SS15 Capsule Wardrobe Update!

Spring time mix up

I am beginning to get the new capsule buzz. It’s funny because I appear to need two or four weeks off between capsules to really get ready for the next one, strange but apparently necessary. So because I have been relatively quietly in regards to my spring and summer capsule I figured now is the time to give you guys a little sneak peek and a little update on my progress so far!

Now when I started writing this I thought there would be huge amounts of clothes but in actual fact when I went back over it at first there was 38 pieces. Consider me shocked. I think that just proves that the capsule works and you really don’t need more than 40 clothing pieces to dress yourself successfully!

However is that to say that I won’t get bored during the capsule and wish I had another 40 items to play with? No probably not.

So let me quickly explain my thoughts so far. I have decided to try giving myself concepts. This works for me in several ways. It means that it should (fingers crossed) give me the ability to create really different looks with a small wardrobe while on the other hand it will hopefully make shopping that little more focused and easier.

Safari Influences

I love the idea of taking safari influences. Not necessarily with shapes and styles but more with colours and fingers crossed patterns! So far I have pulled together a couple of pieces below which can create a mass of outfits that follow these trends.

  • Khaki Dress
  • Navy and purple patterned Jumpsuit
  • Orange T
  • Orange stripped Sweater
  • White Blazer
  • Navy and white harem trousers
  • Navy Chinos
  • Suede Ankle boots
  • White Sandals

Scandinavian Influences

The capsule wardrobe trend focuses a lot on scandinavian style. Its all about those clean lines, classic basics and sticking to a pretty strong colour palette. Whereas in Winter and Fall I may focus this more on dark greys and blacks for Spring and Summer I want to focus instead on crisp whites and cool, soft greys with hints of blush pinks and the odd burst of yellow.

  • White and Grey T
  • Sleeveless white T with detailing
  • White Jumper
  • Pale pink lace trimmed Tank
  • White crochet overlay top
  • Chambray shirt
  • Boyfriend Jeans
  • Yellow and white skirt

Then theres the fun bit. What happens next, what fills the holes in my wardrobe and what works with my other theme which I haven’t shared this week, Parisian Style.

Blush pinks are obviously a massive trend this year, often paired off with sky blues I love this Chambray Tee from M&S and I can imagine wearing this in all three styles and pairing it with skirts, trousers, you name it I have a plan for it!

I also love this skirt from Zara particularly. Something I still feel is missing? stand out prints and key pieces this skirt which if it fits will be perfect to fill this wardrobe gap.

I thought this year could be about dresses but I was wrong its about skirts. I am in in love with the wrap skirts from H&M, so much so that I am chomping at the bit for mine and joeys May shopping trip so I can finally look into these wrap skirts and hopefully finding a keeper! I also love this dark green colour, its so multipurpose while its unusual wrapping will make it a key stand out piece!

Finally? A kimono! I tried so many of these on last year and regretted not buying every single one! This one yes, has a massive in comparison price tag but this is so beautiful its hard to top and will I believe be  wearable piece for years to come.

I am so excited to move onto the next capsule adventure so please do bare with me this month and a bit of next while I get it all together five months of fashion can be quite a lot to prepare for so we will see how it goes!

Now over to you, what do you love? what do you hate? What are you investing in for this Spring/Summer?

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