Strengthen It.

Davina Dumbbell Set+ Resistance Band’s from Tiger UK+ Yoga Mat TK/TJ Maxx+

Strengthen it.

Recently I’ve been reading about how having an off balance body can cause no end of problems for your joints. Reading this was quite honestly an eye opener. Since breaking my ankle I’ve been having an increasing amount of problems with my joints, in particular my feet. But why didn’t I think about my off balance body? With limited ankle movement there are a lot of things that I can no longer do, for instance squats. Probably one of the more hated workouts a squat of any form is now an impossibility for me since my ankle just won’t bend that way.

Of course I never thought that these small problems could amount to the larger foot issues that I have been having! So I have embarked upon a mission a yoga/strengthening mission.

Now let me lead you guys to my very favourite Youtube yoga expert, Adriene. I have tried an awful lot out there and I just find hers the best, she’s not pretzeled into any strange shape and I always leave a work out feeling like I have achieved something and not had to back out of any moves! I especially love her 30 days of yoga which really works wonders! But now as I go along I realize that I need to widen my work outs and start targeting the problem areas which is my left hand side and in particular, glutes, hamstrings and calves so if any of you have a great link for me I’d love to hear about it!

How are you all stretching your work outs this spring? Leave your favourite workouts below!

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