What I wore this summer . . .

therealjlow jeans and tee

therealjlow jeans and tee

therealjlow jeans and a tee

therealjlow jeans and a tee

therealjlow jeans and a tee

Firstly: hooray! It’s Friday. This past week has felt exceptionally long! 

But now on to the blog post! Has anyone else started looking forward to cooler weather just for layers? I literally put this outfit on for what felt like five seconds and was then reduced back to my trusty dress pile. I have to say for a girl who previously never really wore (or maybe more correctly, found) summer dresses, this summer has been the summer of the dress.

I live predominately in five dresses (all H&M basics but can you really go wrong with that?) but then I counted how many have I actually bought in the year of 2014? Well a lot. In fact I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you* but what would a good realistic blog be without some hard truths? But then of course I figured, why don’t we do a rundown of what I have been consistently wearing and going to this year without fail?

I have split the below into during the week (work wear) and my weekend outfits or in reality workout gear. I hadn’t really realised until looking at this that we predominantly spend our time on our bikes or in the pool this summer so classy dressed up wear has really been pushed aside for leggings and sports tops! I have worn other tee shirts Id like to point out but as I couldn’t really go oh yeah I wear that all the time! I felt that they obviously haven’t been that important!

During the week;

  1. Black H&M Dress £7.99, Red H&M Dress £7.99, Navy H&M Dress, £7.99 4. Cobalt Blue Dress: H&M (in store) £6.99 5.Black and white Stripe Dress H&M (in stores) £6.99, 6. Black Maxi Gap, Bought in the sale for £20 7. Black Ballet Dress Gap bought on sale for only £6.98!, 8. Flippy Skater Skirt (£1 fish of a skirt) Asda George (2013) 9. Navy Patterned Harem Trousers Next (2013), 10. Loose white tee: H&M (in stores)

On the weekend;

  1. Orange Work Out top: Gap £4 on sale (2014), Cut off Leggings: H&M (2009) £3.99,  Blue Shorts: H&M £7.99, 4. Flower Playsuit: Next, £22 5. Blue work out Top: JD Sports (2013), 6. burgundy and grey Work out tee: Lidl 7. Lidl cropped work out leggings (2013) 8. Sports Bra: Marks and Spencer (great for the busty!) £15, Swimwear: Black Tankini Top: Next £22, Floral Bottoms: Next £9


  1. White Sandals: Next (2013), Walking Boots: Millets (2009/2010), Running Shoes: New Balance (2013), 4. Black Strappy Sandal: New Look £19.99, 5. Lime Green Dollies: Clarks £25

So now my question to you all is what are your go too’s when the outfits you want to wear are just too hot for comfort? Do you have some great pieces that you think every girl needs in her closet?

 * 10. Thankfully I bought most of them either cheap (I love, love, love H&M basics for their £8 dresses! On sale – Hello Gap! But still, I think looking at your clothes in numbers and with price tags has actually been greatly helpful for me to look seriously at how much I actually spend and whether or not I am making good investments or bad ones as the case may be! I know from my toe injury for instance that I need from now on to only invest in two great and comfortable pairs of shoes a season rather than loads and loads that hurt and damage my feet! But more on that in another post!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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