Who said you can’t wear white after labour day? Summer Remix.



One trend for this autumn is wearing all white for that strong “winter white” look. So I think that I might just have to remix this look from summer. Which I think will do me just fine for wearing with tomorrows plum lip -Which I’m a small bit obsessed with!

I’m telling you guys this whole not shopping business becomes a whole lot harder when presented with a possible weekend away. Even though it may only be for a (rather large) errand I’m already fighting myself against the erge to buy a new look for the weekend.

Note to self; must. use. own wardrobe.

egh, the horror! Will I last the whole three months? I’m beginning to wonder if I can start betting against myself? Then I could at least make my self something out this . . . Or should it be the knowledge that I don’t need to shop to be enough of a reward? mmm tough. 

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