Anything I can Wear, Heels can do better

28 07 14 jeans and tee

28 07 14 jeans and tee 1

28 07 14 jeans and tee 2

Zara Tee, New Look Denim, New Look pointed courts

Heels and I have an interesting relationship. One that involves dodgy ankles and poorly toes. But theres something empowering about a good heel. I never feel like I walk as confidently as I can heels.

Heels can command a room and even if just paired with casual clothes they add a new dimension and can make you feel pulled together if only wearing a tee shirt and jeans.

The only time I don’t like heels? When they look like hooves. I am not a hoof shoe wearer. Instead I like a chunky wedge or a delicate point like the one I am wearing above. I’m not sure when I even realised that I didn’t like those platformed fronted hoveed heels maybe it was as a child when I wasn’t allowed those platforms the Spice Girls used to wear or maybe just a case of not feeling safe while teetering on two flatbeds high enough to feel like Hagrid in Harry Potter. But somehow I started feeling as if these were not the shoes for me.

The dream heel for me if not for poorly feet would be these only with a higher heel. Theres nothing more powerful than a pointed heel with good height behind it right?

The best in pointed heels . . .

Sweetheart heels . . . Constance Heels Patent Toe Cap

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