Fashion | Throwback Dungarees


from the bottom, Shoes: Clarks, Dungarees: New Look, T: Zara, Green Bag: Paperchase, Tasseled Cardigan: Zara, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


Fashion | throwback dungarees

I distinctly remember getting into the back of our family car as a kid wearing dungarees. The first house I remember had its garage as the walk through to the front of the house and we, by this time I think had a navy Astra. I remember sitting in my seat in the back and unclicking one of the straps, just because … I think. It’s my first real fashion memory, they were comfy and for a long time I have related them to being a kid.

Last year I started the search for dungarees as an adult. First I bought an oversized white pair which were seriously not the right decision! They went back and honestly I figured I just wouldn’t have a pair!

This year however I was back on the hunt and although I would say these aren’t long enough for me … (I like wearing them undone in a very 2000’s Rock n roll metal rebellion way – see below). In simple black I am in love, in fact when it was hot the other weekend I was slightly sad, how could I wear my dungarees now? I don’t see myself giving up on them that easily however, I’m very much planning on wearing these well into autumn and probably next winter!

What do you all think of the dungarees trend? Are they a yes or a hell no?


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