The Capsule Wardrobe | His.

The Capsule Wardrobe | His

I have always thought of Joshes wardrobe as a “Capsule Wardrobe”. But as we spent the entire Tuesday of our holiday in Levi’s and United Colours of Beneton (Ahmedabad) I realised that he might not have quite the capsule wardrobe that I had previously thought.

Levi Commuter Collection Jacket and Jeans, Levi Boots (leather – not on the UK site) and grey tee from United Colours.

Cardigan: UCOB, Shirt: Levi, Commuter Chino’s in Orange, Levi, Vans in blue.

. . .

That’s not to say that Josh is even close to being a clothes shopper, but clothes hoarder may just be a bit closer to the mark. As the mean fiancee that I am we went through our clothes again this weekend with the thought that to bring in new you have to throw out the old. This did not go quite the way I expected as it seems Josh has developed somewhat of an emotional connection with his clothes and I have a bad feeling that thats me rubbing off on him. So much for us being clutter free huh?

Thankfully his most recent purchases all fit so nicely together (and are of a great quality) that I think that these will see Josh happily through the year, at least! Josh fell in love with an advert in Goa for the Levi Commuter collection and I can’t help but love this collection as well. The Jacket for instance has a three layer build that absorbs sweat in the inside, repels water on the outside and even helps regulate heat so that Josh can run for the train (or run around on site) and in the rain and the jacket, jeans and chino’s are all up for the job. Furthermore the great colours, fit and excessive pockets seem perfect for my civil engineer who is always on the go.

To look after Josh’s new clothes we are also investing in new all wooden hangers from Ikea. this is so that we can have everything hung nicely and keep all the garments in the best condition for as long as possible. This also benefits me as it means all our closets will have nice, coordinated hangers and this I hope will make the wardrobes look better and make them easier to use!

What are your thoughts on your partners side of the closet, or maybe its your own and you like the Levi collection? Drop a comment below and tell me what you think! Next week is sadly the last week of having a guest writer on the site! I am hoping that this won’t be the last however! Next week my gorgeous best friend forever Rebecca Fiedler is going to give us the secrets to making the perfect florentines! Now, believe me when I say that Becky makes the very best bakes of anyone I know, these are the secrets you need to know! Although this is the end of this batch of guest writers I am open to more in the future! If you have an idea or want to get involved its as easy as emailing me at!


Also if you head over to Levi’s now they are having a sale! Ack!! As you know I love nothing better than a good old sale, so what are you waiting for!

I also for some reason couldn’t link any United Colours of Beneton items as the site was being strange for me and I also make no money off of your clicks so don’t panic about clicking! 


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