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Bomber Jacket: Next, Khaki Shirt: Next, Z Collection Necklace, Accessorize (Potentially still in Sale), Blue stitch Skirt: Next, Lace up Flats: New Look (no longer available online 😦

We have established previously how clothing affects our mood and splitting my wardrobe with home and work has made good progress in showing that this idea is true.

You could have a separate wardrobe.

Why only could? What works for one might not work for all and similarly you perhaps don’t have the cash to splash on multiple clothing personalities.

If you do however, or feel like you would like to try out two separate wardrobes then here is why you should . . .

  • A work wardrobe (only used at work) immediately puts you in the right mindset the moment you wear it.
  • Its gives you more of a divide between ‘home’ you and ‘work’ you.
  • Allows you to enjoy all your clothes by giving them a purpose
  • Lastly it allows you to set a precedent for yourself at work, as a professional in which field you are in.

Purpose became a huge factor to me recently. After only two weeks of wearing these exclusively for work, when I put this outfit on the other Sunday for these posts I instantly felt wrong wearing them out in Maidstone. It appears that I was already busy associating my clothes with my days and honestly, I already feel better for it.

Another side of this is relating back to A Season Of Style I wondered how I would be able to have different style sets without feeling out of whack, or pairing them together and finding odd combinations. This feels like the answer, my work wear can have one vibe and my home wear can have another.

I’m not entirely sure how that looks quite yet but I’m thoroughly enjoying wearing certain clothes for certain occasions. It puts purpose to my purchases and it already makes me feel better especially when I found this scuba fabric skirt with stitch detailing and this great staple shirt in a stretchy khaki my work wardrobe started falling into place. Almost this entire outfit is from Next and I actually love this store for work staples. Its easy to get bogged down with of the moment trends but Next have always led me right with smart and affordable corporate pieces.

I have a sneaking feeling in fact that this might not be the last of Next Work wear in my future . . .
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Fashion and Feeling Good | The importance of work wear

Workwear capsule wardrobe

| The importance of work wear

Work wear can feel boring, drab and restrictive. Whether you work with a strict suit & tie rule or are blessed with a smart-casual office, your work wear can have a huge impact on your working life and your confidence.

With recent events there is nothing more important than giving a boost to your workday and even better the clothes we put on our bodies can have just that effect!

So how can you ensure that your work wear empowers you rather than devalues you? Luckily there are three must have steps to purchasing and wearing a corporate or professional wardrobe.

  • It needs to be able to make you both look and feel professional and from that give you confidence in your everyday tasks and meetings.
  • It needs to be comfortable & functional
  • Whilst also adhering to your firms dress code & culture all whilst reflecting your own personal style.

Confidence Buidling Capsule Wardrobe Workwear

With this all in mind I would like to re direct you back to the traditional capsule for a while. If you like me feel like you need to hit the re set button on your work-drobes a capsule can be a great way to start a more functional wardrobe moving forward.

What I have created is a small collection of pieces which both make me feel good and which are a step up from my more traditional go too in the aim to make me feel smarter and better dressed at my 9-5.

The key to a great starter capsule is to make it easily mixable and easy on you to get dressed in the morning. My initial work wardrobe (5 days of clothes) is as follows,

  • White eyelit Top (Next)
  • Khaki Silk effect shirt (Next)
  • White T shirt (New Look)
  • Blue and white striped shirt dress (Lidl)
  • Blue and white flippy Dress (Zara)
  • Grey wrap midi skirt (Next)
  • Blue pocket with white stitched skirt (Next)
  • Blue and white spotted trousers (Next)
  • Grey Longline jacket (Anthropologie)

Additional add ons: Grey A-symmetrical sweater (Zara), patterned Zara silk scarf and rose gold circular necklace (Topshop).

Shoe wise: Black and white snakeskin tasseled loafers (Clarks), Taupe suede brogues & tan cowgirl boots (New Look)

Capsule Wardrobe Workwear

Why these pieces?

Choosing pieces for a capsule can be a complicated process. You need versatile pieces, which you both love and find they fit well. For this one in particular I feel in love with this image on Pinterest + a capsule sudoku! Can you dream up anything better?

For me my ultimate go to pieces are ones which are uber comfortable and second they are go to pieces which also fit in well with one another colour wise. I naturally gravitate towards blues so obviously there are lots of those but also a great mix of comfort with structure. For example the Anthropologie blazer is both soft as its jersey but also structured enough to wear to work. I also picked up this great shirtdress, which I love for mixing again structure with cool linen. I’ve also thrown in a white T-shirt, which paired with my smart skirts or even my harem trousers and heels can look that little more dressed up than you might expect.

Stay tuned . . . for how to mix up and style these pieces for a five day wardrobe of outfits & more!

On a more personal note, I wanted to briefly acknowledge the elephant in the room. Brexit.

Since this is a personal style blog I don’t want to talk too much on this but please know that I was deeply saddened and hurt (still am hurt) by the British publics decision to vote out of the EU. It was a reality I had hoped would never come to fruition but now that it has I honestly don’t know what is going to happen next or what any of our futures might shape up to be. It currently feels as if we are going through heartbreak where nothing will feel good again. 

With that being said I wanted to take this moment to say that I, this blog and my thoughts are not those of the Brexit. I was born a child of the world and myself and this blog will continue (I hope) to be a little place of solace for anyone looking for it, regardless of where we live in the world.

I hope that we can continue to support one another through this fresh hardship, to raise each other up to greater things. This comes with hope that soon, Gen Y, whose young, wise eyes can see the importance of a global community can build a new, better and more accepting world for our own children and grandchildren moving forward. 

The Capsule Wardrobe | How to get dressed with Shades of Grey

Yellow Scarf: Accessorize, Wool Jacket: Long Tall Sally, Grey wrap T: Next, White and Grey Houndstooth trousers: Zara, Loafers: Clarks

Wearing various shades of the same colour is quite frankly the easiest way to feel instantly put together. Grey is one of those colours that wasn’t an overwhelming main stay of my wardrobe last year and yet this year its now one of my most abused colour combos.

What I really wanted to stay away from this year was set colours and acidic colours like this scarf however apparently I’m appallingly predictable.

The item to check out here is my shoes! For my Birthday this year Josh very kindly bought me two pairs of shoes, this pair and a pair of brogues as its my intention to wear better quality, more foot loving shoes and this pair are a prime example of this! I particularly love the look of these (especially with smart trousers!) but I need your guys opinion, how can I wear these in a semi-attractive way with skirts and dresses?

The Capsule Wardrobe, Workwear

Different workplaces demand different types of workwear we all know this but more often than not I feel like none of us really know what we are doing. In canary warf, the suit, the black skirt and blazer? They’re king! In the office spaces I’ve been in there has been a more relaxed vibe, even jeans on Monday’s. However when I think about work and what makes me feel really good I rarely think denim. Sure, comfort, sexy yes, yes,yes but work and feeling business like? Thats a different outfit and exactly what I would like to develop moving forward.

This outfit was a really great starting point. You’ve got the tailored pant leg which adds the professional edge whilst its semi elastic band gives that uber comfort that jeans would. I love this butterfly cut top from Zara as well, its loose fit is my favourite for days when you need a little more relaxation whilst remaining more interesting than a regular T.

Lastly, this bag? I’ll admit I became sale pray (why does it always happen when you have no money for clothing?) but honestly have you seen it? With removable straps and attachments this bag is both a handbag and a rucksack, is that or is that not the ultimate work/casual bag?

By the way for those in the UK I couldn’t find this bag online but in store I got it reduced from £45 to £22!

AW Capsule Wardrobe| Get Suited Up

Blazer: H&M, Tank top: H&M, Necklace: Accessorize, Bag: Zara, Trousers: Zara, Heels: Clarks

Wearing smart clothes can easily be a chore but finding a great fit can mean the ultimate difference between suffering in black polyester and enjoying workwear.

As I have mentioned before I don’t have to dress up as if I have an appointment with the bank, instead I am blessed to be able to experiment and play with all types of clothes and outfits on a daily basis.

What I love about these trousers is how instantly smart I feel when wearing them. I love a fun pinstripe and pairing these with killer heels makes them all that much more exciting. I am sad to say that these don’t get worn all that often unfortunately. Similarly to the white shirt and even my plaid shirt certain items aren’t for the everyday but instead are more stand out pieces that you wear occasionally.

Which is why for me the capsule wardrobe is unsustainable in the long run. I’m not jumping off the bandwagon right here but I do know that in a few years time when I have my basics down and I have some great exciting pieces I won’t want to throw stuff out just to sit within a limit. I also know that I am not someone who likes to live with a uniform, making dressing easier is fun and makes the everyday uber easy but in the long run I want pieces like these trousers fun for the occasion when you want to be supersmart but perhaps not part of your everyday 40 pieces. However we have half a year of lessons still to go so for Spring 2015 I will take these babies out of rotation once again but until then, this hopefully won’t be the last of these bankers style, pinstripes.

Everyday workwear with glitter . . .

Buy the look: Shimmer Crew Tee: Gap, Necklace: Accessorize (2014, Feb) Others, Black Harem Trousers: Next, Pointed heels: New Look other.

Why just wear work clothes when you can have glitter in your T Shirt?

So when I bought this top from The Gap a few weeks ago I immediately thought, black pencil skirt, work dinner this Tuesday. However upon putting on the skirt and top combo I realised that no, unless I planned on taking this look to a nightclub and possibly as a 16 year old trying to look ‘sexy’ I was not going to be pairing this with a jersey pencil skirt from H&M which has in recent years decided that it is now its life mission to slide as far up my thighs as it can make it.

So failing my original idea I was left wondering what on the earth am I going to wear it with? Well firstly I think that primarily this is a great T-shirt to be worn at home lounging! I plan to pair this with PJ bottoms on lazy Sunday afternoons with Josh but I also realise that to make anything a good investment in a smaller wardrobe then it has to be work wearable, after all I spend most of my life at work (sad but true.) So this item needs to be wearable for more occasions so say hello to how to make everyday workwear exciting!

As you know I love a good harem trouser (mainly because actual trousers aren’t really big fans of me!) So pairing them with a T-shirt? Thats like not even getting changed after breakfast! Add a pair of pointed heels (or flats) and I think this is another of those work keepers! I have always loved the smart casual approach of having a piece of soft jersey paired with workwear so although these trousers are also jersey I’d like to keep the illusion at least.

Lastly, what your really interested in, that white fuzzy bag. This bag has a bit of a history with me even though I have only actually had it since Friday night. You see when I bought the pink fuzzy bag (so much faux fur in my life!) I asked my sister in laws advice only she thought it was this one! I obviously went on to buy the pink one but my best friend Becky bought this for me for Christmas but I promise boo I’ll share it with you also! 🙂

How are you guys dressing up the last week before Christmas do you have any tips for making your workwear festive?

The Capsule Wardrobe | Wants, Needs and Laundry

I forgot to wash my clothes.

I never thought that I would say that on the blog but heres the deal I ran out of viable capsule items and this was the result. Parts of the next capsule? Possibly.

Let me tell you about this white shirt. When I put together my capsule I knew one thing, there were not enough smart options and one of those things where shirts. So as the months have gone by I made a plan, a x3 plan and that involves, a chambray shirt, a plaid shirt and a white shirt. So when India came around I purchased a white shirt. Simple.

Now having purchased the shirt in early October for India I wore it in a more masculine way. Often tucked into black tapered trousers. But then this week I went into full on skirt mode. I didn’t include this skirt in the Fall Capsule because I felt like I wore it an awful lot and it wasn’t necessarily that professional After all it is known as the bumblebee skirt! But somehow this skirt just keeps making it back, why? because it is so uber flattering! I can’t deny this skirt anything it wants I swear! So when I added the white shirt it was a match made in heaven.

Now for a smart shirt buttoned up on an apple shape? It really shouldn’t work and yet somehow it does. So much so that I even Instagramed a shot of it on Monday. This outfit is unusual for me and unexpected but at the same time it feels more like me than some of the other outfits that I had tried in the beginning of the capsule. Its fun but predictable and although I always said buttoned up shirts wouldn’t work on me in some cases they can and it also didn’t hurt that Josh had such a great reaction this outfit either ;).

Also if you follow me over on Instagram then you will know that I made a mass of knitted turbans this weekend, so what do you think? Maybe worth setting up a little Etsy shop for them?

Not so mellow yellow



Jumper: Gap (sale – my favourite word), Black Pencil Skirt: H&M (old as time but I know stores like Dorothy Perkins do these kinda things!) Black bag: Primark (my 2nd) Yellow Flats: New Look

DSC_0245 DSC_0221 DSC_0219


I’m on a mission. A colour mission. I may have  mentioned this before but back in university my wardrobe considered off four colours, black, white, red and navy. Don’t get me wrong this made dressing pretty easy and let me be pretty put together at all times, but you know what else? It was incredibly boring. Yep you heard that right, dressing, boring? so incredibly boring.

So as I do I set out on a mission to not only focus on better quality (less cheap bulk buys – le sigh) but to also make sure that each piece can both fit in with my wardrobe and be well loved and remixed but to also be at the same time completely different!

I am really trying to not only inject some much needed colour but to also add patterns and interest and I hope with paying that little bit more that I will also get some more textures and often its the little fancy extras on a piece of clothing (like a little bit of velvet covering the seems) that just adds to that wow I feel good factor! and who doesn’t want that?