Shopping | Key pieces for Petite, Regular & Tall


Sleeveless white Ponte Jacket (I have tried this on in grey, tall and I adore it!!)

Chambray Joggers, Gap


White sleeveless tailored jacket, River Island

Chambray Joggers, Anthropologie


Sleeveless waistcoat, Long Tall Sally

Chambray Joggers, Long Tall Sally


Sunglasses: Topshop

Bucket Bag: Gap

Heels, Office (reduced!)

I couldn’t tell you why I went the chambray jogger route, but I think they just look so fun! Why should shirts hug all the spotlight right? Of course you’ll probably need a good T or shirt under that blazer but still I love the idea of mixing dressed up with a tad of the slouch! But guys, those sunglasses! Oh how I want them!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! (with either lots of shopping or staying strong!) See you Monday!!!

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