5 Foot 10 Blog by Emma

5 Foot 10 Blog

by Emma (5 foot 10)

Have you ever… dreaded clothes shopping because finding something that fits is… difficult? Felt self conscious about your looks, and wondered how ‘others’ seem to get it so right? Seen ‘the’ perfect clothing item online/on a blogger/celebrity/in a magazine, placed an order and found the fit is hideous? Wanted to find nice affordable recipes, crafts, travel ideas? Have you ever started a blog to share your clothing struggles, fashion dilemmas and life? Welcome to 5foot10 blog!

I grew up being ‘the tall girl’- the one who stuck out in photos. I wanted to be like my friends, wear the same clothes, copy the latest trends- not stick out like a tall tree in a forest waiting for owls to roost. Consequently I spent most of my teenaged years wanting to stoop and hide. I loved the thought of shopping but hated the fact that finding clothes to fit was… like mission impossible unless you wanted to show a lot of skin. Skip forward a few years and things are much better (in terms of clothing brands and my outlook). I now try to embrace my quirks and try to help others do the same via positive blogging. Life is there to be embraced.

5foot10 is my height, just in case you didn’t know. It’s a number, but we are all far much more than that. I may have been noticed or defined by my height (“the tall one over there”, “ tall people at the back of the photograph please”, “you’re tall for a girl”, “excuse me, you’re tall- can you reach that box of cereal down for me off the shelf?” etc) but it doesn’t define me. I know I am not the tallest girl out there, but it seems my ‘taller than average’ height makes people open up out their height (and other) insecurities. It’s amazing how much we beat ourselves up about things other people have said- things beyond out control. I created 5foot10 to be a positive space- hopefully one that inspires someone, somewhere to ‘Stand Tall’.

A while back I ordered something after I saw Fleur De Force wear it, only to find it was very short on me. When I met Fleur a few months later I realised I am a little taller and there was no way the dress would have fit me. This episode inspired the ‘Blogger Height Wall’- a place where Bloggers leave their height and URL so readers can find a blogger’s height easily, or be inspired by REAL people of the same height. I also created a database of online stores that list their model’s height so you have more of an idea if an item will fit BEFORE you waste your time and money.

Style Post: Sam Chapman AKA Pixiwoo- a healthy, positive role model

Aside from those ongoing projects, I analyze celebrity style, share my fashion picks, purchases, stories, personal thoughts and adventures.  I will only feature healthy looking models, and support a healthy diet and lifestyle.  I also chat to REAL women of all heights about where they shop, funny stories and favourite style icons AKA ‘Tall Talk Tuesday” (Jess very kindly took part in a TTT here). 

You don’t have to be tall to read 5foot10- 5foot10 is for all heights, and open to requests.  I hope you find something inspiring there.  Perhaps you’re a blogger and you’d like to be added to the Blogger Height Wall- or maybe you’d like to take part in a Tall Talk Tuesday?  I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for Jess for asking me to be a guest on her blog.  I feel really honoured to talk to you all and share a bit of my story.

If you have enjoyed this post, then maybe you could comment below and let me know how tall you are and what your favourite shops are? Or share your thoughts with the hashtag #trjlgw!

 Stand Tall

How could you not want to read more? You couldn’t exactly! My favourite pieces on Emma’s site includes her Tall Talk Tuesday series as well as her lovely wishlists! Find Emma on her site found here -> http://www.5foot10.blogspot.com or as well as on Twitter and Instagram as @5foot10blog and on Pinterest as 5foot10!!

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