The Capsule Wardrobe | Hello Tunic.

White Jacket: Topshop, Tunic: Forever 21, Plated belt: Fat Face, Bag: Zara, Jeans: Zara, Heels: Clarks

Hello Tunic.

Don’t ask me an exact date but I am pretty certain that I had (back in the day) a spate of loving tunics. In fact if I still felt it was safe to wear leggings all the time I probably would still be wearing tunics!

One thing I realise about tunic wear is that I probably shouldn’t wear them. As an apple shape you don’t really want to draw attention to your top half and instead you actually want to balance out your heavy top with a flashy bottom (or the like). However with all the good intentions or rules in the world sometimes you just want to hide away and a tunic does that for me.

Now I bought this top from Forever 21 when I went back in May? For my Spring Summer capsule shop and I almost didn’t buy it. I had one chambray shirt already and I had at the time tried to be good and minimise my chambray input but as ever this top one out and here we are with the cutest top in the whole world! I only have a small sinking feeling that this was actually being sold as a dress but oh well I will deal.

Now I could have obviously cowered with this unbelted but when it came to it I realised that no I actually should belt this! I should embrace the belt, in the long run it will all be worth it! This belt in particular is another triumph since I bought it on sale in January from Fat face! I love the braided detailing which I feel goes really great with the simplicity of this top!

I have to say I really think that adding a bit of structure to a tunic is certainly the way to go. I have worn the full on loose fit ones before but nothing quite compares to giving yourself a good pulling together! What’s the verdict are tunics the way or are they a no go fashion backtrack?

WWGGW? What would the Gilmore Girls Wear?

Image source

I don’t know about you but I regularly ask myself a very important question, what would the Gilmore Girls wear?

Gilmore Girls like many is my ultimate TV show I adore the characters, long to be Lorelai and live in Stars Hollow and the closest I can get? Dressing a little bit like them. Now prepare yourself for a few embarrassing photos from the past and a scary confession.

When I went to University I actively dressed like Rory from Gilmore Girls.

Honestly I have always loved Lorelai more but I found that going onto higher education could really do with a little bit more Rory and a little less Lorelai. so here goes, deep breath I dressed like . . . this . . .

(I’ve cut out my very good friend Becky in this photo (protect the innocent from my outfit choices – but honestly guys I just loved a good bootcut jean and T!)

I can’t honestly share most of my first university days (way to embaressing!) but heres the thing I loved basics, and I lived in bootcut jeans (this was 2009) plain T’s and a cord pencil skirt, that was my style kids and to be honest it kind of fit perfectly into that time and my lifestyle however lets come back to the present!

believe me once me and josh start decorating this will be my style. No shame.

But what would Lorelai Gilmore wear today? I think she would have of course have a perhaps more grown up style but I just hope she kept that humor in her clothes should there ever be a reboot. (Please TV/Film gods! Please!) so as I considered my wardrobe I had to ask myself this vitally important question and wonder how can I inject that same humor into my clothes?

Honestly I have been planning for fall. If I hadn’t then I would worry about myself but alongside growing up my style a little bit more (more camel, can’t stop it) I also want to make sure whimsy is a part of my style again. I have so many amazing memories of university and in particular, a certain kooky style that I don’t want to miss these younger years when cute is still wearable and you don’t need to be immaculately put together all the time. Although I certainly wouldn’t not buy a coat similar to her gorgeous powder pink coat in seasons 4 and 5 however!

The photo above is symbolic of myself at university. If you caught this photo on instagram I mentioned that this kind of jumper is what I lived in when I met Josh. The great patterning and unexpected fringing was just everything that I wore alongside slogan T’s of course! Now I won’t be bringing back the slogan T (I think) but certainly unexpected and kooky pieces, less high fashion and more interest!

The Capsule Wardrobe | Avoiding Sales.

p.s. I bought this dress on sale from Gap in early spring! best tent dress ever! Also the necklace is from Accessorize’s new Z collection which is gold plated I am 100% in love!

Sales resistance

I don’t know if I am doing it well, or if I am just being restrained by my budget but so far (touch all the wood) I haven’t bought anything in a sale. I can’t tell you what’s come over me or what this means but somethings going on and it might just be a capsule wardrobe success.

Previously I had thought that the Zara sale would happen and I would be in straight in there buying up a storm, but in reality I went online early put a thousand things in a basket, forgot about it and then came back and took it all out again. See here’s the thing, when you stop shopping for your most recent capsule it’s like you’ve had an arm cut off, you want to keep going. I forgot denim shorts! A denim jacket! I really need that twelfth white T-shirt and believe me for me it’s a struggle. Those first few weeks and I am a train wreck.

Now give me a month and a bit behind me and that has worn of substantially and its only really then (now) that I feel as if I can safely say that I don’t feel the urge to buy. Sure I love the idea of shopping I love the idea of new clothes but once I get in there and you’ve tried something on (I still do this during my capsule really just for fun – I don’t know what that says about me) I just want to put it back.

I just currently have no desire to buy things, if anything I don’t want to buy anything at all! So maybe it’s just the sale cycle, maybe I don’t have much disposable income right now but whatever it is I am actually quite enjoying it!

I think that when you come to the capsule from having somewhat of a problem, you do get to find relief in the capsules constraints. Reality is spending a lot and shopping a lot (especially if you go out of budget) can be a really stressful sport. I have felt beyond stress when I have spent unnecessarily and do I miss that? Not at all.

I know that these shopping bans haven’t solved the problem and maybe they won’t but they at least help. Which is at least the start of being more responsible with fashion.


Cut your Capsule Budget in Half.

Pink Blazer: H&M, White shirt: H&M, Pink T: H&M, Jeans: Zara, Boots: New Look, Bag: Zara

Cut your capsule budget in half.

The best way to cut your budget in half? Buy out of season.

Unlike fruits and vegetables if you can deal with not buying on trend pieces, buying out of season clothing can save you a pretty buck or two.

Firstly I’d like to introduce you to my new boots! I bought these in the New Look sale after unsuccessfully ordering a pair of their greatly reduced leather range last Friday. How they saved me a pretty penny? Well firstly I managed to buy three pairs for only £30 and even better, one pair is in the stores, Leather collection. Made from suede my first pair was originally priced at around £39.99 and I got these beauties for the tiny price of £14.00!

So I didn’t exactly buy these on a whim, this last year my faux leather boots from New Look finally kicked their last rainfall. I have owned these boots since 2012 and I actually bought them in the sale for about £8 originally I think and it was really only late this winter when the top of them finally started to peel itself away from the sole. With my toes suitably soaked from the rain I took a brave step that I would probably be too scared of a while ago and I threw them away that night.

Fast forward a month and the weathers gotten warmer and with it rainy days spell trouble. With my ankle boots all unsuitable for rain days (blue suede and fur lined? No thanks) I was beginning to worry about my hasty throwing decision. So one rainy morning before work I went into a New Look store and all they had left in their shoes sale? All size nine which was pretty awesome but they were all heels and cut out shoes none of which fit for purpose so I went away, shoved on my least loved suede boots and figured I would wait until Autumn.

Then we looked online over lunch and there was a perfect (or so I thought) leather pair of boots! Trying them on however and they were not the perfect fit that I had hoped, but on the plus side I tried them on in store and with that I faced my next challenge the wall of boots on sale opposite me. Never the less Josh spent the next hour watching me try on as many pairs of boots as I could. He’s just lucky I only came away with three pairs! On the plus side however they worked out at £10 a pair which really isn’t bad!

Since teaching myself to be more sensible with clothes purchases I have become more in tuned with buying only good quality shoes. Clothes I’m still learning about but whereas before I would have jumped at plastic leather shoes for only £8 I no longer feel the instant attraction. So far I have only bought my shoes on deals and offers but they have all been excellent quality shoes with suitable support mainly from Clarks. I have spent more on my shoes and bought less but in the long run I have been reaping the benefits.

I’m so pleased with these boots and I love the added benefit of having caught a good deal!

Now onto clothing, I also recently bought a white knitted jumper from H&M. On my list for a long time there has been an over sized, simple white knit. I have wanted nothing fancy just a simple, classic sweater and this is it!

The best bit? It was only £7. What a bargain! This really is the way to start cutting your capsule prices sure you’re investing ahead of times and some things cannot be bought yet but if you focus on basics and timeless style that appeals to you then why not? Why not get a £300 coat for a £100 it shouldn’t matter that you’ve bought it half a year ahead of time just remember that come Autumn you probably don’t need that second coat!

Winter 2015 Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up

Camel Coat: Next, Coca-Cola Sweater: Primark Mens adjusted by me, White Tee: Zara, Gold Necklace: Z for Accessorize, Denim Jeans: Zara, Blue Boots: Clarks similar

Winter capsule wrap up. Can you believe it’s already time to wrap up winter? I mean sure I have been excitedly planning for spring for about the last month and half but that’s beside the point. So the winter capsule folks, what did I think? Well honestly I am a hundred percent happier with my wardrobe as a whole as far as winter goes but I also cheated this season as I discussed here+ why? Because I wanted to wear the rest of my wardrobe! It’s been an uber interesting Autumn and Winter as far as dressing goes and I feel so set for next year. The fabulous thing about doing the capsule wardrobe challenge as I’ve stated a million times before is that it aligned my real life with my imaginary and for AW I feel like I have a great grip on how I like to dress and what I need to make my life tick. Here is a list of my must haves for Autumn and Winter no matter what the trends in 2015/16. Basics:

  • Tights in black
  • Leggings
  • Tank tops for layers
  • V neck T-shirts


  • Long sleeved scoop neck T shirt in plain or stripes
  • Chambray Shirt
  • Plaid shirt
  • Longline knit cardigan
  • Short cardigan
  • Great blue jeans (skinny fit)
  • Blue jean alternative

Work smart

  • Black or dark pencil skirt
  • Smart work trousers
  • Smart blouse/shirt
  • White shirt


  • Flat comfortable and supportive boots
  • Full foot covered, flat smart shoes
  • Smart ankle boots
  • A sexy pair of heels


  • Thick knitted scarf
  • Knitted hat
  • Knitted headband
  • Full fingered gloves in leather
  • Half finger gloves in knit.


  • Ankle length running leggings/tights
  • Thicker leggings for cycling
  • Sweat tank layered under a regular tank (I don’t like my arms covered too much)
  • Luminescent runner’s jacket
  • Long sleeved light weight running jacket with reflective strips
  • Swim costume
  • Gloves for running
  • Padded full fingered gloves for cycling
  • Warm headband for running
  • Running Shoes with reflective strips for night time runs
  • Walking boots
  • Alternative trainers for cycling if needed

This is all quite extensive and yet I feel like I’ve missed something but you get the picture. Spending six months with limited access to my clothes has been an incredible experience it really forces you to examine what you actually wear. It also limits confusion I definitely have more clothes to get rid of and I will be readjusting my size restrictions next autumn but overall I have such a better grasp on what a wardrobe should be and I’m hopeful that my clothes will soon not need a room of their own!

The Capsule Wardrobe | The Problem with Shopping Addictions

Hat: Marks and Spencers, Black Blazer: Zara, Blanket scarf: Zara, Grey v-neck: H&M, Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins (2013/14), Red and White thick socks: Primark, Workmen Boots: George by Asda

Guys all I can think about is Spring and Summer. I can honestly promise you only one thing; if you are a bit of a shopping addict when you begin the capsule wardrobe challenge you will spend a great deal of time thinking about your next one. Or at least, I do.

So now it’s all about the warmer months. So much so that I have been following huge amounts of Australian style bloggers to start building my basics for SS15.

Now obviously the other problem with spending great deals of time planning for the next season means that I can on occasion feel a little lost in my current wardrobe. I have definitely started transitioning the way I wear my winter wardrobe through wearing more of the paler items and making sure I don’t always pair dark colours together. I am also desperately trying to avoid the colour combinations, which I found myself stuck in continually repeating.

Back to Spring, get ready for me to talk an awful lot more about lighter colours! I am so excited to introduce new colours and patterns into my wardrobe. I am also intending to focus less on amounts and more on creating a solid summer wardrobe which can be brought forward each year and be as relevant that year as it was the last.

I am still working out the basics of it all but let me tell you guys I have never been so excited about Breton stripes, denim, floral’s and pale blue and lavender everything!

My hat didn’t like being worn with this scarf however, but I figure that jaunty angle adds a little, no?

What I wore this summer . . .

therealjlow jeans and tee

therealjlow jeans and tee

therealjlow jeans and a tee

therealjlow jeans and a tee

therealjlow jeans and a tee

Firstly: hooray! It’s Friday. This past week has felt exceptionally long! 

But now on to the blog post! Has anyone else started looking forward to cooler weather just for layers? I literally put this outfit on for what felt like five seconds and was then reduced back to my trusty dress pile. I have to say for a girl who previously never really wore (or maybe more correctly, found) summer dresses, this summer has been the summer of the dress.

I live predominately in five dresses (all H&M basics but can you really go wrong with that?) but then I counted how many have I actually bought in the year of 2014? Well a lot. In fact I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you* but what would a good realistic blog be without some hard truths? But then of course I figured, why don’t we do a rundown of what I have been consistently wearing and going to this year without fail?

I have split the below into during the week (work wear) and my weekend outfits or in reality workout gear. I hadn’t really realised until looking at this that we predominantly spend our time on our bikes or in the pool this summer so classy dressed up wear has really been pushed aside for leggings and sports tops! I have worn other tee shirts Id like to point out but as I couldn’t really go oh yeah I wear that all the time! I felt that they obviously haven’t been that important!

During the week;

  1. Black H&M Dress £7.99, Red H&M Dress £7.99, Navy H&M Dress, £7.99 4. Cobalt Blue Dress: H&M (in store) £6.99 5.Black and white Stripe Dress H&M (in stores) £6.99, 6. Black Maxi Gap, Bought in the sale for £20 7. Black Ballet Dress Gap bought on sale for only £6.98!, 8. Flippy Skater Skirt (£1 fish of a skirt) Asda George (2013) 9. Navy Patterned Harem Trousers Next (2013), 10. Loose white tee: H&M (in stores)

On the weekend;

  1. Orange Work Out top: Gap £4 on sale (2014), Cut off Leggings: H&M (2009) £3.99,  Blue Shorts: H&M £7.99, 4. Flower Playsuit: Next, £22 5. Blue work out Top: JD Sports (2013), 6. burgundy and grey Work out tee: Lidl 7. Lidl cropped work out leggings (2013) 8. Sports Bra: Marks and Spencer (great for the busty!) £15, Swimwear: Black Tankini Top: Next £22, Floral Bottoms: Next £9


  1. White Sandals: Next (2013), Walking Boots: Millets (2009/2010), Running Shoes: New Balance (2013), 4. Black Strappy Sandal: New Look £19.99, 5. Lime Green Dollies: Clarks £25

So now my question to you all is what are your go too’s when the outfits you want to wear are just too hot for comfort? Do you have some great pieces that you think every girl needs in her closet?

 * 10. Thankfully I bought most of them either cheap (I love, love, love H&M basics for their £8 dresses! On sale – Hello Gap! But still, I think looking at your clothes in numbers and with price tags has actually been greatly helpful for me to look seriously at how much I actually spend and whether or not I am making good investments or bad ones as the case may be! I know from my toe injury for instance that I need from now on to only invest in two great and comfortable pairs of shoes a season rather than loads and loads that hurt and damage my feet! But more on that in another post!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

What I wore: When all else fails . . .


Striped Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Alternative, Chambray Shirt: H&M mens, Grey Shirt: H&M, Red Heels: New Look

DSC_0346 DSC_0347


Get ready for a whole host of grammatical and written errors. The crux of this matter is I hurt my hand. I was washing up (always dangerous on a Sunday – or you know, any day) and the glass I was cleaning broke and without knowing it attempted to remove my knuckle. I was mostly unsuccessful but now I’m sitting here with a hand full of bandages and not allowed to use my hand. One handed typing and texting – not my thing, it seems.

Anyhoo, it just means that instead of beautifully written blogs posts. (I hear you laughing – I raise you one injury!) you get a week of post injury photos and little words, well hear goes . . . What I wear when all else fails.