Outfit Ten | How to wear a Maxi Dress in Autumn

Infinity Scarf: Accessorize Similar, Jacket: H&M, Dress: Gap, Boots: Next, Bag: Accessorize

Back in August/July time my life was all about this maxi dress. The lower waist, the scope neck and of course the thigh high slit. It mixed summer cool with sexy and I wore it, a lot.

It went with me to an awards dinner, dinners with Josh and even summer strolls.  So here comes Autumn and with it a little voice which says “I guess no more maxi dresses for you then!” Right? Wrong. There is always time for maxi dress. Like Harem trousers and jumpsuits, there is always the possibility in Winter for being worn. Multitasking as it were.

My first stop of course was to add an infinity scarf, I bought this one in the Accessorize summer sale for the bargain bucket price of £6! It was early August but the air had a surprising chill as I helped out in my mums store, no joke I undid the buttons and used it as a blanket so this is another multifuctional piece which I think will be great if my office is ever cold! the boots are an interesting one. I’ll be honest, I was completely stumped staring at this outfit at first. In an ideal world I would have worn black shoes or moccasins but these of course were not in the capsule and my second choice were my leopard print flats which I seem to have lost one of the shoes (typical!) so in walked the knee high boots.

I had first seen this on Kendi forever ago where she paired a black maxi, infinity scarf and brown knee high Steve Madden boots and I think I have harbored a love of them ever since! There is just something so darn comfy about a maxi anything so to add knitwear seems only logical!

I’m not here on Wednesday but my final Guest Writer, Rebecca Fiedler is with an incredible Florentines recipe which is sure to leave your drooling over your computer screens!!

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