Creating a Balanced Outfit: Work Shorts?

The Top: Zara, The Shorts: Next, The Necklace: Accessorize, The Shoes: New Look

As you know early in the year (about April time – way ahead of the times!) I found these! Smart shorts. Now smart shorts to me have always been a little bit odd, I certainly don’t see myself trying to wear them into my office no matter how casual we get on Fridays and yet . . . they have a distinct amount of appeal. Something about their structure and fabric choices make me feel instantly more at ease with wearing them outside my home and there wider flare makes them far more flattering for an apple shaped body.

However shorts can make you feel quite self conscious. I do know that I was blessed with good legs but even I sometimes feel uneasy leaving the house in shorts even when the weather is hot! So this top I feel is the perfect answer to our worries! With the three quarter length sleeve and more relaxed fit I feel like it looks more conservative on top which therefore balances out the fun and revealing nature of the shorts!

One of my favourite looks which I still have yet to find is the slightly longer denim short (neither too the knee or cut off half way up a butt cheek) but a longer more substantial pair would be fantastic paired with a smart or checked shirt which could be worn loosely and relaxed on a late summer evening. Maybe next year perhaps?

How have you been wearing your shorts this year?

3 thoughts on “Creating a Balanced Outfit: Work Shorts?

  1. matchamilady says:

    As much as I dislike shorts, if I would ever wear them to work, they must be long ones or I’ll wear something else. I find them very unprofessional and only tapered knee length (or just above) ones are appropriate and smart enough to my mind

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