Summertime Sadness. . . .

The on going question about blogging in summer? How do I make my outfits interesting? The reality is for the most part I wear dresses, cropped jeans and harem pants for the majority of the summer season which is great for the day to day but are the outfits that interesting?

The answer is quite obviously no but I’m willing to try. I know I’ll never be as amazing as Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller (man does that woman know what makes an interesting outfit!) but I’d so like to make my summer outfits as interesting as my autumn/winter ones!

What would you suggest for keeping your summer wardrobe interesting? Is there anything you’d like me to try styling? Any summer trends your not sure about? Drop me a comment or an email! and lets see if summer 2014 can be that little bit more exciting!

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