The one where I almost had a heart attack

The one where I almost had a heart attack

 Long Jumper: Next 2014, Green Dress: Gap, Backpack: Primark, Socks: Lidl, Boots: c/o Long Tall Sally

Let me tell you this; never let a man get Sky TV. Now I’m not being overly mean here, just that they get far too over excited about such things like new TV stations so much so that they will unexpectedly give you a heart attack.

Now let me tell you a little fact about my charming, Joshey-bear, (I like cutsey nicknames ok? I also call my dad pica and my mum girlie-pants – because that’s the kinda girl I am!) This boy does not communicate! I mean obviously he does in day to day life but via phone? Gah, good luck! So I am minding my own business Tuesday afternoon at work when the phone rings, my desk vibrates and his face pops up on my screen. Josh is calling me. Why? Why is he calling me? Oh no, he got hurt, something happened . . . the cone men!* Oh my god he fell in a hole, I have to get to the hospital, crap I came to work by train, pray it’s not serious . . .

Well I pick up the phone, I’m ready for bad news and he goes; “so the sky mans coming on saturday the 14th, thats ok right? . . . ”

um sure . . . but my heart, that as sure as hell wasn’t o-k!

Now this outfit? Its perfect for the weekend, uber comfy and easily the greatest outfit for those first days of spring when you can . . . look! risk bare legs!!! I may or may not have worn this dress all last weekend, it just made perfect sense for both Saturdays food shop and sundays walk down the river to get breakfast with Mr Josh!

*who are the cone men? Well let me tell you Josh is currently working with water but before that he was doing street lighting in the south east area and he worked nights for I think for about three months? It was crazy I got uber skinny (because josh does all the good cooking) and almost forgot what he looked like but anyway, he told me this story about, cone men. Who are they? Well they are the guys that you may have seen on the motorway putting out cones to barricade off the work sites. Now this to me doesn’t scream danger, but Josh was quick to rectify me, if you hit a motorway cone and it by some terrible fault, hits someone you’ve effectively killed that person. I’m not lying I wish I was but alas!

So of course let me tell you be safe when driving around those cones!

Weekend Shorts

This weekend is my partner in crimes birthday. Said partner in crime being Josh of course! We had thought about doing something extravengant but in all honesty we have such a busy couple of months ahead that really all we need and want is some down time together. 

Said downtime is going to involve Brunch and films, a dinner date out, a cycle and lots of doing nothing at all! All in all I think that will make one perfect weekend! 


What are you all up to this (bank holiday) weekend?