Fashion for the Weekend |Seaside Style

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Getting dressed for a day at the beach can be surprisingly difficult. Its particularly difficult when you live in the UK and really are not good used to nice weather and live in land. For me I like to be covered up. I think I always like the idea of the beach more than I do in reality (sand, wet feet, the list goes on) but pulling on chucks and harem trousers and I’m far happier.

This day photographed wasn’t too hot so a good cover up was possible and actually this whole day was so comfortable and perfect in general. Even though Josh did fool me into eating an oyster and then after the fact informing me that they were still alive . . . yeah, that happened.

So if you are looking for a calm Sunday activity this weekend? May I suggest a seaside town to wonder through and eat fish by the sea.
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Weekend Intentions.

Chambray shirt from the Capsule wardrobe (H&M) and basics, Leggings, H&M, Tee H&M, Sunglasses were freebies from Tatler 2013 and running shoes from New Balance (mens?)

Last weekend we swore we would eat healthier, get on our bikes and be active. Unfortunately after a Saturday choc full of chores and cleaning we really only ended up with Sunday to really do whatever we wanted. Because this summer has felt like such a rush of commitments we decided that for our own sanity we would instead take a walk rather than a long cycle ride and enjoy chatting and the river and get a drink at Starbucks and just spend our Sunday being.

Life is so busy that its days like this that I think we crave the most. We awoke to have toast and read magazines (well the boy read Buzzfeed but close enough right?) Then after photographing the capsule wardrobe we took off for a walk from our home to the local Starbucks which is quite the trek in the grand scheme of things! Once at the local lock what better than to take a few outfit photos right?

If theres one thing that the blog altered for me it was weekends. When I first started it realighted my love of fashion so much so that I ended up wearing elaborate outfits all the time and that eventually led me to feeling bad when I didn’t wear something so put together!

Housekeeping . . .

I have hit somewhat of a milestone. I’ve almost used all my storage here on WordPress! Because of this I am learning the complicated world of embedding images so firstly my sizing may be out of whack for a while or there might be some images missing. If they are missing please do drop me a comment so I can rectify it. I am intending to go back through the blogs archives to replace images with externally hosted ones so past posts may be a little messy for a short while . . .

As far as this outfit is concerned I wear this far more often than I’d care to admit. I bought this top back in the last Next sale unfortunantely just as the weather turned so although I don’t really need long sleeves every evening when me and the boy go out for a walk it comes in handy! I also love how long it is and think it will be great for cycling next year in the winter. Paired with Ponte leggings and boots it was great this Saturday for a trip into town for a joint eye test because we’re cute like that.


Heres tomorrow looking at you kid . . .



Look, I’m waving at you! But that could just be to distract you from the mess in our walk in floordrobe, man cave.





So this is tomorrows outfit today. Your seeing the future effectively, neat right! Unfortunately we don’t always get enough time on the weekends (and weeks to be perfectly honest) and so sometimes I settle on selfies. 

The only thing left is to mention the outfit. This is actually two outfits I have my daytime mature lady look – i don’t know why it is, it just is. In these photos you can’t see but im wear a striped tee under the denim shirt add that to the straight leg white jeans and I am a walking M&S advert. Its just a shame nothing im wearing came from M&S I could audition!

But alas . . . Then at night I might wear my patterned tee faux fur stole and my glitter heels. However it is also likely that I will completely change my mind by then but we will see. For now, this is the look im going with! 

On a more personal note. Yay, weekend! What are you guys up to?