Old Regular




The weather this week. It’s the kind of weather where I have no idea what to wear. Like at all. I’ve ended up looking incredibly strange! I think its a British thing though, we always get confused by hot or (in our case) Humid weather. Give us a snow storm, we’ve got it covered. Rain? Please we have umbrellas in every corner of our house, car, work we have them everywhere, just in case . . .

So I guess what i’m saying is thank god you guys got to see what I wore back when it was cooler, cause at least then I knew what to do with all these clothes I own!

Hows everyone else dressing for those hot commuter days? Better than me, im sure . . .

Bringing the bling . . .






You’d be forgiven for not noticing my ring – because and I realise this, that I don’t post enough images of my accessories as part of my outfit. I am trying, honest. Just this last week I wrote this+ post for TVCLifestyles talking about my favourite ring, ever. Ok, maybe not ever, but for right now, sure. Its a hand me down and I feel decidedly naked without it. 

This post is not all about my missing jewelry photos however. This is also a snow announcement. Did you know I hate snow? like dread it. A, its cold and wellies are not a fashion statement that I enjoy and B, I think when you’ve broken an ankle once you’ll learn that like my fav Taylor Swift lyrics, you’ll never ever ever want to do it again. Therefore because of snow (and I might have been very slightly – Ok, hung over on Sunday) I don’t have any new new posts this week – although a couple of outfits you’ve never seen, I’m not entirely convinced that these may be my best. So forgive me if you think what were you thinking?

On the plus side I bought really cute ear muffs today. (It was cold and I had time to kill at the train station – i may have a shopping problem!) So if your lucky you might just see them!

Until then, enjoy the weather wherever you are – and even if today is the (apparently) most depressing day of the year, I bought cute ear muffs so it can’t be all bad, right?