Winter 2015 Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up

Camel Coat: Next, Coca-Cola Sweater: Primark Mens adjusted by me, White Tee: Zara, Gold Necklace: Z for Accessorize, Denim Jeans: Zara, Blue Boots: Clarks similar

Winter capsule wrap up. Can you believe it’s already time to wrap up winter? I mean sure I have been excitedly planning for spring for about the last month and half but that’s beside the point. So the winter capsule folks, what did I think? Well honestly I am a hundred percent happier with my wardrobe as a whole as far as winter goes but I also cheated this season as I discussed here+ why? Because I wanted to wear the rest of my wardrobe! It’s been an uber interesting Autumn and Winter as far as dressing goes and I feel so set for next year. The fabulous thing about doing the capsule wardrobe challenge as I’ve stated a million times before is that it aligned my real life with my imaginary and for AW I feel like I have a great grip on how I like to dress and what I need to make my life tick. Here is a list of my must haves for Autumn and Winter no matter what the trends in 2015/16. Basics:

  • Tights in black
  • Leggings
  • Tank tops for layers
  • V neck T-shirts


  • Long sleeved scoop neck T shirt in plain or stripes
  • Chambray Shirt
  • Plaid shirt
  • Longline knit cardigan
  • Short cardigan
  • Great blue jeans (skinny fit)
  • Blue jean alternative

Work smart

  • Black or dark pencil skirt
  • Smart work trousers
  • Smart blouse/shirt
  • White shirt


  • Flat comfortable and supportive boots
  • Full foot covered, flat smart shoes
  • Smart ankle boots
  • A sexy pair of heels


  • Thick knitted scarf
  • Knitted hat
  • Knitted headband
  • Full fingered gloves in leather
  • Half finger gloves in knit.


  • Ankle length running leggings/tights
  • Thicker leggings for cycling
  • Sweat tank layered under a regular tank (I don’t like my arms covered too much)
  • Luminescent runner’s jacket
  • Long sleeved light weight running jacket with reflective strips
  • Swim costume
  • Gloves for running
  • Padded full fingered gloves for cycling
  • Warm headband for running
  • Running Shoes with reflective strips for night time runs
  • Walking boots
  • Alternative trainers for cycling if needed

This is all quite extensive and yet I feel like I’ve missed something but you get the picture. Spending six months with limited access to my clothes has been an incredible experience it really forces you to examine what you actually wear. It also limits confusion I definitely have more clothes to get rid of and I will be readjusting my size restrictions next autumn but overall I have such a better grasp on what a wardrobe should be and I’m hopeful that my clothes will soon not need a room of their own!

Reaching the end of the Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Sunglasses: Tatler 2013, Lemon Sweater: Primark, White Shirt: H&M, Ripped skinnies: Zara, Boots: Clarks

The End of the Capsule Wardrobe

the winter capsule anyhoo . . . 

I don’t know why but I am so over the winter capsule wardrobe! The Fall one was ace because towards the end of it I really got into the swing of it and had found some great new colour combinations but this one? Oh, I am so done!

Things like this acid yellow sweater and white shirt mix lighten my mood somewhat but I think what I’m really looking for in a bit of relief from my own good planning.

Caroline from Unfancy seems to have had similar thoughts although she hasn’t actively voiced them. She mentioned at the end of the fall capsule wardrobe that she didn’t want to do another colourful capsule, that it didn’t work for her but then at the end of the Winter capsule she mentioned needing colour again! This started me thinking about boredom with our clothes . . .

On one hand on a day to day basis I’m not too bored I just pick the same outfits out again and again but struggle when it comes to the question of, what haven’t I blogged yet? Which makes me wonder about the capsule wardrobe and those of us who dress to express ourselves rather than just cover up!

Clothes for me are far more than body cover but rather a small art form which can share my emotions with friends and strangers. At the moment I feel so optimistic about the better weather and about trips out and wedding planning that anything winter just doesn’t really fit?

What I want to be wearing is bright colours and easy to wear dresses which don’t recover ten thousand layers to keep you warm, I want to live in chambray and sunglasses and thats where the discontent comes in, how do we follow our whims when restricted by well thought out choices.

My capsule wardrobe works because its well planned, almost too planned but in the long run i have to ask, is this sustainable?

Winter Capsule recap and the sustainable future

Knitter Headband: therealjlow | SHOP, Longline Jumper: Next, Acid Yellow top: Zara, Purple floral Tea Dress: H&M, Leggings: H&M, Brown riding boots: c/o Long Tall Sally

Winter Capsule | Recap, hows it going so far.

The second capsule is always easier.

The first capsule was all about trying to find my basics and about trying to find my style the second one however? Well that’s more about living with that style, finding a comfortable balance between work and casual and working on mixing up my wardrobe.

At this point I really don’t have any complaints, which lets be honest, is rare for me. I think its simplicity is something to do with being the second capsule of a season, whereas winter is easy I don’t think that SS15 will be.

Spring and Summer Capsule Plans 2015 

My plan is to mix both spring and summer together. With six months rather than three my wardrobe might of course be bigger. I am actually choosing not to focus too much on numbers but instead on having all the summer basics and creating a couple of cohesive themes that will take be across Spring and Summer without getting boring. But that’s really another post for another time.

 Thoughts on what I don’t wear and what are my real needs . . .

So far is there anything that I haven’t worn or don’t feel an affinity towards? Well strangely not really, I couldn’t pick out anything that really stands out as being unworn which again is unusual for me. I think the bigger surprises is really what do you feel like wearing. For example I need smart trousers, I need smart skirts for work but do I want to wear them everyday? No of course not! I think what’s really interesting to me, is I love comfort. I wear leggings as tights because tights hurt (for me) I like jeans with a lot of elastin not necessarily because they look better but because they feel better. Skirts with stretch will always be more appealing and boots always rub less. Saying that however, I’m not throwing out stiffer jeans, or dolly shoes because who knows, this time next year that might be all I want to wear.

Limits and the future of the Capsule and clothes 

If there’s ever a problem with capsules it’s the limit. We love them because they have a limit and then theres days when you think well what if I never grow tired of this pair of jeans? What if they never break (ha! Good luck) can I never buy another pair?

I am a firm believer that should I get to a place where my favourite things are beautiful and maybe a little more expensive which last longer than I don’t think I will throw them away for the sake of 40 items or tell myself I can’t have something new because they are still wearable but instead I will keep items that I love its more about controlling the pieces that come in and keeping my mind straight on the fact that if it comes in it as to be perfect, instantly wearable and have a degree of timelessness.

In alignment with my SS15 plans I think my end goal is to have a Autumn/Winter wardrobe and to have a Spring/Summer wardrobe. After all how really different are these seasons? And certainly with being on the second capsule I know that for spring and summer I really want to have an entirely different colour scheme, no to little darks, no rich colours but instead bright colours, pastels and big patterns. I think just in having drastically different colour schemes between the winter months and summer months may just be enough to keep clothes interesting, even with a small collection of them on hand.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe | How to wear the same outfit two ways

Pink Jacket: H&M, Grey Dress: H&M (in blue), Black Harem Trousers: Next, Black and Grey Heels: New Look, Grey and Red Coca-Cola jacket: Primark and altered by me, White fuzzy bag: Zara, Pink fuzzy Bag: Zara, Workmen boots: George, Asda.

As probably one of my least flattering outfits (harem trousers and a grey dress tucked in) I have worn this a shocking amount of time during the last few weeks.

Firstly I love this because it is so nice and warm doubling my grey dress up with the harem trousers but secondly I actually love how I can belt this up and with something covering my not so flattering parts (hello tum) I feel kinda quirky and for me that is the key to enjoying dressing everyday. . .

To make this work I have worn cinched in jackets and cardigans all of which work pretty nicely! Here are my two favourite ways to wear this outfit the first is a smarter, going to work look and the second is a more playful weekend look. I like both because they feel more out of my comfort zone than my normal style but I’d like to think that that’s part of the Capsule Wardrobes charm anyway that you learn how to wear less pieces more ways and become more inventive along with them.

Making The Winter Capsule Wardrobe Easy| Using Colour

As the New Year hits so does a new Capsule Wardrobe! This capsule came far easier than the last and for the last 5 days at least its been working pretty perfectly. This capsule is a little more colourful, a little more adventurous and a lot more personalized. In this post I’m gonna give you your first peek into all the pieces (or as many as I had washed) and give you a few of my thoughts on the Capsule going forward . . . as well as some tricks for choosing the perfect colour palette from into-mind for making a capsule wardrobe the easiest thing in the world.

T-Shirts & Tops

Black T-shirt: Zara, Navy T-shirt: Zara, Grey T-shirt: H&M, White T-shirt: Zara, Green Dress: Gap, Stripes and Chambray T: Primark, Acid Yellow T-shirt: Zara, Black Dress: Zara

The Sweaters & Cardigans

Paris Jumper: c/o Long Tall Sally (2014) Sale!, Deep Purple Triangle Jumper: George, Asda (2014), Long wrap Burgundy cardigan: Next PLC (2014) Same in a beautiful Pink!

Lime Green Jumper: Primark, Mustard Cardigan: Next PLC (2012) Similar, White and Grey Waterfall jumper: George, Asda (2013) Similar


Plaid: Gap (2013) Similar, Cobalt Shirt: Marks and Spencers

Chambray: H&M (Mens, 2012) Similar, White shirt: H&M (Mens) Similar Boyfriend shirt from ASOS

Jackets and Dresses

Black Blazer: Zara, Pale Pink Jersey Blazer: H&M Very Similar, Patterned Blazer: H&M

Blue patterned Dress: Monsoon, Grey “Sexy” Dress: H&M, In store, Purple Tea Dress: H&M, Now in store more than likely, On sale.

Skirts and Trousers!

Navy embellished scuba skirt: H&M (2014) In Sale, Navy Pinstripe Trousers: Zara (2014) In Sale, in Store, Black and White houndstooth Trousers: Zara (2014) on Sale, In Store.

Distressed skinny jeans: Zara (2014/15), Black Skinny Jeans: Zara (2014), Purple Fuzzy Skirt: Marks and Spencers (2014)

Heels and Boots

“Workmen” boots: George, Asda (2014) no longer avail but I love these!, Red Heels: Clarks (2013) This style is no longer available but Kendra is just as comfy and cute! (this is a matching red!), Black and White heels: New Look (2014), Blue Suede Booties: Clarks (2014/15)- No longer available in this colour way however Lolly Dolly is available in Taupe! Knee High Boots: c/o Long Tall Sally (2014) No longer available L Similar in black!

Brown “suede”: New Look (2012/13) Pony Skin flat trainers: Next PLC, Leopard Print Flats: New Look 2013

Shoes & Accessories

Red Flats: New Look, 2013, White Furry Box: Zara, Purple Gloves: Marks and Spencer, Lilac fur Stole: Monsoon, Brown Ankle Boots: New Look, Grey Knitted Gloves, by Joshes Grandmother & Yellow Knitted Headband: therealjlow | Shop

Making a Capsule Wardrobe Easy | Using Colour

If you want to start somewhere when creating your capsule wardrobe and its not with me than like me you will go to into-mind. The blogs writer Anuschka has created into-mind as a one stop shop for all your minimalist and more importantly, dressing needs. From developing your own personal style to creating a colour scheme, Anuschka’s got you covered.

What I love most about into-mind above all over minimalist and dressing blogs is that she knows the most important part of dressing yourself is this, you. There’s been an awful lot of greyscale going on in the blogging world and although I love it for the most part I also know that for me, greyscale was never going to work. Unlike many minimalists who go straight for the black, white and grey, often to make things even simpler I found a wardrobe bereft of colour to be a very sad place indeed.

Therefore it was my mission to make my winter wardrobe a place of perfectly balanced colour and greyscale because Anuschka’s post on this is almost too perfect I’m not going to ruin it with my own interpretation but instead lead you to it here+

So here’s the Into-mind colour basics;

  • Main Colours
  • Accent Colours
  • Neutrals

Main Colours

 3 shades that represent the essence of your style concept . . .

  • Navy
  • Burgundy
  • Pink

Accent Shades

4 colours to add variety. . .

  • Acid Yellow
  • Mustard
  • Cobalt
  • Red


2 colours to support and balance out the other shades . . .

  • Black
  • Grey
  • & White

Into-Mind speaks about starting by choosing colours you naturally gravitate towards. Instead of what I gravitate towards I instead went for colours, which were speaking to me this fall/winter. If you are going the traditional minimalist route you’ll need to focus less on fashion. For instance, I choose the limey yellows because yes I like them, but, as I have never bought them before I also wondered if I was somewhat encouraged by fashion and what’s been seen in stores. It also helps that it went excellently with my fall colours already in my wardrobe. That being said I would have to confirm that this colour palette feels like me and my personal style as far as the colder months go I always love the warmer colours and as well as this I also suit them better as well!

The next major part? Do they all go together easily?

At the end of the Fall Capsule I hit the style jackpot, purple, blue and red. A somewhat unexpected concept I finally felt like my wardrobe was finally working for me so moving into this capsule my first stop was colour. I wanted to keep the same basics from my Fall capsule but also add a few alterations to keep my wardrobe moving and not feeling as stale as when I started with a load of basics and no idea how to make them exciting.

The yellow was by accident, it almost fell in my lap one Saturday afternoon in December this jumper literally yelled at me in Primark and it began me thinking about colour and pattern. Pattern is difficult in its limiting power, sure by spring I won’t be able to escape florals and stripes in my capsule but for now colour seemed the better option especially when having to layer pieces to keep warm. On top of the yellow, I choose a pale pink to offset the purple and give another dimention to my outfits as well as expanding my burgundy’s to bright red accents and pinker tones as well as keeping a flash of cobalt and some leopard print and plaid of course!

The colours for Winter were really easy in the grand scheme of things. Mainly due to having had most of them ready from Fall, but that’s not to say that they will stay the same year round. Unlike others undertaking this challenge I want to be able to really switch my wardrobes from winter to summer. This means come spring I am looking to have a serious overhall and although I can’t promise I won’t be including my trusty Navy I also feel like some pastels are going to be coming our way and some outrageous florals!

The Winter Capsule Wardrobe | Workwear and Masculine Tailoring for Everyone

Blazer: Zara, Jumper: c/o Long Tall Sally, T-shirt: Zara, Bag: Primark, Trousers: Zara, Red Flats: New Look, Black and White Heels: New Look

When I started planning my winter wardrobe the first thing I thought about and wanted to focus on including, was work wear. I am in the very lucky position that we have the incredible freedom to not be confined to suits in our office. That’s not to say however that I don’t like dressing up or taking my cues from the boys or in this case, the power suit.

2015’s great plans included ‘growing up’ my dress sense. Don’t get me wrong I am still the same girl who loves her kooky pieces such as the pom pom scarf or my white Zara fuzzy box bag however now is the time to invest in not only timeless pieces but smart multi functional ones as well.

The ‘Power’ Suit.

I have always had somewhat of a fascination with the suit. Perhaps its from being a child in the nineties, or perhaps its the fact that I always envisioned myself in the corporate world, but the appeal of a great suit has never been lost on me. The only problem being of course that my body type doesn’t necessarily work with the whole trouser suit, or if your reading this in america, the pant suit.

Give me a skirt, blouse and fitted jacket and I will give you a great outfit, but a pair of trousers? You possibly have me stumped. Working with both an ‘apple’ shaped body and reoccurring IBS means trousers are rarely my best friend and not only that but they are often impossible to find. During Fall I documented my search for the ideal trouser and in the end it took me three months hard work to finally hit the jackpot.

The most interesting part about dressing is that each and every one of us is entirely different. Whether you relate as an apple shape or are blessed (or cursed) with a pear one, we don’t always find the same things work no matter what shape we relate to. So for me, Dorothy Perkins this last Autumn was a disaster. Each pair of trousers was cut awkwardly, with great fitting legs and then a last minute waist band which appeared to better suit the same pair of trousers several sizes down. Next meanwhile made trousers for girls far more blessed in the hips direction while I couldn’t even hold my breath long enough for H&M and yet . . . Zara.

I often feel oversized walking into Zara, after all, this is a European store which doesn’t necessarily scream 6 foot girl who bounces between a 14 and 16 please come in! and yet now I am the proud owner of the dream jeans and two pairs of trousers which are making my suit dreams come true. So how did I plan to wear them? Well the obvious was to ‘girl’ them up. However, when I looked through my capsule one thing kept screaming at me. Make a suit, make it tailored and take your cues from the boys! After all these trousers are a navy pinstripe! They are already well onto the banker train before we even started and even I was more than surprised to find out how pleased I was with this look over all.

In fact if the capsule can teach you anything its actually, don’t be confined by convention. It needn’t be in greyscale and just because you have a few pieces doesn’t mean you need to not be adventurous in your choices. I have also realised something great, everything works for everyone when you’ve got the right fit for you. So if you’re rocking incredible hips, check out Next, if your blessed with an itsy bitsy waist its DP’s tomorrow in your lunch break or if your pretty straight up and down try out Zara as you never know it might work for you too.

In the mean time I am loving the potential of Winter 2015. I see tailoring, I see work wear and I see power suits! Just because the nineties are well and truly over doesn’t mean that the suit has to be and just because I’m big chested doesn’t mean I can’t work menswear inspired pieces either, huzzah for the new year!

This dressing thing, I think I might just have cracked it!




Winter Capsule Wardrobe | Sneak Peek

Buy me: Jeans: Zara, Heels: Clarks 2013/14 Similar in BurgundyNavy

The Winter Capsule Wardrobe | Sneak Peek.

Let me start by saying that I am the idiot girl who has spent the whole of December rushing so much so that I caught not only a cold at the beginning of last week but also, a Migraine. Because of this I chose not to do normal outfit posts this week. I am part annoyed at this turn of events since I had planned on one last regular blog post and then take some time off with a few posts on sales and and a recap on 2014 however my nose currently resembles Rudolf’s. Festive yes, attractive? Not so much. So here we are winter capsule sneak peeks!

The Heels: Clarks, January Sale 2014

First up is a pair of heels who have been a staple ever since I bought them! I love these heels so much that if they are not in any of my capsules this year I will be surprised!

The Knee High Boots | c/o Long Tall Sally

These boots are another thing that I spent most of last year searching for and then never found. The over knee boot I feel was one of those big trends of last year which I could never take part in because I never found the right boot. That and of course The Curse of Sabrina.

The best of two worlds, these Long Tall Sally Boots are meant for women often a lot taller than me, so on me of course they come up a lot higher! I think they work really well however and I’m looking forward to introducing these boots into my Winter Capsule Wardrobe.

The Jeans | Zara

I think I have finally gone and found the dream jeans and again, Zara came to the rescue! I looked for ripped jeans all last year and finally after a year of searching here they are! So far I am planning to just have two pairs of jeans in my Winter Capsule these and my black (again, Zara) pair.

The Blazer| H&M (pink is in store)

Oh Blazers, I love you! You know how I wanted a replacement black blazer? Well I figured a soft pink one like this is almost the same right? Ok, probably not but on the plus side when I started writing out my ideas for the Winter Capsule my all time favourite colour combination of purple, grey and blue still came to the forefront. Because part of the last capsule wardrobe taught me the importance of keeping my colour scheme quite cohesive for easy dressing I found pale pink would work really well in mixing up my current colour scheme.

The Classic White Shirt & Plaid Shirt | H&M (mens) & Gap

I have fallen in love with shirts. A big part of what a missed during the Autumn Capsule is the plaid shirt. Mine is from Gap last winter and it is one of the softest, most comfortable shirts I own. Being big chested means shirts can be relatively difficult to wear traditionally so it is my hope that over the Winter Capsule that I can find a way to wear shirts that works with my body shape. So fingers crossed!

This shirt is actually from the mens section in H&M which is also where my favourite Chambray shirt is from. Theres something that I love about masculine tailoring and I believe that that will certainly have a place in the Winter Capsule.