Cheating on Fashion with Furniture.

Cheating on fashion with furniture

In the last few months I have had what feels like the worst dress sense in the world. On the blog I somehow manage to pull it all together, especially on weekends but during the week I have the worst version of my own personal style.

So where is the problem? I know that somewhere in the past I dressed well and without much thought but now it is as if there is a brick wall between me and looking even mildly put together – the problem is the use of my brain power.

For some getting dressed is as simple as a uniform. The capsule is a tool which should make this uniformity simple and yet for me whose ability to get dressed is closely tied to my creativity it never seems to be quite this simple.

What is actually simple is the reason, we are buying a house. A big(for us) house that is taking all of our time, attention and our hearts. So much so that we have already joked that the house is our new family member, our child and quite honestly all the brain power we have is being funnelled into it.

I am even more in love with soft furnishings now then I was before, a home décor Pinterest over consumer, even my dreams include me wondering around our future property re designing. I am consumed and because of this I am an official lack lustre dresser.

I know what I need to do is simple, wear all black, put my skinny jeans and my pumps on, keep it simple or even just wear a dress. It’s the easiest thing I could have done and yet I haven’t. Why though? Because leggings and paint smears are just more full-filling right now!

I had never really thought about how getting dressed is affected by your mood even though I knew shopping was! It seems crazily obvious now but now that I know this I have begun to think that maybe I need a backup uniform. Something that works with bloating, is effortless and you can wear it different ways for a whole week until the inability to dress passes.

What about you guys? Do you have a backup outfit for those nothing to wear, can’t get dressed days? Also if you have suggestions for styles you think will suit me and are simple drop me your suggestions below!

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