Top Gun Called. Thats not their standard issue Jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit: Divded at H&M, Blazer: Zara Basics (Winter) Bag: Zara, Shoes: Clarks

No your eyes do not deceive you that is me in a jumpsuit. Maybe its not standard issue Top Gun style but oh my gosh I love it. Summer seems to be the time of year that I try out new styles and so far I am pretty much loving it.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for? Playsuits and Jumpsuits can be sexy. I rarely, rarely identify my fashion and personal style choices as being ‘sexy’ so to have something like this in my arsenal is pretty unexpected for me. I think its the being busty factor which adds to the if you like, ‘sex’ appeal while the overall comfort of a jersey playsuit means it also feels a lot like your wearing your favourite Pyjamas.

As far as capsule wardrobes go, a jumpsuit can be a great edition. The more money you spend of course the better quality garment you get in return and I also think the easier it probably is to get on and off. This particular one is all about getting your arms out and pretty much having to get naked just to go to the loo which yes is a pain, but its so cute I have to forgive it for this downfall. Regardless if you find it easer to get on and off why not layer a top over it for another way of wearing this pattern, mix it up with different blazers and jackets, roll the legs up there are so many ways in which to transform this look that I promise you, you won’t get bored!

I already have some great ideas going round in my head for this Spring and Summer and I can’t wait to share them with you all! Will you be investing in a Jumpsuit this summer? or is this just a passing trend drop me a comment below and especially if you have some of your own styling tips!!


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