AW Fashion | Smart but sexy.

Blazer: Topshop 2013, Perforated shirt: Next, Skirt: Next, Shoes: New Look 2013

Something which I don’t tend to relate to fashion wise is sexy. I’ll never be a Kardashian and that is absolutely fine with me however sometimes its nice to add a little bit of sexy to your wardrobe.

I bought this skirt from Next and I fell in love with this in particular because I have really been drawn to edgy pieces which are different structurally and this ticks all of those boxes.

The best part of this skirt is that you can wear it two ways, the first like this is certainly more sexy but you can also wear it lower on the hips to keep that edgy look without adding too much of an upper leg flash. If you are thinking of buying this skirt its important to note at six foot this slit looks a lot higher than it may on others so it may look slightly different!

However I adore this look, I actually wore it out to Taller Than Your Average’s first speakers event, TTYATalks on Thursday the 24th which was beyond fantastic. It featured TTYA’s creator (and all around awesome lady) Irene Agbontae, fashion legend Caryn Franklin and Kate Brindley of Solace London as well as being hosted by Zezi Ifore. It was a really great set of talks alongside a panel discussion and I was honoured to have been invited for the events first night.

In my note pad from the evening I have a couple of important points which I will share with you all at a later date but the night was a huge success. When it comes around again you really must try and go!

For me it was so great to hear from successful business women on not only running a business but in juggling their lives outside of work and the difficulties and issues facing the fashion industry and women today. This outfit felt perfect for the event as well considering TTYA’s undeniably cool and sexy aesthetic!

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