SS15 Capsule Wardrobe | Actual Sun.

Hat: Gap, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Kimono: H&M, Black Maxi Dress: Gap 2014, Sandals: Clarks

Guys, do you see whats behind me? Sun. This is not a joke, we actually had an almost spring like weekend! Its June. This time last year we were almost wishing for rain but so far this year its been a lot more like the British Weather I remember as a child. You look forward to July/August for sunshine and warmth and instead you get,rain or the british classic, drizzle.

But anyway lets be positive, sunshine! Of course with sun comes the dressing dilemmas of is this going to be too hot or too cold? As any good British fashion conscious girl we of course love a great layer. Whether its a sweater or my favourite kimono layers are always good for me.

Lets talk, Kimonos. I love this one beyond words! If you’ve just joined me in the last few weeks you’ll see I wear this consistently and over a maxi dress? It just doesn’t get cuter than this.

The Capsule Wardrobe: When you don’t have to follow the rules.

When you first start looking into capsule wardrobes it can be the most daunting experience, especially for those of us who became accustomed to lots of shopping and large extendable wardrobes.

However as my year of capsules has gone on I have begun to realise that participants can take big and small liberties with their rules. But thats great for newbies like me because it means you can decide how you change your shopping habits.

Now onto the reason for this post? I have some strange and painful foot issues at the moment and because of this (as you’ve probably already noticed) I am taking shoes out of my capsule. This means my capsule number is dropping but that my shoe choices will be more varied than most other capsule bloggers.

In this time however I will not be popping down the shops every other week for new shoes, thats not the point. Instead I will be wearing my shoes that I own and working out what works best with my feet and body and this will hopefully help me come October if I need any other pieces.I am also hoping this will mean I can donate a few more pieces and lighten how much stuff is in our home!

Flash back to Autumn | SS15 Capsule Wardrobe

Leopard Print Scarf: Accessorize 2014, Red drawstring dress: H&M, Burgundy Sweater: Next 2014, White belt: Primark, Suede boots: New Look 14/15, Bag: Next 

Some mornings by pure chance of fate you pick out an outfit you were actually wearing a couple of seasons ago. As you are all well aware I am completely in love with these H&M Basics dresses. For £7.99-£12.99 you can pick up one of these keepers of a dress and wash and wear for a whole season on two on a relatively limited budget!

Now as far as the colour matching it sort of just came together on its own and I figured what the heck a little autumnal flash back doesn’t hurt anyone!

for your buying information I suggest going for the cotton ones. I recently picked one up for a night out and their new sleeveless drawstring dresses (£7.99) are made in a different fabric which doesn’t quite sit as perfectly, these short sleeved cotton ones are by far my favourite as their pockets also help balance out larger busted shapes like myself.

SS15 Capsule Wardrobe: Inspiration from the train.

Modified, a lot. I was station bathing (sun bathing on the train station, its a thing) when I caught a glimpse of a woman wearing black jeans, black camisole and flat sandals and the key, a black fringed kimono. From the moment I saw it the inspiration for this outfit hit. Why hadn’t I thought of the obvious before? Jeans and a kimono the ultimate in easy spring style!

I had bought my kimono unexpectedly. I had loved the one I had shown you guys a while back but this wasn’t even on my list when it jumped out at me in H&M that saturday. So far its been something that I have consistently worn or found ways of wearing. Whereas I probably should have been afraid of wearing something with long fringing it hasn’t been that scary! Sure you do a lot of swishing, whip the odd unsuspecting person with a tassel but really isn’t that what a good outfit is all about? I like to think so, plus any excuse for further layering is always good with me!

TRJL SHOPS | Best of the sandals SS15

1. Long Tall Sally, Gardenia

2. Scholl, Pocket Ballerina Sandal

3. Toms, Correa in Burlap

4. Long Tall Sally, Mimosa

5. Clarks, Romantic Moon

6. Office, Williamsburg

7. Birkenstock, Arizona

Holy Cow. Sandals.

I have had a two year bad streak and I know I’m in my capsule and I shouldn’t be looking but my sandals rub. Isn’t that always the way? I. am. so. sad about the state of the summer shoe situation! Why must you hurt? So I have been searching the internet and here you have it my list of gorgeous shoes that have support or cushioned soles!

That’s all I ask for in life, you know? Memory foam, soles! May I also point out, Toms!! I want, I want, I want! I just have to wait until June and I am all in!!

Capsule Wardrobe Shopping: Before, During and After thoughts.

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Dress: Gap, Boyfriend Jeans: Zara, Sandals: Clarks

Thoughts on the last shop of Spring/Summer 2015

For this post I wanted to share my thoughts on the shopping process both before and after to see how I feel following my final shop so here goes a little, therealjlow goes shopping!

Before the shopping

I have been incredibly lazy with this shopping adventure. Most of my capsule is chosen it’s all hanging in all its glory and I could have photographed most of it, but have I? Of course not. That would be asking too much right?

I have however been leaving a lot of shopping baskets all over the internet in preparation and for all my excitement about colours and patterns so far I have been fixated on denim. Denim shorts, white jeans and even a jacket.

It will be interesting to see what actually happens tomorrow but as of right now I’m actually still stuck on the incredible world of denim!!


Holy moly, what a rush! Honestly I haven’t been shopping like that in years! Probably not since I lived with my mum and dad! And that is actually a surprisingly long time ago (for me) now.

I had completely forgotten how freeing a shopping trip could be without guilt. How did I rid myself of guilt? Well quite simply, I planned it. I knew I was going to spend money and buy multiple items and because I had saved a month a bit in advance so now I don’t have to freak out over how I will survive the rest of the month.

Pre capsule wardrobe I would shop as and when and that type of shopping really adds up over the month and I would have found myself spending far more than I did in one day!

Because I had bought my sandals my budget was £150 I actually over spent by about £10 but I think that was acceptable as I ended up buying a photography book from Urban Outfitters as well!

Shopping wise I bought unexpected things that weren’t as I expected. Confused yet? Well I planned to buy nothing like I already owned but I had put an emphasis on colour, did colour happen? No, but great different pieces did. I even bought a hat!

As long as I keep these shopping trips to a minimum and don’t shop in between I see this as a really great compromise. As exciting as shopping whenever (or more so) is I’m really pleased that this was such a successful trip!


It’s the morning after and I am so pleased to report that I have zero buyers remorse in fact I’m even slightly happy that its raining as it means I can continue to stare at my new purchases all day!!

I ended up ordering a couple of missing pieces afterwards since they didn’t have my size yesterday. I’m keeping every single finger crossed until they get here that they fit great and are keepers because yesterday I feel like I made some really good choices and these would really bind everything together. Although the pieces I picked up yesterday were trend led to a degree I don’t feel like I won’t be able to bring them forward again for next year, or the year after or the next and that’s really been the key.

Yesterday as well I had had a few moments of I love what I have but I wish I also had some colour but looking at my closet now I sort of see why actually these are even better. I really bought needs rather than wants and subconsciously! I also picked up really versatile pieces and that can be really important for a wardrobe overall and so that guilt is gone and it really makes me pleased that I started this wild ride last autumn!

Waiting for inspiration

Orange sweater: Primark, Khaki Dress: H&M, Black Sandals: Clarks.

All these items are highly likely to be a part of my SS15 Capsule Wardrobe but whats holding me back? Inspiration. I feel as if my wardrobe is almost there and I’m very excitedly having my final shop this coming Saturday with my girls, Becky and Joey this is my last shop until September and I’m both anxious and relieved about it.

Unlike Winter so far building this capsule wardrobe hasn’t felt very succinct. Whereas during AW14/15 I felt like I had all my ducks in a line and my theme well established this one feels messier. I’m adding on an additional month, I’m trying to make a wardrobe that offers me more with almost the same amount of items and yet when I look at the wardrobe as a whole so far I feel at a loss and as if its nothing of which I was hoping to build for this season.

The problem I feel stems from this being the first summer of this capsule wardrobe process, just as Autumn was about realising what decent well made basics look like this summer is no different. You need to give yourself a break to find great denim shorts that are both flattering and comfortable and you need to work out the perfect balance between hot and cool, what works for you and what doesn’t and for impatient me? Thats pretty hellish.

The problem always stems from jumping the gun and having the exact idea of what I want to wear without having the products to back it up, its something I’ll need to work on moving forward but I do feel happy that maybe if I get my basics down this year that next year I can maybe only buy a few pieces that cost a bit more and that much more exciting! Or at least heres hoping! Worst case scenario its gonna be down to the girls to get my butt in gear and make this capsule a really solid one for summer 2015.

Finding Style

Black Blazer: Zara (winter 2014) alternative, Dress: H&M, Belt: Next (old), Shoes: New Look (old) I am so pleased to say that I am so close to sharing the Capsule wardrobe for the next four months! By then I will have had two months off from a capsule and although on the hole I haven’t struggled with dressing I am looking forward to having a set of really clear clothes and outfits which can be pulled together in a pinch and flawlessly. I know this because my basics are finally all together and really all I have left is a scheduled trip with some girlfriends to find those stand out, key pieces. What I am realising now is that great basics make great structured outfits that are flattering, but that investment, stand out pieces give an outfit so much more. This last weekend I hit up my all time favourite store of the moment, Zara and honestly I fell head over heals for their kimono jackets in some incredible patterns. I was drawn to bright colours and shapes that really stood out and told a very different story to all the basics I found myself gravitating towards in this capsule year so far. In fact when I think about Autumn again I can already get a little bit excited because I have my jeans, I have my black blazer, my T’s and this time round its less about building a whole wardrobe and more about adding excitement, about shapes, textures and patterns that scream me. I really couldn’t be more excited, theres so much more to come and I can’t wait to share it.

Masculine Tailoring for Spring

Jumper: H&M Sale, White Collared Shirt: H&M Mens, Blue Jeggings: H&M, Taupe and Pink Brogues: Clarks Bag: Primark

Before we start let me tell you taking these photos was a careful balancing act. Not only is it the first blog post wearing contacts. (I’m normally half blind for photos – I just have to get Josh to shout in which direction to look. I joke, I joke, thats only when I’m tired 😉 ) I am also primarily balancing on one foot.

You see I did something foolish. I wore really flat flats which always hurt my feet, hurt said foot then ran on it. Needless to say just out of the shot was a crutch and the promise that I would be spending the rest of the day resting and not getting any chores done unless it was on one leg whilst balancing an ice pack.

If your reading this with a warm climate then you be squinting a little at the screen. Is that really a big jumper? Yes, it might be. It was one of my uber cheap sale pieces which I bought with the intention of wearing it next year only it actually works quite well for the cooler days of Spring.

I wore this as my coat come sweater for our Saturday errands and is actually currently sitting in my Spring wardrobe. Shocking but at the same time with anyone who lives in a climate which changes drastically you sometimes need a warm piece of clothing which can bridge the gap when you need it.

Now masculine tailoring. It shouldn’t work but it does. I love pairing a crisp shirt with softer elements like a comfortable knit and then adding a little sparkle for interest. These shoes are also perfect for stabilising a pesky foot!

Now all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed that next week I might be able to wear more than these shoes and trainers!

Top Gun Called. Thats not their standard issue Jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit: Divded at H&M, Blazer: Zara Basics (Winter) Bag: Zara, Shoes: Clarks

No your eyes do not deceive you that is me in a jumpsuit. Maybe its not standard issue Top Gun style but oh my gosh I love it. Summer seems to be the time of year that I try out new styles and so far I am pretty much loving it.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for? Playsuits and Jumpsuits can be sexy. I rarely, rarely identify my fashion and personal style choices as being ‘sexy’ so to have something like this in my arsenal is pretty unexpected for me. I think its the being busty factor which adds to the if you like, ‘sex’ appeal while the overall comfort of a jersey playsuit means it also feels a lot like your wearing your favourite Pyjamas.

As far as capsule wardrobes go, a jumpsuit can be a great edition. The more money you spend of course the better quality garment you get in return and I also think the easier it probably is to get on and off. This particular one is all about getting your arms out and pretty much having to get naked just to go to the loo which yes is a pain, but its so cute I have to forgive it for this downfall. Regardless if you find it easer to get on and off why not layer a top over it for another way of wearing this pattern, mix it up with different blazers and jackets, roll the legs up there are so many ways in which to transform this look that I promise you, you won’t get bored!

I already have some great ideas going round in my head for this Spring and Summer and I can’t wait to share them with you all! Will you be investing in a Jumpsuit this summer? or is this just a passing trend drop me a comment below and especially if you have some of your own styling tips!!


SS15 Capsule Wardrobe Update!

Spring time mix up

I am beginning to get the new capsule buzz. It’s funny because I appear to need two or four weeks off between capsules to really get ready for the next one, strange but apparently necessary. So because I have been relatively quietly in regards to my spring and summer capsule I figured now is the time to give you guys a little sneak peek and a little update on my progress so far!

Now when I started writing this I thought there would be huge amounts of clothes but in actual fact when I went back over it at first there was 38 pieces. Consider me shocked. I think that just proves that the capsule works and you really don’t need more than 40 clothing pieces to dress yourself successfully!

However is that to say that I won’t get bored during the capsule and wish I had another 40 items to play with? No probably not.

So let me quickly explain my thoughts so far. I have decided to try giving myself concepts. This works for me in several ways. It means that it should (fingers crossed) give me the ability to create really different looks with a small wardrobe while on the other hand it will hopefully make shopping that little more focused and easier.

Safari Influences

I love the idea of taking safari influences. Not necessarily with shapes and styles but more with colours and fingers crossed patterns! So far I have pulled together a couple of pieces below which can create a mass of outfits that follow these trends.

  • Khaki Dress
  • Navy and purple patterned Jumpsuit
  • Orange T
  • Orange stripped Sweater
  • White Blazer
  • Navy and white harem trousers
  • Navy Chinos
  • Suede Ankle boots
  • White Sandals

Scandinavian Influences

The capsule wardrobe trend focuses a lot on scandinavian style. Its all about those clean lines, classic basics and sticking to a pretty strong colour palette. Whereas in Winter and Fall I may focus this more on dark greys and blacks for Spring and Summer I want to focus instead on crisp whites and cool, soft greys with hints of blush pinks and the odd burst of yellow.

  • White and Grey T
  • Sleeveless white T with detailing
  • White Jumper
  • Pale pink lace trimmed Tank
  • White crochet overlay top
  • Chambray shirt
  • Boyfriend Jeans
  • Yellow and white skirt

Then theres the fun bit. What happens next, what fills the holes in my wardrobe and what works with my other theme which I haven’t shared this week, Parisian Style.

Blush pinks are obviously a massive trend this year, often paired off with sky blues I love this Chambray Tee from M&S and I can imagine wearing this in all three styles and pairing it with skirts, trousers, you name it I have a plan for it!

I also love this skirt from Zara particularly. Something I still feel is missing? stand out prints and key pieces this skirt which if it fits will be perfect to fill this wardrobe gap.

I thought this year could be about dresses but I was wrong its about skirts. I am in in love with the wrap skirts from H&M, so much so that I am chomping at the bit for mine and joeys May shopping trip so I can finally look into these wrap skirts and hopefully finding a keeper! I also love this dark green colour, its so multipurpose while its unusual wrapping will make it a key stand out piece!

Finally? A kimono! I tried so many of these on last year and regretted not buying every single one! This one yes, has a massive in comparison price tag but this is so beautiful its hard to top and will I believe be  wearable piece for years to come.

I am so excited to move onto the next capsule adventure so please do bare with me this month and a bit of next while I get it all together five months of fashion can be quite a lot to prepare for so we will see how it goes!

Now over to you, what do you love? what do you hate? What are you investing in for this Spring/Summer?

Multi purposing your dresses this Spring

Blazer: Topshop, Sweater: Primark, Belt: Fat face, Sandals: Clarks

As you know I love my dresses in summer. Summer is far too hot to be messing with layers and separates when you can just throw on your dress, shoes and your out of the door! The downside however? A highly patterned dress can get boring, potentially like this one above so while we have cooler temps I have been switching my dresses up with a few quick to alter tips.

During Autumn I wore my shorter sundresses with my long blue jumper creating a fun flared bottom whereas above I have made the dress shorter by belting it up higher on my waist and added my thick, yellow jumper from Winter. I then shame tucked this up higher to make it more flattering.

I really love this pattern as a skirt, in fact I think I prefer it. Although I love a nice pattern and am looking for some new patterns for SS but I think smaller patterns like this one need to be in smaller doses where as a larger floral print works excellently on larger surfaces but thats another thought for another day!

How do you wear your clothes in unexpected ways?