The SKIRT that speaks the loudest.

The Bag: Accessorize (2014), The Heel: New Look (2014, The Top: F21 (its probably a dress…) THE SKIRT: H&M! 

The SKIRT that speaks the loudest

This is perhaps the first piece of clothing that I feel is more fashion than practical. Something I realized early on with The Capsule Wardrobe is I am naturally drawn to a, jersey (I cannot get enough of something which stretches) and secondly I also buy far too many similarly structured pieces, but that was all about to change . . .

If I haven’t told you that the capsule wardrobes great than this is sure to blow your mind!

The capsule wardrobe opens up your mind to more fashion choices.

Since undertaking the capsule for a year the one thing I want to buy more of is alternatively structured clothes. I want to buy pieces which stand on their own or stand out from the rest of the outfit and that all began with SS2015 and this skirt.

By simply wearing a wrapped skirt I automatically feel more put together or at least a little more sartorially dressed. As my SS capsule has gone on I have turned more and more towards this skirt and honestly it is driving my choices already when it comes to AW2015/16. I know longer want to focus on the basics that I did last year but instead take the parts that I love, (stretchy clothes) and finally mix those in with visually interesting and diverse styles and tailoring!

Honestly I think that AW is going to be far more exciting than last year and on some level this skirt influenced that.

…ps don’t you love a girl who doesn’t iron? (I have yet to convince Josh that ironing is his favourite thing . . . I think he’ll give in eventually . . . 🙂

ok. maybe not.

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