Transition your Capsule Wardrobe into Spring 2015

Transition your Capsule Wardrobe 

When it comes to the changing of seasons it can be helpful to transition your wardrobe as apposed to starting a fresh one completely. Positives to this way of thinking is that your wardrobe adjusts naturally with the weather. After all with climate change the ability to predict the weather has become increasingly difficult since places like Texas are now getting snow when generally colder places like the UK are not.

Rather than keeping your capsule fixed during this time I suggest you keep flexibility. Keep your previous capsule and your rough draft spring capsule available to you and begin introducing pieces that better fit in with the weather.

Not all your spring pieces might be able to be worn the way they were intended however. One of those things for me is a pair of smart shorts from Next.

These were actually one of the first things I bought for SS15 and they are one of the things that I am most excited about. This outfit is ideal for nights out, paired with Breton stripes and a pair of lace up heels with tights it bridges the gap between cold winter nights and the chill of early spring. Other ways I start to incorporate my spring wardrobe is by wearing summer dresses with leggings and tights and my lace up boots and in particular one yellow floral dress is perfectly paired alongside a similar coloured tank and thick acid yellow jumper.

What I’m most excited about wearing however? Well that has to be my new peep toed heels with cropped jeans and loose mens shirts.

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