Alright with White?

Cobalt Jumper: Gap, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Faux fur bag: Zara, White Jeans: Zara, Wedges: Clarks

White jeans. These are my mountain. I love them but I hate them. Somewhere along the lines I have learnt to be a little bit scared of the white jean. Currently, the trend is for skintight and to be honest I think better fitting is better than looser but its entirely personal preference. Last year I had a looser pair which you can see in the archives but I don’t know, they were never quite right so this year I went the more fitting route.

There seems to be a thing about having incredibly tight jeans around your knees? I know I’m confused as well so obviously I now need to lose weight from my knees, because clearly that’s a thing. Yeah, I didn’t think so either. So what are our thoughts on the white jeans? I think they are kinda a must for this Spring/Summer. Skinny knees or not!

8 thoughts on “Alright with White?

  1. matchamilady says:

    Definitely not alright with white. White trousers spell disaster for me (all manner of table sauces will happen to it)


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