Life behind the capsule Wardrobe

Blazer: H&M, Tunic: Long Tall Sally, Chinos: Next, Flats: New Look, Bag: Zara

Life behind the capsule Wardrobe

Hey guys! So you might notice later, that this week has far less outfit posts (again) This makes me as sad as you (or maybe it makes you happy?) but anyhoo for just a four day week myself and Josh (photographer at large) feel like we have been repeatedly run over this week. Just before the long weekend we had received news that our flat is being sold, effective of … well now. So what should have been a relaxed exciting weekend became a freaked out and confusing weekend of calling estate agents and trying to get viewings and staring at each other like, what the hell are we doing?!?!?!

I have now lived in the town of Maidstone in Kent for the last three years. I can’t even believe it myself but when we got the call about moving, all hell broke loose. Isn’t it always the way that you make plans for life and then something comes up which changes them all? In this case we thought we’d be able to stay where we are until after we were married (October 2016) and until we could buy but as it is, life has other plans.

The big why this is so stressful is this; we decided that we wouldn’t move in Maidstone.

I don’t know when I became so daring. (Jessica circa 2006 who lived in only two homes in the same town all her life is currently looking on in horror) but here’s the thing, we were never going to buy in Maidstone so living there again seems daft when we haven’t tried anywhere else so we are moving on! This time to (hopefully) Rochester (home to Charles Dickens and many dickens festivals!) to experience another side of Kent!

At the moment we are jumping between petrified and overly excited but with all of this going on and spending part of this weekend trolling Rochester we have just felt completely deflated so two outfit posts it is I’m afraid!!! Moving forward of course this means lots of Instagram’s of us clearing out our current flat, packing and moving into our new one and I wanted to ask you minimalists/budget keepers out there, are you interested in a few interiors posts? The best thing about moving of course is getting to re imagine your interiors (even if you can’t paint or upgrade internal fittings) but still would you be interested to see before and after kinds of things?

When one Shrinks . . . Buy another?


Grey Basic Tee: Divided H&M (in store) Other. Striped Skirt: Dorothy Perkins Similar, Leopard Print Flats: New Look Similar

Do as I say, not as I do. We all know that saying right? yeah? well this may be one of those times . . .

See theres a reason I don’t usually have time off without Josh. You could be mistaken for it being because we’re just so darn cute we wouldn’t dream of being off without Jess/Josh adventures planned right? Wrong. Its because I can’t be trusted.

Either I get hurt (hello miss so accident prone I get threatened with being wrapped up in cotton wool on a regular basis!) I make a mess in the house or I somehow end up in shops. Well today it was two of those things, firstly I thought how cute would it be (as a future wife) that I would do the washing? Well it was cute until I shrank my only grey t-shirt. (Well I say only, a have two others. Ones shrunk previously and the other well quite frankly is lost. I don’t know how these things happen only that they do. Im not exactly making a good headway in the whole housewife stakes here as you can see.

So whats a girl to do? Well this girl bought a new one. Terrible I know but a grey basic is a must, tuck it into my pencil skirts, Jeans, over swimwear in the summer, with leggings on cycle rides you need one of these beauties around! I have to be honest I also wore mine with leggings and a chambray shirt last night I felt very Kardashian . . . I can’t decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing honestly? H&M basics are long enough for me but my other favourites are GAP, NEW LOOK TALL and LONG TALL SALLY.

New Season, New Blogger

A new season arrives

First of all, may I begin by thanking Jess for allowing me to post in her blog. I only hope that you all enjoy what my blog has to offer.

So to introduce myself, my name is Jo and I am a 27 year old Legal Secretary from Kent, UK. I am married and enjoy shopping, reading and crafts. I, like Jess, am very interested in fashion as well as photography. Today, I will cover fashion.

So in the UK our weather is not known to be hot and sunny very often. However recently spring seems to have sprung and we have actually had some warm spring days. This particular Sunday was one such day of which Jess and I took the opportunity to do a little shoot.

We are very lucky to live near some stunning locations, this particular shoot being done in Mote Park. We took advantage of the parks big lake and woodland trails to get some great shots!

joey1 joey2 joey3 joey4

My outfit consists of the following:

Skirt – New Look Shirt – Select Cardigan – T K Maxx Bag – Primark Shoes – Primark

If any of you wish to contact me I am available through Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Alternatively feel free to write a comment on my blog.

All the best x

Tomorrows outfit today . . .



Top: Next, Bag: Accessorize, Jeans (Eden): Dorothy Perkins (The ones I’m wearing are their regular length rolled up one I am 5ft 10 3/4, Heels: New Look, sadly I couldn’t find any similar? what!? – if you do find any please do link them in the comments and I’ll add a link up here!


DSC_0280 DSC_0273 DSC_0268DSC_0293


Today I am in leggings and a tunic something like this . . . In the middle of the working week you ask? Why yes, yes indeed because today I have been living the dream and have been out shopping for Phoenix and the Lions Spring Antique and Vintage stock  at Newark’s International Antiques and Collectors Fair. We spent a grand total of five and half hours today collecting some really great pieces for the store and man do my feet want a break!

In fact on the topic of feet I have been missing my heels with a passion! I have lived in flat boots, converse and ballet pumps for so long now that I will do (almost) anything to put on my heels again. So of course date night with the boy has become a weekly thing just so I can wear my many heels for a few hours! (not all at the same time of course – that would be silly . . . or genius?)

Luckily this weekend we are going away to Oxfordshire with my family to celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! So not only do I get to spend time with my favourite people in the world but I also have an excuse to pull out my heels again (and tower over Josh – He must love me!)

Until then for what we got up to (with limited internet I may add – the horror!) Check out the official Phoenix and the Lion Twitter page! we found the cutest pigs that have a fantastic story that’ll all be revealed soon!


psstttt . . . I’m wearing this tomorrow! (god forbid I explain the title! – it’s been a long day . . .)

One Handed Problems



Hat: Marks and Spencers, Blazer: F21 2011, Jumper: Next (Sale), Dress: Dorothy Perkins – this ones longer – mines shrunk, Leggings: H&M, Boots: Next (Autumn/Winter 2013) Similar



I am a girl of very few words today, I am also a girl of little style, wearing my gap jumper and leggings, it was literally all I could wangle on one handed. Its been an interesting week so far. Since slicing part of my hand off I have developed a small fear of drinking glasses (the culprit) and the sink still gives me goosebumps, brr . . .

Other than that, I have come to realise the many things you need two hands for especially since there is little more embarrassing than having your fiance chop up a banana for your breakfast since you couldn’t even open a banana if you tried!

If I could cross my fingers I would be. Instead, I’ll just pray that next week brings more movement again! Until then leggings it is again!


Fair Weathered Running and Fears


Simple Summer Sunday: Jumper: Dorothy Perkins (oh, so old) Next alternative, Tee: H&M Basics, Skirt  (£1 fish of a skirt) Similar, Flats: New Look


It’s that time again folks, its exercise season. I know this because a, I am definitely packing winter weight like an animal that hibernates and B, because I almost got run over by five consecutive runners on the way home last night. And in the dark, over a high level bridge it can be pretty scary. It was almost like being roped into a flash mob. (That’s like a major nightmare of mine, along with people dressed up as Disney characters – *shudder*).

But yes, there are people like me getting fit all over the place! Fair weathered exercisers. I’m personally taking it slow – as in crawling almost backwards through the local pool a couple of times while I wait to get back on that bicycle! It’s just no fun with snow (re: floods) on the ground!

Running, Dresses & Global Warming all in one post!


Blue Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Belt: H&M (Old), similar (yes mens but who said they can have all the fun?), Bag: Accessorize sale, similar, More expensive, Blazer: F21 Similar Shoes: New Look


I think the sun has gone to my head. Why you ask? Well it could be because I find myself no longer capable of getting anywhere without rushing. The worst part is; I don’t even know why I am perpetually running – I get up at the same time, I am ready almost early and yet every morning I find myself running onto the train, running into the office, running out of the office, running for my next train, running for dinner . . . you name it I no longer walk to it, I run.

So during the week this dress is pretty useless but on the weekends . . . oh the weekends! I am one cool cookie. In fact we jammed so much in this weekend that I even chose to wash our car. Now if you know me you’ll know that car washing, not my strong suit. I was spoilt with a dad who loved his cars and made sure they looked good. Well that and I’m pretty sure he was just insuring that my messy mug of a car wasn’t bringing down the neighbourhood. (Or driveway, It probably was)

But then you know what happened? Monday. That’s what happened and so starts the cycle of running again. Oh global warming you are a cruel mistress!

Spring time Denim’s



From the top: Eden: Dorothy Perkins, Polka Dor: Primark, Fiance Jeans: Zara, Pink! Next – Scroll for links

As well as my trusty Chambray shirts spring calls for thost springful coloured and patterned jeans! Last year it was cropped ‘traditional denim’ and my looser fit floral jeans from TU (which this year are going to re appear as shorts!) but this year im getting back to basics. Coloured denim and maybe the odd pattern . . .

I am still looking for a brighter pair as these are all pretty tame but I am so glad to have already injected some much needed spring colour into my wardrobe! and my first pink thing in a while as well!

Eden Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins.

These jean/leggings are my go to comfort pair and sexy pair all rolled into one! Great fading and comfort is this girls go to piece! Great length and great for both day and night!

Polka Dot: Primark (In store)

Shockingly long for regular length! These fit quite well actually and are comfortable with a great deal of stretch!

Boyfriend/Fiance/husband jeans (whichever applies): Zara

The creme de la creme! These are my go to pj jeans so comfortable it puts all else to shame!

Pink! Next

Great colour and fit for XL ankle length jeans I fell in love with the zip detail the first moment I saw them!


I dream of Ice cream . . .


Pink blazer: H&M Sale (January 2014) Alternative, Tee: H&M Basics, Mint Bag: Accessorize Pink Jeans: Next Leopard Print flats: New Look (January Sale 2014) Similar


I look really tan and over healthy (and a little bit tired in these photos) and I’m not entirely sure why. How does this happen? It must be all the pink im wearing in this outfit so say hello to my new pink jeans! my quest for pink jeans arrived one day with no warning. Literally one moment I wanted bright coloured jeans and the next pale pink had jumped into my mind and wouldn’t leave.

So first I tried Boden – New would equal great right? Well no. Not for me & my apple shapes but Next did! These ankle skimmers were just what I was looking for and even better they had a great zip detail which meant they were that little bit more different and perfect for updating my wardrobe! Success! So get ready to look forward to seeing these little gems with my striped tunic, long thin sweaters and peplum tops! cause I’m coming for you!

Polka dot! Polka Dot! Polka Dot Afro!



Faux Vans: New Look, Spotty Jeans: Primarni As seen here . . . (in store), Glasses: H&M 2012 Similar, Bag: Accessorize Other




Lets be honest this tee shirt is the devil. Don’t tell me you didn’t think grey jersey could be so difficult? Well neither did I to be honest but I have had a string of bad luck when it comes to grey T shirts recently. They stretch oddly at the bottom shrink upwards at a drop of a hat! You name it, it does it! So yeah this isn’t my best but at least there are polka dot jeans!

I found them completely by accident and I love them! so comfortable and they are actually pretty long! We just had a great hot (ok, ok I give, warm!) day that I just couldn’t go around with all my legs covered! This has probably been my favourite sunday this year so far thanks to the good weather (amung other things) I mean I went out without a jumper! and that my friends is something to celebrate!


Bring on the mint!


Blazer: F21 (2012) Same shape/blazer in colbolt (you can’t go wrong!), Mint Tee, Dorothy Perkins (2011) Similar , Zara BF Jeans 2013 Similar (I love zara jeans for comfort price and fit! well suggested!), Pixie Flats Next 2013 Similar in Raspberry, Mint Bag Accessorize Necklace, thrifted.



Who knew that back in University I would pick up this gem of a shirt without realising that mint was going to be such a big deal in a couple of years? Well as luck would have it I did! I loved it then and I certainly love it now as well I mean mint and polka dots all in one? That is the style bloggers dream! It has also kept itself quite well over the years so its still wearable, remixable and loved now as well as back then! In fact even Josh loves it!

Now I must tell you I didn’t plan for a weeks worth of Mint posts but apparently its like my new favourite colour. Who’d’ve guessed right? Also these jeans make me so happy! They are so relaxed and soft that I could literally sleep in them they are that good! So the fact that spring/summer is on its way is very welcomed just so I can wear these jeans all the time!

p.s What are our thoughts on these shirts? I just wanna live in one of these on weekends with leggings! Thoughts?

Spring Updates (Did someone say shopping?)


Accessorize, Accessorize! Mint Bag, Scarf

DSC_0215 DSC_0214

I have been on a bit of a bag/scarf kick recently. Literally a new one every month! I mean firstly thats crazy and I obviously don’t recommend od’ing on accessories but when they are this cute? Honestly hows a girl to say no? Also they weren’t too badly priced this bag is only £17 which wasn’t bad! (I don’t think) Shockingly though it doesn’t feel as sturdy as my trusty go to Primarni bag so if you get this one wedged in the tube doors you’re probably not going to win but its mint and was only £17 so that outweighs it for me! (Although I know, I know I am meant to be saving for investment pieces! whatcha gonna do?)

The scarf also wasn’t too pricy at £15 which isn’t bad for a transitional piece, its not always warm enough yet but its got more warmth than a silk number! I also liked it because there was more fabric as alot of their new spring stuff doesn’t have enough for this time of year so you’d literally have to wear another into work and then change when you get there! how annoying right? but this was a nice best of both worlds piece!

Now I am hoping next month not to go so accessories crazy! As I’d like to buy some basic sandals (India ruined last years ones – lots of sand = very discoloured white shoes! – but oh so worth it!) and maybe a summer dress! But in my window shopping I have fallen in love with this dress from Dorothy Perkins . . .

red dress


I love that skirting pattern! Its not in tall unfortunantely but so what if I show a little ankle this summer right? After my failed Boden denim shop (too tight around the middle a tad too short (in tall) and to baggy around the legs!) I am also trialing these jeans from Next this weekend, fingers crossed cause I could do with some comfy (coloured) jeans!

What are you guys shopping for this month and next? Do you have any spring essentials that you feel are worth investing in this year?