therealjlow | Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe Reveal!

Sit yourself somewhere nice and comfortable and get ready for this, because this post is a big one! What you are about to see is 52 items which will be with me over the next five to six months on therealjlow. So thats roughly 72 outfit combinations! So lets see how creative I can keep it. Now first the pictures and more links than I have ever or will ever put on a post! Then of course a couple of thoughts! To first read about what in heavens a capsule wardrobe is check out this post Capsule Wardrobes 101.


White eyelit Tank –Next, White V-Neck T-shirt – Zara 2014, White and Grey Butterfly T (Striped butterfly T in pictures)Grey T-shirt with White Shirt detailing – Zara, Grey V-neck T – H&M, Orange V Neck T – Zara, Pale Blue Chambray short sleeved shirt – F21, Chambray Shirt -H&M Mens


 White Jumper – H&M 2014, Yellow Jumper – Primark 2014, Grey Cardigan – Topshop 2012, Burgundy longline cardigan –Next 2014, Colbalt blue and white striped jumper – Gap 2014


Kimono: H&M, Black Ballet Dress: Gap 2014, Navy and Grey striped swing dress Gap, Khaki Dress: H&M

Black Maxi Dress: 2014, Red and white striped dress: Lidl, Red dress: H&M 2014, Cobalt and white striped tunic: Long Tall Sally, Cobalt dress: H&M, Black and white patterned fit and flare dress: H&M

Trousers and Jeans

Traditional Denim with split knees: Zara, Navy Chinos: Next, Navy patterned harem trousers: Next 2013 similar, Boyfriend Jeans: Zara 2013, Houndstooth skinny trousers: Zara, White Skinny Jeans: Zara

Jackets and loungewear. 

Pink jersey blazer: H&M 2014, Black Blazer: Zara, White Blazer: Topshop, Patterned pink blazer: H&M 2013, Grey T-shirt: H&M, Tailored sweat pants: Primark 2013


Black Sandals: Clarks, Leopard print flats: New Look 2013/14, Suede boots: New Look, Taupe suede brogues: Clarks, Coral leather sliders: Next, Red suede heels: Clarks, Black and white heels: New Look, Acid lemon flats: Clarks, taupe suede wedges: Clarks

Although there is a massive amount in the capsule world I am missing a pair of denim shorts, perhaps a jersey pair and I am also looking into a pair of casual everyday trainers since injuries have left me wearing my walking boots far more often than I should! My favourites include these Vans, These Nikes or these from New Balance. I think i’m leaning towards the nikes but obviously they are sold out online! which is always typical!

Capsule highs

Before we jump in a capsule I think its uber interesting to look at what I think might be my favourite pieces since its always a shock come the end when there not! This capsule I had huge fun going out on a big outing with the girls. On this outing I kept in my budget only bought great fitting clothes and ones which were different enough to what I already owned whilst working excellently together and fitting into the overall theme.

I love the high use of white, grey and denim this is so practical for summer I especially love the freshness of it all and I think this will work excellently for those hot summer months.

Capsule Lows

When I put all these beautiful clothes together I was shocked where was my beautiful cohesive wardrobe? Gone my friends, the way this is looks messy but I reminded myself that although when I separate out my clothes by item type that I matched my colours and themes by outfits this time not items which in the long run should mean more exciting capsule combinations.

What happened to all the shorts? Most women will agree that Zara’s sizing is all over the shop! Whilst there Z collection jeans fit fantastically well other items are pretty touch and go. This was a shame since I found the dream boyfriend short wash, but ultimately they were far too snug to move forward with.

Sandals. I love the look of this seasons sandals and I rejoiced with the emergence of the ugly sandal but where is the support and comfy inners? I wince at every single flat, leather slipper which is out there this year. Girls look after your feet. You only get one pair and believe me, it sucks when they hurt.


Overall, I have a great feeling about this capsule, theres more movement in it and more flexibility so I think it will stretch a lot further than my previous versions. Currently I feel uber relieved that shopping is all over and I have these months of saving and just enjoying the sun ahead of me but I know that soon, maybe in a month or so that shopping urge may kick in again so lets all pray that I can keep myself together! After all this is all part of the challenge!

The not so flattering dress . . .

Purple Scarf: Dorothy Perkins, Green Dress: Gap, Tights: Boots, Flat trainers: Next, Bag: Primark.

It was during the January sale in Gap that this little dress sprang into my hands and insisted that I take it home and thank god I did. I haven’t spoken about this dress so far or worn it on the blog and that’s because of one thing, although comfy it’s not that flattering.

Now normally I would probably tell you all that anything that doesn’t flatter and fit perfectly isn’t worth your time, but let me tell you sometimes you need something like that in your arsenal.

I wear this dress mainly at home and around town on Sundays (our favorite thing to do being coffee runs!) and let me tell you this is the snuggliest dress ever. Being super soft and long sleeved its perfect for winter and with its sporty vibes I love pairing this with my slip on trainers making it the perfect run about town dress.

Now earlier I mentioned how this isn’t the most flattering of my capsule pieces, this is true but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make it attractive. The upside to this dress is it has great string pull sides, because of this I can pull it in and make it look more flattering however the extra fabric on the top makes it lose that flattering edge. So to combat this? Well I covered it up. I love a bit of faux fur and while I would love a faux fur gillet this is the next best thing!

I like to think this works pretty well. It’s the key to dressing, hide the bits you don’t like and show off the bits you do!

The Capsule Wardrobe | therealgirlbasics

If the capsule wardrobe only teaches you one thing its this;

What do you wear?

Magazines regularly tell us what basics we need to form a successful wardrobe but reality is actually this, you already know what your personal basics are its all that extra noise and static that makes us start reaching for things that in hindsight were probably never going to work out.

Pushing the boat out and having fun with fashion is one of my favourite things to do however with the capsule you are limited to what you can wear so what was fun yesterday might not fit your lifestyle today. It’s during the capsule wardrobe that I start having those morning thoughts of “I really want to wear this . . .” moments and often this item, well its usually in my other wardrobe stashed away for three months time.

Today I wanted to give you a quick run down of what I think are my actual, personal basics;

  • Grey v-neck T-shirt
  • White v-neck T-shirt
  • Skinny blue jeans
  • Jersey H&M gathered dress
  • Black leggings
  • Longline cardigan in black!
  • Jersey pencil skirt black or striped
  • Black Blazer
  • Boots
  • Running shoes

What I think is also interesting is none of these actual basics cost very much. When I started the capsule my aim was to have great, better priced items and that they would somehow make dressing better. Reality however? Most of these items are from H&M. I know I am a high street kind of girl (bar a pair of Miu Miu sunglasses which I am seriously thinking about saving for.) but I never imagined how items I really love and wear effortlessly are less about how much I spent on them and more about their fit and how they effect me on a deeper level. So if you are just beginning your capsule journey know your basics don’t have to be what magazines tell you or have to be really expensive they are just simply what you want to wear, everyday.

The Capsule Wardrobe | Embellished.

Blazer: H&M, Scarf: Accessorize, T-shirt: Zara, Skirt: H&M, Heels: New Look, Bag: Zara, Watch: Michael Kors, Gold band on right hand: Accessorize, Z Collection,

Scuba skirts. At first I was apprehensive, I mean the material doesn’t exactly scream sexy but somehow this material works wonders. This embellished skirt is a scuba skirt and quite honestly, I’m in love.

I never made a plan to buy an embellished fancy skirt but when, during the christmas holidays myself and Joshes family went to Bluewater on a sale excursion this skirt literally, (true story) jumped up of off the racks and into my arms.

Why it works wonders is because it holds its shape wonderfully and is excellent for anyone like me who is missing their washboard abs. (They are there obviously, I just like to hide them, I would hate to make any of you jealous . . .) So I plan to wear this skirt now as often as possible. It may be a little over fancy for the day to day but who said that would stop me?

Outfit Ten | How to wear a Maxi Dress in Autumn

Infinity Scarf: Accessorize Similar, Jacket: H&M, Dress: Gap, Boots: Next, Bag: Accessorize

Back in August/July time my life was all about this maxi dress. The lower waist, the scope neck and of course the thigh high slit. It mixed summer cool with sexy and I wore it, a lot.

It went with me to an awards dinner, dinners with Josh and even summer strolls.  So here comes Autumn and with it a little voice which says “I guess no more maxi dresses for you then!” Right? Wrong. There is always time for maxi dress. Like Harem trousers and jumpsuits, there is always the possibility in Winter for being worn. Multitasking as it were.

My first stop of course was to add an infinity scarf, I bought this one in the Accessorize summer sale for the bargain bucket price of £6! It was early August but the air had a surprising chill as I helped out in my mums store, no joke I undid the buttons and used it as a blanket so this is another multifuctional piece which I think will be great if my office is ever cold! the boots are an interesting one. I’ll be honest, I was completely stumped staring at this outfit at first. In an ideal world I would have worn black shoes or moccasins but these of course were not in the capsule and my second choice were my leopard print flats which I seem to have lost one of the shoes (typical!) so in walked the knee high boots.

I had first seen this on Kendi forever ago where she paired a black maxi, infinity scarf and brown knee high Steve Madden boots and I think I have harbored a love of them ever since! There is just something so darn comfy about a maxi anything so to add knitwear seems only logical!

I’m not here on Wednesday but my final Guest Writer, Rebecca Fiedler is with an incredible Florentines recipe which is sure to leave your drooling over your computer screens!!

Outfit 8 | The Purple Fuzzy Skirt and the end of Summer.

Sunglasses | Tatler, Free, Navy Top | Zara TRF, Skirt | M&S Collection, Sandals| New Look

We took these photos early Sunday afternoon and let me tell you it was a fantastically warm day. It wasn’t humid, there wasn’t even a cold chill in the air instead it was like the summer days August was supposed to have and never did. Of course it would also be the weekend before India which meant while the weather outside was perfect I was stuck inside cleaning and preparing everything for being gone for two weeks.

This is the problem with working long hours in the city when you live in one of the further out commuter towns, time is lacking. On average I spend four + hours a day on trains! Yes, it means I have read more books in a year than I probably had in my life before then (64 in the first year) but it does mean that you miss out on stuff like cleaning during the week, last minute errands, hell even sitting in your living room not thinking is a privilege to people like me.  In light of that I end up spending the majority of my weekends being incredibly busy and not having so much time to sit out on a Sunday in the sun.

More importantly I would like you to meet my purple fuzzy skirt. This little beauty was bought from the M&S collection and I love it. They’ve called it a mini skirt but I actually think that this is the perfect length. If you’re tall, mini skirts are one of those things that other women give you the shifty eyes for wearing. Its not as if I look more indecent with a shorter skirt but with a longer thigh length I think it looks more indecent then perhaps it is. Anyway the greatest bit, this skirt is slightly fuzzy! Its like wearing a teddy bear, its quite frankly the best! so get ready for seeing this skirt around! Also this top is from Zara and is replacing this one below in The Capsule Wardrobe.