not a fashion capital.

If I did a Fall Capsule Wardrobe . . .

Tops (10)

  • White T-shirt
  • Navy T-shirt
  • Black three Quarter length T
  • Blue shirt
  • Grey wrap front Top
  • Cream lace top
  • Plaid shirt
  • Chambray shirt
  • Red bohoo top/dress from Zara*
  • Navy blue tunic

*The Zara shirt lasted two hours after the fabric itself ripped so its being returned this weekend.

Jumpers/Jackets 5

  • Black Blazer
  • Black backless jumper
  • Blue striped jumper
  • Cream & black Cardigan
  • Brown buttoned Cardigan

Bottoms 6

Dresses (4)

Shoes (7)

. . . It would look a lot like this.

The BIG Question – Why have I titled this, “If …”

The funny thing about above is there are only 32 pieces. If you remember last year I struggled to get each capsule under 40 pieces but this year a weight lifted! I am feeling a lot freer with my whole wardrobe in general so much so that I almost hate to cut it down to anything. I say this but because I could live with only the 32 pieces above, doesn’t mean that I will.

the truth is that I have come to such a comfortable and organic place recently that I feel so excited about all my clothes and wear them so much so that I no longer feel like I want to be limited in terms of a traditional capsule.

It is also however not to say that I won’t come back to capsules or that I won’t discuss it because honestly I love the way in which the process has opened my eyes but I also don’t want to feel governed by a set of standards to maintain.

I am so excited about what a year of capsules has taught me (stay tuned!) and about how I am now attempting to live in all aspects of my life but I had to ask myself and say that maybe hard rules are no longer applicable.

Its going to be a strange journey not having a set one after being so immersed in the capsule world but I also know it won’t feel as good forcing myself into a box I no longer belong in.

What are your thoughts on capsule living after a year, are you still invested? Do you want to continue or like me are you not so interested on limitation but might pop back time to time to do a Kendi style small capsule? Leave your comments below I’d love to hear them!!

Home Owning and The Capsule Wardrobe | Moths and mice – all things . . . nice?

Before I found a white worm on my dress, on the morning train to London I had half written posts all over the internet telling you that I couldn’t keep up a capsule wardrobe properly.

Fast forward to literally freaking out and stripping down in a public bathroom to pat down all my clothes and I’m re thinking my thoughts on a capsule wardrobe.

So what happened? Honestly we got Moths. A thing of my literal nightmare moths grow from maggot like worms and as a bug-a-phoebe – it’s a thing – they horrifically live off of your clothes. What’s mildly humorous about this bar the mental image of my hopping around a train station bathroom stool patting myself down and screaming internally is that something I have kept saying to Joshey when we pulled our bedroom apart was I must buy lavender and the modern equivalent on the moth ball, cedar wood balls only I kept forgetting. It kept slipping my mind and now I’m here paying the price.

As I write this I have a bag by my feet (5p for a plastic bag folks, that hurts to start with) with a new jumper dress and a t shirt) so that Josh can as he is in this moment wash all my clothes on the baby setting. AKA so hot no germs are getting through. And all I can think about is where it came from; did it fall from the many trees on my walk to the station? Was it because, yes, I did find this dress on the floor this morning; are they under the skirting boards? And if so are they in the two suitcases still packed with our clothes. Then quite frankly I feel like an idiot.

I have spent a month now in my house going to work, renovating and cleaning and going to work and not once have I really paused to think about the rest of my clothes still packed. Do I miss them? Do I even know what they are? No, no, no. The Capsule Wardrobe was meant to beat this out of me and yet . . . all I’ve been is afraid. Afraid to throw out clothes like they are somehow important memories when clearly they are not. Those floaty skirts are gorgeous but unworn since 2009 and guys I’m chucking them.

I’ve made a decision it’s time for all these clothes to go. Find a new home, get a new life, but they are not welcome here anymore. Clothes do not dictate my happiness or my memories and quite honestly if they come with white maggot like worms attached I’d rather go naked. And you can quote me on that.

p.s a week later and a house full of moth killing products we are not so convinced that we actually had moths in the first place!? Success? Maybe but what I have learnt remains the same. I have no interest in keeping unnecessary products and things so heres to living with less!

The Capsule Wardrobe | Perfect fall, the ‘cute’ dress and boots

Bear Ear Hat: Zara, Jacket: Primark 2012, Bag: Next, Boots: New Look, Dress: Gap

A go to outfit, which I think, every woman with a capsule wardrobe needs is the dress and boots combo. In my mind it is this outfit that spells the arrival of fall.

Suede boots for one just spell out fall. Texture is vital to an interesting outfit and paired with a classic stripe this outfit takes me from casual Friday paired with my camel coat and purple Downton abbey hat right to Sunday with wellies for a walk around a local country homes garden. Coffee is also a big fixture in a happy Autumnal Sunday.

This dress has a certain cute edge to it. I bought it from Gap during their mid season sale after I fell in love with the idea of a red stripe. Where as the blue Breton is a classic I feel as if this is a little more different. I liked the idea of this fit being loose so I sized up and quite frankly I love the lose comfy factor, which is of course a must for Autumn snuggles!

We took these photos at The National Trusts, Ightham Mote and were taken by Josh. If you are a Kent/South East photographer looking to expand your portfolio and want to work with therealjlow please email, to see how we can work together.

In the Details | The deep V-backed jumper

(jumper: Zara Summer Sale 2015, Ripped knee jeans (Zara christmas 2014), flat leopard print shoes: New Look 2013

In the Details | The deep V-backed jumper

This jumper was one of my sale purchases from a while back. During the Zara sale I waited until towards the end of it and scoured the site for any great finds that no one else had spotted and this jumper was one of them.

As you know, I am invested in finding interesting pieces this year and the idea of a reverse sweater ticked all of those boxes. Although you run the risk of a cold back this winter I liked the idea of a simple sexy.

So far I have mainly paired it with jeans for casual Sundays but I see it having potential for more dressed up outfits. I like the idea of mixing it with different textures and shapes like my grey midi skirt and a fancy necklace.

The Capsule Wardrobe | Lessons from Moving.

The Capsule Wardrobe | Lessons from Moving

One thing I thought I knew for sure was that the capsule worked well for me and I was no longer in danger of a huge wardrobe of clothes that I didn’t wear. However honestly? I was wrong.

I never realised this until we moved however that what had happened looking back is this, rather than successfully tidying I had actually just tidied it all into more storage options. In our flat we had two wardrobes to start. One in the spare room and one internal closet fitted with two separate rails. On top of this we then had three large Ikea drawers for more clothes and additional boxes for accessories. I could see everything and I threw a lot away so I thought I was cured.

I had separate seasons, I could follow Caroline’s rules, only what I couldn’t see was that I was simple seeing too much. I kept more because I had the space to keep it, space which I don’t have anymore.

The greatest idea behind the capsule is having all you need in the space you have available. In the flat we had a lot of space but in the house we want and have less.


As we began unpacking clothes the first thing which was shocking was that we had three large packing boxes, two hold all’s and two suitcases. Filled to bursting with our clothes (both of us). On top of that we then had bags, multiple large bags of our shoes and as I faced the first session of unpacking I pulled out forty odd pieces and I didn’t want for anymore.

I have met some truly phenomenal women since leaving high (secondary) school. Women who can keep a hold of gorgeous, one of a kind pieces and recycle them years later and still look out of this world but I know that am not one of these women. Maybe this makes me wasteful and an over consumer but I do still love my clothes but they have their moment, their time. They speak about the year they were bought in, the thing I did in that part of my life but that is where it stops. I’m not a big dweller of the past, instead I am a lover of the future and so bringing back old pieces never work out for me, and I’m ok with that.

So what do I do now? Well its simple I donate more clothes. I pull right back and find the wardrobe I actually wear because turns out after all my worrying that I would have nothing it turns out I don’t wear it all anyway so what’s the point?

Here’s to the future girls! The lighter more of the moment, fun future. I have learnt to shop better now I just need to learn how to dress better!

Why is fall fashion so timeless and exciting?

The Skinny Jean: Gap, The Flare: River Island, The Plaid Shirt: Gap, The Leatherette Leggings: Next, The faux Fur Gilet: River Island

Why is fall fashion so timeless and exciting?

Every fashion blogger on the northern hemisphere is currently fan girling about fall, and why wouldn’t they be? It’s our favourite season. However, why is it our favourite season? What is it about layers and plaid that gets us all in such a tiz?

I think fall has something to do with the weather change. You’ve had spring and summer and more than likely a pale coloured wardrobe of simpler clothes and fall offers something very different. Rich, warm colours, interesting layers and the options to add thicker and more tactile fabrics to your wardrobe.

In previous years I have had similar fall wants, a plaid shirt, a great pair of skinny jeans some faux fur . . . the list has been really similar for many years and it wasn’t actually until I undertook the capsule wardrobe that I realized the reason its been the same each year? Is because temporary, fashion pieces meant that I bought these over the fall basics that most of us want for this time of year. So what are these pieces? Outlined above are some of the pieces I always wanted and never bought, the fall fashion essentials.

The Capsule Wardrobe | Last days of summer

Jumper: Primark (AW 2014/15), Lace Top: H&M (Sale AW14/SS15), White wrap around skirt: H&M (SS15), Shoes: Dulcey Meg, Clarks, White furry bag: Zara (AW14)

I hate to be someone who starts a post about the weather, but as I write this I am on our sofa dressed in a long Pyjama set and fleecy bed socks, as well as wrapped in my dressing gown and a furry blanket. Its that cold . . . my dreams of a mild winter appear to have already been dashed and its only September, what a shame.

So of course my capsule has been complicated to maintain. These photos as you may be aware were taken at my old house and at this point most of my clothes had been packed. Now for all of you with capsules let me suggest when moving whether thats to another term at uni, to your friends flat, your own flat or maybe your buying your first home! Wherever your moving to, pack your own capsule.

I came home one evening and Josh had, honestly very kindly packed some more of my clothes. Now it needed to be done, but I still had a week of work and not everything made sense that week but I pulled it together. However being able to control your wardrobe as a whole it really is paramount to consistently putting together wearable outfits! So this is as good as it got if anything I think I dressed smarter and thats really what I want to achieve in AW15 but it was more difficult especially since it got so cold!

England right now hasn’t had a summer, not even a small one we have just launched right back into winter so I’m excited to show you AW but also a little nervous that its going to be all jumpers and snow jackets but we will see!

As a final note my apologies if for a little while posting is sporadic I actually had the blog kind of planned ahead but that all went a little off with the move and I’ve literally spent the whole of last week in leggings, running shoes and paint splattered tops. So please hang on in there guys I have gotten loads of house related experiences to tell you about so stay tuned! Oh, and a little pair of leopard print trainers that could!

and a little bun on top . . .

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Paris Jumper: c/o Long Tall Sally, Necklace: Z Collection Accessorize, Harem Trousers: Next PLC, Heels: Clarks

As a kid my mum loved when I put half my hair up and I don’t blame her since I am pretty sure that this is one of my more attractive looks. Now in regards to this hair look it has become pretty fashionable in the UK or at least in the vlogging community (see, Zoella). I don’t know if it is because I have been watching Zoella religiously recently or what but on Monday a few weeks ago I wore this to work (greasy hair – amiright?) got a few compliments (thanks you guys, you’re the best) and so of course ever since its been an every other day hair style.

So what do we think is this a keeper or just too strange for words? Leave your comments below!

p.s I have watched this purse from Oliver Bonas for like six months, it is real leather with a fantastic tassel and I waited it out until it was on sale . . . £7.50!!!!!!!