The Capsule Wardrobe | Dream Jeans Required.

If you are of an average height you will have probably had this problem at some point or another and that is trying to find the dream denim. I’m not just talking pulled of the rack denims that fulfil a season in your life but the fall back jean the jean that lasts years and never fails to make you feel sexy, pulled together, comfortable and quite frankly amazing. Now add to that being tall, curvy, apple shaped or petite and the dream jean hunt becomes a whole other ball game.

The last time I found my perfect jean I was a teenager, I was considerably smaller, shorter and Principals was still a physical store on its own. They were boot cut, low rise and reached my toes, with great fading and a thick, soft denim with stretch they made all my denim dreams come true. In January this year I pulled them back on, hello great butt and hello horrid low rise. There is a comfortable low rise and then there is a oh hell no rise. These jeans had that hell no rise.

What were we thinking back then? low, low rise thats indecent? I still can’t get over it. Yesterday myself and my lovely sister in law to be were trawling Zara for the dream or at least I was and an article by Laura from all the tall things came to mind why? Because in her article about underwear for tall girls she mentions about having a tall bum – sound crazy yet? But it struck a cord with me while jean shopping. I had never thought about how if I’m tall in one direction then won’t I be tall in every other? So this means the dreaded low rise is gonna be super low rise on me! So my first couple of Zara jeans looked fantastic in fact I had thought I had found the jean, finally! But when I did the sit test I knew these gorgeous jeans could not in fact come home and complete my life because quite frankly that whole indecency thing? Appears to be making a comeback.

So whats a girl to do? Well wear mid and high rise frankly. Only problem is being an apple shape with IBS neither are particularly comfortable so begins the search again. I’m still holding on for Zara their Special collection is perfect in leg length and their mid rise would sit perfectly. The only thing with Zara nothing is a set size there are great differences in fit and those differences are what I am looking for.

I’m most likely going to write about this again as an apple shape I think its an interesting thing to approach looking at changes in fit, sizing and how companies looking to make a cut on costs are skimping on quality of fabric, size and shape.

If you find jeans are hard to buy and have maybe found the dream do pop me a comment or email! This Autumn my focus is definitely on finding a pair of long enough jeans (36 inch leg) with great stretch, fade and no funny crotch (unnecessary fabric which bunches unflattering – I am not a man!).

Cause everybody’s gotta get there somehow


I know, I know, you haven’t even seen my face yet so far this week! Unfortunately with our weekend away photos went completely out of the window and with it, blog posts. I also had pictures of the shop which of course where the ones that got wiped earlier in the week so I have been too afraid this week of attempting again.

So here we have it. My new favourite Pinterest pin. Its been roughly five years since I left my parents home for university and I consider all those years of me becoming an adult. Although I have gone through alot and changed even more I still wouldn’t say that I am anywhere near where I thought I would be or where I wanted to be. So this quote is perfect for me in this moment. A sweet reminder for everyday that almost 24 isn’t old and that we can’t all have Hilary Duff success at a young age and instead we hit our stride at different times. 

If theres anything I need to be reminded of its that you don’t have to have it all figured out, you just need to enjoy the good moments that happen regardless.

So heres to the weekend and the future ahead!

This is not a post.

DSC_0389 - Version 2

Today I am directing you to another blog. I stumbled upon Emma purely by accident on a lazy afternoon when I was determined to find some actual tall girl blogs. Luckily for me, I found Emma. Her blog 5 foot 10 literally made me cry out Mecca! Dedicated to not only her own tall style but others like her this is the go to place to find inspiration for you longer legged beauties!

So when Emma asked me to take part in her new weekly feature “Tall Talk Tuesday” I literally jumped at the chance! (and hit my head – tall girl problems hey?). To read more click here+ to read the article and be sure to like her blog! After all with a blogger heights wall dedicated to telling you the height of your favourite bloggers you really can’t go wrong!

London Days and Nights



Stole: Vintage, Dress H&M (Old) Alternative Belt: Next (old) Alternative, Bag: Primarni (Old) Alternative Fossil Bag of gorgeousness!!, Trainer Wedges New look (Old) Alternatives




If theres one thing I love about February its that firstly its not January (*shudder*) and secondly that it marks another year that Josh has put up with me. This years marking the big 4-, well 4. But I think thats pretty impressive to be honest. Living with me . . .

As I have mentioned before here+ February also marks our date weekend! Because of this pretty much all our thoughts are tied up in when we’re going, what we’re going to get to eat from Greenwich Market or see The Science Museum or getting Turkish from Efes Meze on Trafalgar Road in the evening . . . Its just one of our favourite times of year and we like to think, the most magical!

Fingers crossed that we can also get some great outfit shots in the campus of my Alma Mater as well!!


The Battlefield: Aka The trip to the Hygienist. Oh, and clothes.


Blazer: F21 (old but a classic they seemed to get in everyyear) Necklace: Accessorize 2013 Similar Tee Shirt: H&M Basics Harem Trousers, Next Heels: New Look, similar, similar


Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent (le Orange) with Estee Lauder (which was a limited edition can’t remember the name but this is a close colour in Plum Couture Mascara: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Foundation, Loreal Perfect Match in Ivory Powder: True Match, Loreal Rose Ivory Bronzer: Max Factor Eye Liner: Bourjois club liner

DSC_0577   DSC_0567

So this is how the hygienist went today. Firstly I’m sitting there like this hurts like a mother bear. What are you trying to do, remove my teeth? Hey I need those!

And the next thing I know, she is watering down my face. Like honestly I showered this morning already, hello make up? And she’s like “Oh I’m sorry, I got blood on your face.” On my face! Like seriously? I did not come here for a Kim Kardashian endorsed facial! On the plus side I currently have rock star teeth, you know the ones where they are so beautiful you don’t want to eat anything again in case it stains them and well, ok it hurts like hell and to think of ever biting anything again is just. . . no.

But anyway . . .

I’ll see you in three months time hygienist! And next time I’m coming with my battle armour and a face guard. ‘cause that’s how we do it here in Maidstonia.

So I don’t tell that many people (mainly because bloglovin’ confuses me and the little bits of code I have to use even more . . . yes, I work with computers, but code and me? We tend to have the odd issue with one another . . .like that time I . . . never mind.) Anyhoo if you’ve got bloglovin and you wanna follow my posts that way guess what? Now you can! you lucky things you!



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21 Questions (ok, only 8 . . .)

DSC_0454DSC_0442 - Version 2DSC_0455CSC_0443DSC_0465

Scarf: India (I think its actually part of a Sari . . .)

Tee: H&M

Belt: H&M (Old) similar

Pink Bag: Jules (UK) 

Jeans: Zara (Old) similar

Those shoes . . .: Clarks (In stores) similar <- totally want these also! 

Firstly, red dorothy shoes? My one sale indulgence – look at them, they are just . . . ahhh I can’t get enough of these beauties! its true.

Now, I saw this little post on Lauren and though, oh my god! So cute so here goes my questions for 2014!

I want to wear more . . .

Patterns and Colours! (and girlie things!)

A Food I want to eat more of . . .

Broccoli, kale and garlic – you need your iron, your fun healthy chip recipes and immunity these days!

I’d like to spend more time doing . . .

Exercising, date nights with Joshey and seeing my friends and family!

A class I’d like to take . . .

In equal measure I’d really love to do either a sewing course or a photography course.

A project I’d like to finish . . .

Not quite a project, but we’ve been discussing getting our damaged wing mirror replaced for like, ever (We didn’t break it – we bought it that way, classy kids I know) and it could really do with just being done already! oh and that damaged door . . . but Im not going to get to far ahead of myself . . .

I’m going to work harder to . . .

Not stress so much (and bring it home) and also, actually keep up my ankle exercises!

A destination I’d like to visit . . .

With Joshes parents in India for the next couple of years there are so many areas there that I’d love to visit, Mumbai, Goa, Agra (hello Taj Mahal! But i’d also like to get some Europe in I haven’t been in over a year, even if its just a cheap over night in Paris I really want to get some more Europe under my belt soon!

A bad Habit I’m going to break . . .

Not wearing my glasses to read on the train (I’m meant to wear them all the time infact . . . opps . . .)

2013: In Review and Resolutions . . .


Two Thousand and Thirteen

Thirteen, an unlucky number for some, I thought would be the best year for me, for us. But as it turns out it was a year of hard lessons and of learning them, the hard way. Im not saying 2014 is going to be easy either, but after 2013 I’m pretty sure its gonna be better. 

Before leaving for india I thought I had already learnt this years lessons and grown but as it turned out it really took going to India for them all to sink in. So in going forward I know that in 2014 I want to;

Enjoy the little things and each day as it comes. and ignore the inner voice telling me how teenage me expected to be somewhere completely different and getting there a lot quicker. 

Spend more time with my people whether thats, family, friends or even going to more work functions. 

Theres lots of things I have been thinking about doing and so for 2014 I want to actually act on these things rather than just keep giving myself excuses for as to why I need to wait to do them. So no more waiting!

All my other resolutions are kinda boring, you know the ones, save more, spend less, be more sensible, more exercise, less bad eating! you know, the norm!

What are your new years resolutions, is there any big lessons you learnt in 2013 that you need to take forward into 2014? This is my first year for resolutions so I’m pretty pumped!! 

Your Cheatin’ Heart

CSC_0323  CSC_0321

Jacket: Next 2008/9 Top: Gap Skirt: H&M 2012 Shoes: New Look summer 2013 Bag: Victorias Secret, gifted by Joshes lovely parents.

I am, let’s be honest here, a bit of a hoarder. I often buy things in bulk and stick to things that I know work, and work well. That’s why I have no less than five stretchy (jersey) pencil skirts. Now my mother would say that’s about four too many and yes, she’s right (whose mother isn’t? Can I get an amen?) But here’s my argument.

I work in an office five days a week. That’s five skirts! Can I rest my case? Your right, probably not. Especially since I have jeans, jeggings, treggings, dresses, two pairs of actual trousers somewhere . . . (read: not worn much, eh?) But anyway a great jersey skirt ticks all my boxes, they aren’t too restrictive which is great for you know, moving, sleeping in on the train (what? Me?) Just sitting . . . all day . . . and they don’t crease; they don’t need ironing (as if that would happen anyway) so what’s not to love?

Even better, I find is that I can wear them in a varied amount of lengths. This is doubly great at the moment as the trend is for the midi skirt in a jersey material. So yes, maybe I bought too many but now each skirt can be worn like this!

This is probably the least flattering of all the looks on me as I’m pretty top heavy (plus an apple shape – joy of all joys) but I do wear them like this anyway – I like to think the camera adds weight. That’s still a thing right? Regardless if you’re tall girl, rejoice! Cause a mid-length jersey skirt can be pulled higher to be a just over a knee or later this week a tall girl acceptable mini!

You can’t say I never gave you anything . . .

For the love of chocolate and Downton Hats

DSC_0165 DSC_0180 DSC_0192 DSC_0193 DSC_0199 DSC_0207

We went for a run yesterday. I instantly regretted it. It rained, school kids had just been kicked out of school and into the wilderness, a.k.a maidstone. It was a mess. On the upside, my friends think I ran 2.7 miles.

(I walked, totally walked most of it – but maybe I could claim that as being interval training . . . no?)

On the plus side Josh came with me. Someone to witness my lack of fitness prowess and today my joints hurt. I might just have to go in for early retirement. Its the only way.

I never understood those people out running anyway . . .

(If you happen to be reading this on Wednesday, I’ve probably gone out and attempted running again. They call it glutton for punishment, I call it running for chocolate.)

Downton Hat: Marks and Spencers, Waterfall Jumper: George, Asda (Still in store but not online), Necklace, Accessorize (In store), Top: George Asda, Jeans (Bailey), Dorothy Perkins Tall (Imagine these in black), Boots, Newlook similar.

City Lights and Nights . . .

From day to . . .




To Night . . .





As someone who works in the big smoke – London. For some reason since moving to kent I call London “The City” (There are cities in Kent, btw – so who knows where that came from!) Needless to say its part of (I think) The culture for Londoners and commuters alike. Finish work, put on a fresh lip colour and your out the door on the way to drinks, dinner and nights out with friends. Or work . . .

Whatever the reason, I always need a good from day to night outfit. We have a casual dress code so it means I can mix it up quite nicely. I especially love going from flats to a great heel, especially the pointed toes as they tend to hurt too much to wear all day. .  .

(p.s excuse the crazy hair, it needs both colouring and cutting – a dreadful combination)

Chambray Shirt: Mens, H&M

Necklace: Accessorize

Purple Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins

Flats: New Look

Jumper: Topshop

Heels: New Look