I cut in bangs, completely forgetting it wasn’t so long ago that I had them before…


“When you were a kid, did you ever have a flash image of who you would/might be one day? Not quite a plan, but more a premonition? In mine, I had bangs. 2016 sucked but 2017? It might just be the year that everything changes and in the meanwhile, fall right into place.”

Post-wedding hair meant that I had very long, natural brown hair with barely a layer cut in. Too lazy to make a post wedding haircut I left it growing until it was so long and unmanageable that I had taken to wrapping it thousands of times around itself into a bun.

Finally four months later on a whim I made an appointment with a hairdresser, I was at least getting a trim. Something however, made me think about a fringe.

When I was a lot younger I had a vision of myself as an adult. In it I was striding towards the post box (of all things) in my hometown of Hitchin. That part of the vision is more than likely attributed to my mother. The amount of times I came into town to see my mum on a post office/bank run is unreal. However, when I saw myself I was wearing a dark trouser/pant suit (I don’t see that particular look in my future) but I had long, straight hair and a fringe/bangs.

I don’t know why but after 2016 and the four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A year in the life, I felt almost as if it was time to bring that vision of myself to life. As a kid I kept that vision as a placeholder of who I would eventually become. As you can guess it said nothing about what I would do or who I am in the slightest just that that person would be content and happy and so, if 2017 should achieve just one thing its that we should all be happy.

So I cut a fringe in and so far, I couldn’t be happier that I did.

The problem with wedding hair.

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The problem with wedding hair

Like most women I decided to grow my hair out. I have come to conclusion in my twenties that I am a girl who likes short hair. Long hair is work; effort and I have zero patience for spending what feels like hours drying it either.

However I knew my wedding vision and it required long or at least longer hair. So over the last year as you can see documented I have grown out my funky bob and let my blonde fade into non-existence.

That’s a whole other story but here’s the thing. When we got engaged and I envisioned my hair I realised one thing, I wanted my natural hair colour. At 25 I realise that actually (potentially) your hair with zeros greys is a limited time period, you don’t get forever and wasting that time bleaching and dying seems like a shame. You miss your natural hair in all its finest glory! I was also aware that I would probably fiddle with my hair colour a lot during my lifetime and I knew that I wanted both my children and my grandchildren eventually to at least know what the real, brunette me looks like.

So back to the hair I grew it out for a year, no hair cuts no intervention and then I took a deep breathe, freaked out and went to a new hairdressers to get it on its way to perfect. Just as I expected, Lisa my hairdresser thought that equalling out my haircut was the first step and even scarier a blunt cut was the cut of the day.

For further hair knowledge it turns out I have actually very thin hair (I just have a decent amount of it) because of this as it gets longer without cuts it gets lankier and looses its fullness so to build this up we cut it short-ish and blunt to rebuild that body that I desired.

Now however is the tricky part, waiting for it to grow out of this tricky stage. It’s a strange feeling have a long all over blunt bob. I have never thought about it but a good hair cut for me is one which has enough of its own structure that I can leave it to dry naturally or at least do its own thing without much intervention from me, this cut however requires work to not make me feel about six and that, has been tortuous.

Just like my make up I like my hair simple, I’m not interested in teasing and fussing I just want it to look good after brushing (or not) and allow me to get on with my day whilst feeling good.

So I am putting the floor over to you guys, what should I do? How can I make my hair look interesting and flattering with the least amount of work? If you have any ideas or suggestions please leave them below as I would love to hear more!