AW Collections | Clarks Picks.

Red Heels £55+ Burgundy Heels £80+ Pink Heels £65 Metallic Brogues £60+ Leopard Print Shoes £60+ Boots £70+

As you know I have recently been looking around for the best bits of the early AW collections! I love this time for inspiration for a sense of things to come! I don’t always find things to fall in love with, but when I do, I fall hard. I have made sure that for my taller audience that these all come in a size nine! and I love each and every pair!

I feel that my shoe style this year is a little more whimsical I think my suede platform brogues have turned me into somewhat of  an experimental shoe obsessive! What do we think? Gorgeous or what.

All items chosen are chosen by me, I am not sponsored for this post and your clicks earn me no commission. 


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