Spring and Summer Fashion | Building Your Wardrobe around your LIFE, Activewear


Last week we kicked off SS17 with thoughts about building a wardrobe which works with the life we have as opposed to the one we see in magazines in blogs.

It’s been a turnaround year for me planning wise, but one which has ultimately helped me greatly. That actually, if I plan for the life I actually lead and intend to lead then perhaps I won’t spend hours just staring at my clothes but actually wearing them!

If we rewind back to my original capsule year I really worked on building my dream wardrobe and not just any dream wardrobe but one that would actually work with my lifestyle. While we bought a house, planned and executed a wedding however, I forgot the fundamentals of this practice, to plan, to develop and to keep my life in mind.

This week I want us to focus on “What’s needed to undertake all the tasks I do every day…”. Firstly a recap on the places I go every day,

–          Work (Smart/Casual Office)

–          Potential Meetings/on site/showcases

–          Drinks/dinner out

–          The Gym

–          Casual Weekend Wear

With that out of the way what does this lifestyle dictate? Well several things, I don’t need loads of pairs of heels, black tie clothing or anything over the top fancy. I do however note that I am looking for more timeless pieces, by fall this year I’m going to be 27 which is putting quite a few things in perspective (more on that in another post). For fashion I want to continue focusing on buying less but more quality items and on being realistic and considered with my money.

Quite frankly what I need to do is plan!
Lets start with the easy stuff, The Gym. Myself and Josh aim to go (every other week at the moment we seem to get ill but hopefully by summer we won’t get so interrupted!) every other day (roughly) So that is either four or three times a week.
I have read a lot about how when you start you have clean work out gear each day but how often that can fall to the wayside, however saying that, lets pretend I wear something clean everytime this is what I need.
Four pairs of bottoms & four tops and one pair of trainers, that’s it. Nine pieces!
Now because I also go swimming that will actually push that number up to a 13 pieces (2 x two pieces)
1 x Primark 3/4 leggings
H&M grey muscle T
New Balance (basic Trainers)

Fashion | How to wear your summer kimono in winter…


Its finally the Monday before Christmas! Honestly, I’m not sure either me or Josh feel all that Christmassy yet. As I write this up on the Saturday before we are both watching Muppets Christmas Carol and I am in new Disney, Bambi PJ’s (obviously). It has become somewhat of our own Christmas tradition in fact, A muppet Christmas Carol and new PJ’s, hopefully with disney characters.

Part of this years oddness is it our first ever at home, just the two of us. It makes the event a little different to normal years of going to our parents and Grandparents and so have set aside a couple of our own traditions. A christmas day walk before lunch (post champagne however), christmas movies or more exact movies of our past, this year we intend to watch muppets again, Chanel fours 1998 straight to TV movie of Merlin, Love Actually and About Time and finally of course new christmas day clothes, PJ’s all the way….

Before Christmas however, you need a different type of outfit, one acceptable for outside and general company, thats where this post comes in. One of my favourite silhouettes at the moment is the high waist, soft harem trousers with a tucked in shirt and belt, in Marrakech I called it Annie Hall meets Indiana Jones and I’m still a little bit obsessed.

Whats not been helping our Christmas spirit is this warmer weather… it doesn’t feel like Christmas. However, in its place are outfits like these, where you can wear your summertime Kimono in the depths of winter.

Like many, I love a good jacket and this green kimono from Zara is the perfect jacket for an outfit like this, it takes an oversized polo and harem trousers and makes the outfit fun again. For my own figure it also gives me a little more shape by cinching my waist in. So how do you wear a kimono in winter, well, its as simple as layering your clothes whether that is sweaters and long sleeved T shirts or pulling a shirt over a tank and the kimono also works great on black colours as it breaks up the outfit without breaking the silhouette.

Bake | How to make simple bakes more fun..

Baking can sometimes seem so overcomplicated that it makes more sense to just buy ready made. I certainly do that with brownies (who has the time?) but let me tell you there are cakes out there! Cakes which are both fun, relatively easy to make an awesome to look at. Enter the coffee, chocolate walnut cupcakes.


These started out so differently I can’t believe it. Firstly you need to go full out Great British Bake off and use Mary Berry’s Cappuccino cake recipe then you need to mix it up a little by adding chocolate drops and finely chopped walnuts to the cake mix (I used 100g of chocolate and 50-75g of chopped walnuts). The biggest change? Put the mixture into cupcake cases instead of tins!

Cook at 180 degrees and they cook wonderfully quick! I can’t tell you exact times just wait for them to be cooked through (skewer one once the tops are tanned and springy. They are done once the skewer comes out clean – but remember chocolate drops will leave a residue.) On a side note because of the mixture its worth cooking them a little longer than you perhaps would normally. I always find Mary’s mixtures a little heavy and it seems cooking them for a little longer often helps in making them a little less dense.

Now, the fun bit? Decorating.

We forget why kids love baking, its the experimentation and fun of decorating. You could just buy a piping bag and do a basic icing but then you could do this instead.

Make a mountain.

The icing, unlike Mary’s is coffee buttercream (with a little milk for smoothness) mixed with chocolate and the kicker… once you spread a little on the top of the cupcake (although cut the very top off first to make the mountain structure.) roll the cupcake it more chopped walnuts and/or place chocolate drops onto then add a little hat & icing sugar, suddenly your bake is fun again!

My favourite part of this was just experimenting and making half of them different, it just adds to the look and makes them a little more fun and less serious.


PRT 2 – Are you wearing your neck tie? A how to and later . . . a how not?


On Monday I shared how to wear a neck tie simply tied into a V shape, today I’m trying something completely different! ‘Belting’ outfits I believe is so much more acceptable now so why not use your scarf as a belt also?

This was also a great fashion experiment for me. In the mirror this particular morning I put my scarf like this and it looked so much better than on film! With that being said however, that is something interesting. Not everything in our head or in the mirror works perfectly. Similarly to just purchasing something without trying it on first, mistakes and misjudgements happen in fashion all the time but experimentation is the key to life and fashion! What I love about playing with items and ideas is sometimes you hit upon something absolutely perfect!



Leave your comments below for more!

Fashion | Are you wearing your neck tie? A how to and later . . . a how not?

_DSC0667 _DSC0618

Scarf? Vintage, Blazer: H&M (old), Knit Dress: Next, Heels: Clarks (old)

The small silk scarf is back! If you read Man Repeller you’ll already know that small silk scarves have been worn throughout last year but if like me, you perhaps weren’t brave enough to suffer flashbacks to 2009 by taking the silk scarf back you perhaps haven’t worn it yet.

The end of 2016 however? I felt brave enough to take the risk. Before Berlin I pulled out a vintage silk scarf that I bought from Brick Lane in London and went to Berlin town to try it out.

These photos however, were taken beside our old flat, at our old haunt of Maidstone because as much as the scarf is a moving forward to new trends its also a throw back to the way you may have tied a tasselled scarf in 2009-2012. Vintage meet, vintage.

(Stay tuned for Friday? I’m reusing the scarf in a whole new way!)

_DSC0639 _DSC0623

Transition your Capsule Wardrobe into Spring 2015

Transition your Capsule Wardrobe 

When it comes to the changing of seasons it can be helpful to transition your wardrobe as apposed to starting a fresh one completely. Positives to this way of thinking is that your wardrobe adjusts naturally with the weather. After all with climate change the ability to predict the weather has become increasingly difficult since places like Texas are now getting snow when generally colder places like the UK are not.

Rather than keeping your capsule fixed during this time I suggest you keep flexibility. Keep your previous capsule and your rough draft spring capsule available to you and begin introducing pieces that better fit in with the weather.

Not all your spring pieces might be able to be worn the way they were intended however. One of those things for me is a pair of smart shorts from Next.

These were actually one of the first things I bought for SS15 and they are one of the things that I am most excited about. This outfit is ideal for nights out, paired with Breton stripes and a pair of lace up heels with tights it bridges the gap between cold winter nights and the chill of early spring. Other ways I start to incorporate my spring wardrobe is by wearing summer dresses with leggings and tights and my lace up boots and in particular one yellow floral dress is perfectly paired alongside a similar coloured tank and thick acid yellow jumper.

What I’m most excited about wearing however? Well that has to be my new peep toed heels with cropped jeans and loose mens shirts.