Shopping | Key pieces for Petite, Regular & Tall


Sleeveless white Ponte Jacket (I have tried this on in grey, tall and I adore it!!)

Chambray Joggers, Gap


White sleeveless tailored jacket, River Island

Chambray Joggers, Anthropologie


Sleeveless waistcoat, Long Tall Sally

Chambray Joggers, Long Tall Sally


Sunglasses: Topshop

Bucket Bag: Gap

Heels, Office (reduced!)

I couldn’t tell you why I went the chambray jogger route, but I think they just look so fun! Why should shirts hug all the spotlight right? Of course you’ll probably need a good T or shirt under that blazer but still I love the idea of mixing dressed up with a tad of the slouch! But guys, those sunglasses! Oh how I want them!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! (with either lots of shopping or staying strong!) See you Monday!!!

Yesterdays equivalent of a Hogwarts Letter.



Firstly isn’t my picture quality here great? Yeah, I thought you’d think so. 

Yesterday was one of those magical, just got my Hogwarts letter type of magical when it comes to getting dressed. It all just fell together, the chambray shirt tied over last years riviera sundress, trainer heels and a rain mac? My god it was a good moment and I just had to get a snap before I went to work. I would have waited till I got home but honestly, my face after 11 hours on trains and sitting in front a computer screen? Not pretty, I promise you. 

So instead you get this fab lack of light, misty mirror pictures, classy right? 

Sunshine and Coloured Jeans


Scarf: Greece circa 2005, Black and White Stripe T-shirt: TU Sainsbury, Beads: John Lewis Circa 2007, Turquoise Jeans: Primark, Suadette Heels: New Look.

Attention all tall girls!

I found mecca this Saturday. Now, in all honesty I’m not sure if I should share Mecca, but i’m so excited and I think it’ll be even better if I share my joy with the rest of the w. . . UK?

One word, tall girls, Primark. Now I hear you scoff (or maybe you already know and are like – how did you not know this?) But Primark, one of my favorite cheap quick fix stores, is currently selling long length jeans. To tell you how long, I mean long enough that they bunch at my ankles, better still? I bought two pairs of coloured jeans for only £7.90 each, bargain. I’m so excited! I’m only sad that I couldn’t get the lilac and purple ones I wanted but that doesn’t mean I won’t pop back next weekend to see if they have the lilac ones in yet.

They fit good and they are cheap, perfect to get you in the mood for spring! and even better? It was sunny today and we had Mediterranean food.

Sounds like a good sunday to me!

And I Go Back To Black . . .



Black Sweater: Dorothy Perkins, Grey T-Shirt: H&M, Maxi Skirt: Primarni, Shoes: New Look, Clutch Bag: Accessorize, Lightening Bolt Necklace: Accessorize

So theres only so much colour I can take obviously, I mean I went back to work today! Everyone knows office peeps in London-town only wear black, or grey but I did wear a bright pink scarf so i was pretty Jazzy for the big town today.

Also my apologies for the crazy hair, it was misty out and my hair really didn’t like it. Also I’ve got roots! I’ve tried hiding them, but honestly were getting to that stage now when you can see them, see them, if only I wasn’t so petrified of maidstone hairdressers then it all be ok.

Regardless I’ve never really been one of those girls, you know, the regular ones who get their colour done every six weeks. No I was the sixteen year old who cut a dread lock and knots out of my hair because I forgot to comb my hair for a year. I mean i learnt to comb my hair on a daily basis now i’ve just got to get over hairdresser fright . . .