Grocery shopping style

Cardigan: Topshop (2008!!!!), Brie Bella “Brie Mode” T, WWE Merch, Sweat pants: Gap, Trainers: Converse

Grocery shopping style

You didn’t think you would get away without a casual summer shot right?

So the other day I was laying on my yoga mat reading blogs. (I know what you’re thinking that’s an odd way to read blogs . . . but actually I was doing yoga, only obviously I got distracted. That doesn’t really make it any better does it?) Anyway I suddenly realized in my capsule pieces photos I forgot I had added joggers but had I worn them on the blog? Nope and honestly you won’t see them today either . . . sorry.

After all work out/lounge gear isn’t on the capsule so this is ok right . . .? What will make it alright is this is pretty much all I wear nowadays to work out in, these cropped work out leggings are from Gap active and are quite honestly the best things I have ever worn, so thick and comfy I can barely deal.

Now this top. You will have seen it a while back on instagram and probably either thought random slogan T or thought, you like wrestling? Not exactly . . . Me and Josh just love watching E’s Divas and I in particular love the Bella Twins so we have it my dedication in T-shirt form, yep I bought it, official WWE Merchandise don’t judge me. After all I’m in Brie Mode (not to be messed with).

My ideal day is to spend it in leggings as we know and so my favourite Saturdays are by far the days where I wake up do yoga or go swimming and then hit the grocery store before the rest of the day starts, leggings, brie mode and all.

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