Summer 2016 Fashion wrap up

Summer Clothes wrap up

It seems a little odd this year to discuss summer outfits especially since I only gave you guys about one photograph a week.

For the UK as well we didn’t exactly have weather that leant itself to great, inventive outfits, it was either cool-cold (I wore a jacket well into July) or so hot and humid that the idea of clothes became repulsive. On the whole however, I spent the majority of the summer in skirts and then shorts on the weekend.

Last year I was in love with dresses, as you all know I had the same dresses in multiple colours and this year I fell into the same pattern. At the beginning I picked up a couple of sale ones from The Gap but this year they really didn’t get worn. Maybe it was the lack of summery weekends that weren’t hot to the bone but this year for work I have lived in skirts. The blue one above as well as my grey midi wrap skirt and my two corduroy ones on repeat, in rotation. So much so in fact that I realised I don’t own nearly enough tops in comparison to bottoms.

On particularly humid days I also wore my jersey harem trousers on repeat. Again, like last year my wardrobe was pretty predictable, but maybe thats exactly what summer is about spending more time doing things and wearing what allows you to do whatever it is you want to do until the cooler months where you can spend more time  developing interesting outfits instead.

If I have learned anything however its this, whatever your wardrobe size you need a good deal of balance between the items, if you have 100 skirts and two tops you’ll never get the best from your skirts and vice versa. Even more so don’t over purchase one item if you never wear it and don’t purchase too many colours that don’t all merge!

Also for summer in the UK? Buy a fan and yes I bought shorts to work just to wear on the train home! #skills

What were your summer clothes clothes like this year? leave your comments and links below!

Fashion Outfits |The Red Roll Neck


When I was younger I hated polo necks. As the nerd that I was at 8 or 9 I was in the school orchestra playing the clarinet (a story for another time) and for a school play we had to dress up as extras from the cast of Star Trek.

Part of the conditions of this part was an outfit which included a polo neck. I held it together for a while but by the time we came to the performance, I freaked out.

In fact, I don’t think I have ever wanted to run from a piece of clothing as much as I did that day. See, I felt strangled, like a stuffed sausage and it was the one time I did not enjoy being on a stage. (Again with the shocking facts)

Ever since that experience I have kept a good distance from the roll neck. It wasn’t, in fact until 2015 that I began to see the attraction with high neck jumpers. They look chic (when done well) and warm and so it got me thinking, maybe I could try one again?

Thankfully, I didn’t break out in hives when I started looking in Autumn ’15 but I certainly took my time exploring different options. My lessons from the capsule mean that I certainly find settling on clothes harder. It is now a longer, more considered process and I like that new approach. I now rely on certainty and am more practical in creating a more curated wardrobe in the long run.

Therefore, this was obviously a well thought out item right?

I’m blushing right now, because it wasn’t. Granted, I saw it online two months before buying it but in reality, I saw it on the rack and walked it around the upper section of Sainsburys for while. Here I tested pairings with it among various skirts (and even put back a £7 skirt that looked like pudsy bears fur – something that I still regret not buying) before rushing it through self service, huzzah!

The problem I realise is I’m swayed by colour. If you gave me a rack of monochrome and this red polo, I’ll want the polo neck every time.

Circling back to what I have learnt this week and I know that I am colour swayed but on the same hand I’m also learning that I like the odd polo neck sweater. Mostly because I like wearing alternate shapes to what I’m used to and I’m looking for a way to introduce something exciting into my everyday.

Even when that means flashbacks of a less enjoyable time where clarinets were played or maybe, not played but as I said before, that’s a story for another day.
_DSC0411 _DSC0395

When is a coat not a coat? When its a Coatigan.

Coatigan: Long Tall Sally (C/O), Khaki Tunic: Zara, Patterned Leggings: H&M, Chelsea Boots: Long Tall Sally (C/O), Slip on Trainers, Barefoot Tess for Long Tall Sally (C/O), Brown Bag: Zara 2014/15, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

When is a coat not a coat? When it’s a coatigan*

If you remember a while back I shared some of my top fall picks from various companies and one of those was Long Tall Sally! As a six foot tall lady shopping is sometimes hard with those additional inches. Thankfully, Long Tall Sally has come to the rescue! Better than your average high street tall ranges they also think ahead of all the ways that you will be tall!

So to celebrate that today I am sharing three of those pieces I shared earlier and how I have started wearing them for AW.

Starting from the top, this is one of the most beautiful coatigans around.

I had never thought about combining the lush cuddly factor of a cardigan with the protection and structure of a coat. However this sure works great! (Although come snowy weather I will be reaching for last years LTS fur lining (from my parka) to keep it extra cozy!)

I am loving more edgy pieces this fall and so these patterned leggings and long Khaki tunic from Zara completely fit the bill for pulling this outfit together whilst the brown accents mean these classic Chelsea boots fit right in with less expected pieces.

Something which I love about LTS is the basics that they offer to tall women and the ways in which they mix them up to remain classic with a funky edge and both these two pairs of shoes and coatigan personify this.

Moving forward this season I am looking forward to wearing these boots with literally everything from jeans and walks to the park (ahem, pub, cough) to smart dresses and skirts for work. Whilst these slip on trainers from Barefoot Tess are just funky staples that I think will be mainstays in almost all my outfits this AW.

*props to Zip who came up with this title for today.

thats all folks! Have a lovely weekend!!! This is me running to the weekend, whimsy is my thing.

Winter 2015 Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up

Camel Coat: Next, Coca-Cola Sweater: Primark Mens adjusted by me, White Tee: Zara, Gold Necklace: Z for Accessorize, Denim Jeans: Zara, Blue Boots: Clarks similar

Winter capsule wrap up. Can you believe it’s already time to wrap up winter? I mean sure I have been excitedly planning for spring for about the last month and half but that’s beside the point. So the winter capsule folks, what did I think? Well honestly I am a hundred percent happier with my wardrobe as a whole as far as winter goes but I also cheated this season as I discussed here+ why? Because I wanted to wear the rest of my wardrobe! It’s been an uber interesting Autumn and Winter as far as dressing goes and I feel so set for next year. The fabulous thing about doing the capsule wardrobe challenge as I’ve stated a million times before is that it aligned my real life with my imaginary and for AW I feel like I have a great grip on how I like to dress and what I need to make my life tick. Here is a list of my must haves for Autumn and Winter no matter what the trends in 2015/16. Basics:

  • Tights in black
  • Leggings
  • Tank tops for layers
  • V neck T-shirts


  • Long sleeved scoop neck T shirt in plain or stripes
  • Chambray Shirt
  • Plaid shirt
  • Longline knit cardigan
  • Short cardigan
  • Great blue jeans (skinny fit)
  • Blue jean alternative

Work smart

  • Black or dark pencil skirt
  • Smart work trousers
  • Smart blouse/shirt
  • White shirt


  • Flat comfortable and supportive boots
  • Full foot covered, flat smart shoes
  • Smart ankle boots
  • A sexy pair of heels


  • Thick knitted scarf
  • Knitted hat
  • Knitted headband
  • Full fingered gloves in leather
  • Half finger gloves in knit.


  • Ankle length running leggings/tights
  • Thicker leggings for cycling
  • Sweat tank layered under a regular tank (I don’t like my arms covered too much)
  • Luminescent runner’s jacket
  • Long sleeved light weight running jacket with reflective strips
  • Swim costume
  • Gloves for running
  • Padded full fingered gloves for cycling
  • Warm headband for running
  • Running Shoes with reflective strips for night time runs
  • Walking boots
  • Alternative trainers for cycling if needed

This is all quite extensive and yet I feel like I’ve missed something but you get the picture. Spending six months with limited access to my clothes has been an incredible experience it really forces you to examine what you actually wear. It also limits confusion I definitely have more clothes to get rid of and I will be readjusting my size restrictions next autumn but overall I have such a better grasp on what a wardrobe should be and I’m hopeful that my clothes will soon not need a room of their own!

Why I cheated on The Capsule Wardrobe with my other clothes.

Poncho: Dorothy Perkins circa 2012, Navy Dress: H&M circa 2014, Black Leggings: H&M, Navy suede and purple boots: Clarks

Why I cheated on winter capsule with my fall one.


Thankfully I can safely say that I didn’t cheat with a brand new item and I haven’t been shopping. Instead, I cheated with my own wardrobe, well the rest of it that is.

Capsules are great in that they allow you to explore your pieces more than say someone who never has to wear the same thing twice. With only 40 things to hand you have to get creative or you simply just get bored! The downside however is when you know that the ideal piece or the thing that you really want to wear isn’t in some far off land, on Pinterest or even in your local Topshop but is, instead, just sitting in your extended wardrobe.

This is not the first time either that the thing that I really want to wear is simply hanging across the room as in fall I spoke about wishing my plaid shirt was available but this was the first time I caved, and in this case, it was a dress.

The dress that made me . . .

An elastically cinched in waist in a light, navy jersey, it’s all this dress is and yet it is one of my ultimate pieces! On Wednesday I am hoping to address the need to find our own versions of basics as opposed to what magazines and Pinterest photos deem to be must haves! But that’s a post for another day instead for right now let’s talk about last Wednesday.

You know the days; you want something that loves you as much as you love it. Nothing tight, nothing that hurts and certainly nothing complicated! Throwing on a dress is my least difficult thing to put on. Sure I could’ve worn my black gap number but that was in the wash, the grey H&M long sleeved one was too tight for a day when you want something to waft in and finally the monsoon dress felt low cut and high maintenance. So as I threw my dress on I saw my striped poncho circa 2012 and I knew my suede boots where going to have to be worn, leggings rather than tights and I was out of the door.

A telling off?

Is it bad I couldn’t stick to my regulated 40 pieces that day? Maybe. Do I regret it? No.

The reality is this, I am not a minimalist. It would be easier if I was, but I’m not. I will never have the smallest wardrobe but I also don’t want to or expect to have the biggest.

My bigger, end goal for this project is being able to love what I have and wear everything that I own on a regular basis and to stop feeling that constant need to go shopping. I haven’t broken anything here, I have only realised holes in my capsule and adjusted my view. I know that there are things that I missed out due to familiarity and wanting to push myself but I also know that those familiar pieces are vital to my day to day dressing and really they shouldn’t be excluded just because they aren’t breaking any barriers.

The perfect balance and honesty in the challenge.

It’s the funniest thing about the capsule wardrobe challenge in that it makes you feel bad when wearing your own clothes. Maybe it’s just because we pose it as a challenge and that breaking that challenge is like somehow breaking some unmentioned code between participants. However if anything I think this is a little more interesting for you guys, the readers.

After all, this is an honest account of someone who clearly struggles with over buying but who also loves her clothes. Slip ups like this I think should be mentioned more often as it exposes our own weakness as well as potential flaws which are in the un-fancy, capsule wardrobe challenge. I think when I look back on this experience in the future when I once again have one or two wardrobes (winter/summer seasons) I will see this as an excellent time where I realised what I myself need, as Jessica in order to dress well, without over spending but still have fun with my passion and at the end of the day isn’t that we are all looking for? The Perfect balance.

It’s a tough thing to say sometimes on the internet but have you ever slipped up in your capsule? What was your overall impression on wearing things you already own but are outside of your current, designated wardrobe?

Outfit 15 | The twenties and Kate

I’m not sure how it happened but this week has been all about the fancy dressing. I just stood in front of my wardrobe and all these great, colourful ideas fell out! I can’t believe how great this outfit looks, fur, a hat and a nice dress? This is where the twenties got it right! gorgeous multi dimensional fabrics and colours should always be the way to go!

I snagged this dress over summer in the Monsoon sale and it has pretty much been sitting in my wardrobe ever since. Not because I don’t love it, because I do but rather, because I needed to sew the front closed. Yup, it was one of those dresses! Now this really shouldn’t have taken me this long to do this, it was relatively simple and yet lazy bones Low over here took months to get the simple job done, shame on me because look at this dress! I love it and it was so cheap for Monsoon!

Now, the Kate reference. Doesn’t this look like something she would wear? Back in the day I was all about the knee length wrap dress, I loved them, they loved me and they just, worked. However as with all great pieces that you wore consistently for ages eventually you hit your limit. The time when you just don’t want to keep wearing the same style over and over again anymore. So for the last three to five years I haven’t worn a dress like this and coming back to it, it feels a little bit like coming home.

Now for the most important question I wonder if Kate ever gets sick of the knee length wrap dress . . . mmm . . .

The Search for Trousers and Fox socks

(p.s. That last photo is because . . . well I’m wearing fox socks ok? If that doesn’t call for silliness what does?)

In search of trousers (pants) . . .

Trousers. It’s a simple request in that I want a pair. Not even a fancy pair, just a simple one, possibly grey, possibly navy but a smart pair none the less. But smart trousers seem to be beyond my grasp nowadays and not because I’m not looking because I have spent a vast amount of time lately getting flustered in hot changing rooms and wishing that maybe, just maybe the next pair will work for me. But the truth that keeps surfacing is that no, these magical, mystical trousers just aren’t going to happen.

The little voice in the back of my head keeps whispering as well, “maybe it’s me; maybe I was just not meant to own a pair of trousers.” I am apple shaped and I am under no illusion that that makes trousers a difficult feat, but an impossible one? That seems a little daft.

I’m not asking for that much, just a pair of smart trousers with stretch, with a button/zip, with pockets on the front and back and legs that don’t either swallow me whole or stick like a second skin to not only my thighs but ankles as well. If they could be patterned then that’s doubly great but not always necessary.

The same problems keep arising however, high waists that are just an IBS attack waiting to happen, narrow waistbands and widths of fabric for my none existent hips, these are all a problem, even jeans are a problem for me on even my good days and its beginning to get to me.

The reason I am putting so much behind this search is because I want something warm and comfortable for the rest of fall and winter. Don’t get me wrong I love skirts and dresses as much as the next girl but I also can’t stand tights (they fall down, the grip uncomfortably most of the time, they make fabrics stick to you like glue, need I say more?) leggings look bulky a lot of the time and bare legs? Spare me from the col friends! Spare me! My other problems are dresses and skirts seem so clingy nowadays even pencil skirts have taken a step further into second skin territory! Like yeah, jersey is great for bloating days and super comfy but additionally it shows up every bump and gives you no idea of how much weight you’ve put on with Christmas foods! So yeah I’m not so pleased with the whole clothing situation at the moment!

On Wednesday I’m going to fill you in on my recent capsule wardrobe crisis (yep, I thought I would make it through loving everyday – I haven’t. But more of that on Wednesday.)

So this is what I need to look out for a smart trouser with a little give (elastin is not to be sniffed at my friends) with a tapered (no bootcut!) leg which doesn’t need a shoe horn to get you in a waist that doesn’t taper in too much. It doesn’t even need a long leg I don’t mind an ankle grazer, I just need a great pair of trousers. But maybe that’s too much to ask?

That Kardashian Moment.



Grey T: H&M In store Other, Chambray Shirt: H&M Mens, Leggings: Topshop Tall, Boots: New Look Wide Fit


Firstly I love this hedge row – talk about some good greens! So secondly my apologies for the endless posts in front of said incredible hedge. Lastly I am sorry, but I appear to have fallen to the Kardashians for style tips again and dressed like one of them. I’m going with Khloe – she’s my favourite, and tall, thats like doubly great.

I wore this out last wednesday for Mexican round our friend Pauls house and man was I comfy! there is nothing better than leggings, well unless you add that old ratty t-shirt and spend a day in front of the couch in your leggings and tee that is!.

This feels a little like a best of both worlds you get the great comfort and it doesn’t look too bad either! (I don’t think) and my new grey t-shirt – so much better than my old one! Its taking all my strength I tell you not to go in and buy it in the other colour – or maybe this one all over again but then again I have to remember I don’t know how well this will wash up and we know me by now don’t we? Grey t-shirt shrinker extrodinaire! I might even get that printed up now, keep a record or you know photograph all my ruined tee shirts and post it on the internet, that should probably do the trick.

also my left foot in the last picture . . . so strange . . . like a pelicans beak! weird . . .

Day to Night Sports Luxe


(I assure you my heads not really twice the size of my body – I think . . . and hope quite frankly . . .)

Snood: Next, Blazer: F21, Top: Next, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Boots: New Look Find my go to make up look here+ 




I have a love hate relationship with these boots. Firstly I bought them on a whim when I was addicted to having as many pairs of ankle boots as is humanly possible! Now that was great before I hurt my metatarsals and found that all heels hated me and that flats were the only way to go. So couple that with the endless rain we found ourselves having I literally lived in these boots!

So now if I can avoid them I try too which is silly because I have really worn them in nicely now and they look quite good with this get up. This outfit I think is great from going from work to night I feel like I can wear this for date night as well as the work day which in my mind is always a keeper! And also, who can pass up an opportunity to wear an uber comfy tee like this one?

Tomorrows outfit today . . .



Top: Next, Bag: Accessorize, Jeans (Eden): Dorothy Perkins (The ones I’m wearing are their regular length rolled up one I am 5ft 10 3/4, Heels: New Look, sadly I couldn’t find any similar? what!? – if you do find any please do link them in the comments and I’ll add a link up here!


DSC_0280 DSC_0273 DSC_0268DSC_0293


Today I am in leggings and a tunic something like this . . . In the middle of the working week you ask? Why yes, yes indeed because today I have been living the dream and have been out shopping for Phoenix and the Lions Spring Antique and Vintage stock  at Newark’s International Antiques and Collectors Fair. We spent a grand total of five and half hours today collecting some really great pieces for the store and man do my feet want a break!

In fact on the topic of feet I have been missing my heels with a passion! I have lived in flat boots, converse and ballet pumps for so long now that I will do (almost) anything to put on my heels again. So of course date night with the boy has become a weekly thing just so I can wear my many heels for a few hours! (not all at the same time of course – that would be silly . . . or genius?)

Luckily this weekend we are going away to Oxfordshire with my family to celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! So not only do I get to spend time with my favourite people in the world but I also have an excuse to pull out my heels again (and tower over Josh – He must love me!)

Until then for what we got up to (with limited internet I may add – the horror!) Check out the official Phoenix and the Lion Twitter page! we found the cutest pigs that have a fantastic story that’ll all be revealed soon!


psstttt . . . I’m wearing this tomorrow! (god forbid I explain the title! – it’s been a long day . . .)

What I wore: When all else fails . . .


Striped Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Alternative, Chambray Shirt: H&M mens, Grey Shirt: H&M, Red Heels: New Look

DSC_0346 DSC_0347


Get ready for a whole host of grammatical and written errors. The crux of this matter is I hurt my hand. I was washing up (always dangerous on a Sunday – or you know, any day) and the glass I was cleaning broke and without knowing it attempted to remove my knuckle. I was mostly unsuccessful but now I’m sitting here with a hand full of bandages and not allowed to use my hand. One handed typing and texting – not my thing, it seems.

Anyhoo, it just means that instead of beautifully written blogs posts. (I hear you laughing – I raise you one injury!) you get a week of post injury photos and little words, well hear goes . . . What I wear when all else fails.

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves



The Cold girl Wrap – Scarf: Accessorize, Striped tunic: Dorothy Perkins, Pink Jeans: Next, Heels: New Look (old) Similar



The not so infinity, Infinity Scarf



The Sari Wrap



Sandals, because the weather was so good open toes was a must!

Let’s talk about scarves.

Does anyone else have a small hoard of them in their closet? I’m sure it’s not just me but without actively wanting too I end up with at least one new scarf a season (maybe more). There’s something that just grabs me about them – the bad side? Well here goes, confession time! I tend to wear them constantly for a season and then they get relegated to only being worn occasionally. Worse still (and not on purpose) I find it harder to donate scarves than clothes – with scarves they’re still cute whether the trends have moved on and the colours are all wrong, I still love them. Unlike my clothes haul which in recent years I have fallen out of love with after a season (or they have fallen out of love with me! Hello bobbles!) But scarves, scarves never let me down – even when they have to have a whole drawer dedicated to them alone! (I have thrown out a few this year I promise – about 2 but I’m working on it!

But if there’s one upside it’s that you can wear scarves in a multitude of ways. The above are my favourite ways to wear scarves during the spring. It’s all about the light weight scarf in spring and summer and with travelling to India again this year it’s always good to have a really large thin scarf to wrap around yourself when you go out and especially in the temples and mosques hence the sari wrap. It’s probably my favourite way to wear this scarf at the moment whether it’s just to ward of a chill or a make do blanket on the train, I love it and its all down to those stylish ladies we saw in Ahmedabad! So thank you all of you for your incredible wrapping skills!

There’s obviously also the classic – cold girl wrap. You know the one – the post pub/dancing walk home or to the nearby pizza joint or the cold restaurant. It’s the scarf wrap of dreams in all those instances!

The final one is the make do infinity scarf. I’m not sure when the infinity trend started but it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon! I wear this a lot into the office for some extra warmth or when wearing lower cut tops and is probably my daily go to at the moment

What ways do you like to wear your scarves? And do you have any pretty bow tricks to offer? Cause I’ve been thinking about how to wear the tutorial from yet another beauty site forever. . .