Liebster! (Part one)

I’ve said about the Liebster award before but have I managed to get around to the written bit? No. Why has life gotten so insane all of a sudden? So much so that i’m doing this quick update in my lunch break!

So 11 random things . . .


  1. Career wise its all in the family in my family . . . my mums family have all been in the furniture business since 1934 and I’ve even undertaken a furniture internship late last year for an online trading platform! Both my dad and Grandad have been/are electrians!
  2. My guilty pleasure is to watch Newlyweds with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (and pretend that they never split up – they are forever that young in my mind!)
  3. I’ve named both cars that I have owned/own, my first a little, naughty Punto who will get her own post at sometime in the future. She was called Eleanor, after this guy they are just so damn amazing! and my second a Honda Civic is called The Doctor/Frankie after Dr Frank n Furter from the amazing Rocky Horror Picture show! I even named the boys two cars he has had since he’s known me (an old civic) -Daisy and his company car, Oscar. 
  4. After having named Joshes civic Daisy I’ve learnt never to emasculate a mans car he’ll never look at it in the same way again . . . (but that car was a Daisy!).
  5. I get a little known thing called “Stair Fright”. Basically I can’t walk down stairs without holding on and I have been known to get stuck half way down if I have to carry something and hold on. But after breaking my ankle going down a tiny step i’m beginning to think that that odd problem was for a reason . . .
  6. I used to make Harry Potter graphics for Harry Potter Fanfiction . . .
  7. If I’m excited about something I talk a hell of a lot, usually about nothing. Like last Saturday when I just chatted Josh’s ear off for our half hour drive to get the newbee (The Dr).
  8. I write elaborate emails to my grandparents making a short story incredibly long . . .
  9. I used to be my Great Nanna’s carer from about the age of 17 and my favorite story of her is when I was younger, of us rolling down her garden on wheeley garden stools. 
  10. In photos me and my mother look identical at this age, its like looking in a mirror the only difference being I have brown eyes, she has hazel and I have my dad’s nose but other than that identical! 
  11. I don’t wear heels when out with Josh because without them me and the boy are pretty much the same height – Twinsies! 

Two bloggers to check out and shameless promotion!

Purple lips


My best friend in the whole world Gemma! for TVCLifestyles! – Gorgeous, experimental, rocks the trends with a vintage twist effortlessly and I have never in the 11 years seen her in a bad outfit or not being the prettiest person in the room! She’s also been the very best of best friends I think anyone could have, so check her out here+

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She’s a newbee to the blogging world and its hosted on her website i just have to advertise my mother and her fab business Phoenix and the Lion! Living roughly two hours away i’m not always as up on the latest little stories as i’d like so I love popping by her blog for a quick gander at the latest stock and stories from hitchin . . .

Stay Tuned because I will be updating with more amazing bloggers, answering questions and much more! 

Goodbye’s and Hellos



I am currently listening to the new Ellie Goulding the song, Anything Could Happen suddenly struck a cord this morning. I think that nowadays its relatively easy to forget that anything could really happen.

I blame life, sometimes it just gets in the way! As a child I would have spent hours of everyday dreaming up what my life might look like and what could happen, how it would happen, how I would feel. However, having grown up a bit and moved out and on and having gathered a bit more perspective im easy to forget to think about the possibilities and instead just think of the here and now.

So today instead of just focusing on the here and now I figured that I might just look back at 2012 and think about what has happened so I can begin thinking that anything could happen. I give thanks to everything thats shaped me and changed me this year for without it I’d still be that silly little girl who couldn’t see her present only made up futures.

2012 saw me;

– Recover from my broken ankle and finally walk without crutches and get back into heels

– Graduate University with a respectable 2:1 (or 2:! when im particularly excited)

– Move in with the boy and move from London to Hetfordshire and down to Kent

– Undertake my first Internship ever

– Start two blogs, this one and thevintagecupboardLifestyles

– Help and watch my mothers new business take shape

– See the family business operate its last days and get excited for a new future with my family

– Get my first proper job and become a London commuter (rather than just living there)

– Run my first event with University peeps

– and start learning how to really live as an adult, not a student and not as someone living at home or even in her home town.

I’ve only included the positives of this year, because in all honesty I’ve done enough dwelling and as we head into 2013 I figure we have had enough sad and depressing things happen so this time lets have a minimally stressful and wonderful new year.