Cobolt all over.

With so much emphasis on the new season the current one can feel a little drab. I have definitely gotten to the stage of simply recycling the same old things on days too warm to be pulling out more Autumnal inspiration. My summer staple dresses have begun to bobble (the curse of buying cheap) and my summer flats are looking like they desperately need throwing out.

I am both excited to moving forward with the Capsule wardrobe and a new season of excitement but I am also sad to be leaving behind the simplicity of summer. Of endless sun and dresses and of course sunglasses. This summer appeared to be over in a flash and I’m not entirely sure where it went or even, what we did. But as summer draws to a close I’m enjoying the last few weeks of bare legs, sandals and simplicity before I have to start the dreaded jeans hunt full time and start wearing tights and trousers again.

My most loved pieces this season, were my colbolt blue dress, my red dress, white sandals, mint cross body bag and my floral satchel.

So tell me are we the only ones who aren’t sure what happened to summer? Don’t tell me we are the only ones . . .


6 thoughts on “Cobolt all over.

  1. Julie says:

    Once I created my capsule wardrobe, I just set out a couple summer outfits that I’ve been rotating through… I’m just so sick of all my summer clothes! I do feel like this summer went incredibly fast though. There’s something about the beginning of fall that makes me feel like I need to be more responsible (that’s probably just leftover from being in school though!).

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    • therealjlow says:

      Oh I completely agree!! I think i’ve dropped my pile of five dresses down to two now! Theres been so many more jean wears this week! Although a little birdy suggested the UK may be having another couple of hot weeks come September which would be nice – totally out of time but nice! 🙂

      And im not sure when you school stops becoming a factor on how you view seasons! As far as im concerned monday is a whole new year!


  2. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    You look beautiful!! I especially ❤ the contrast between the red and blue! and don't worry, i'm already starting to miss summer too

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    • therealjlow says:

      If I could like this I would!! I may be being greedy since we’re going to India in October (hello extending summertime!) But it’s always nice getting that vitamin d! Thanks for dropping by! And red and blue? By far my favourite combo! 🙂 jess x


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