Fashion Stories | The Missing Silk Scarves

Vivienne westwood

September 2012 marked the month where a small, perfect pink bag appeared in my lap. Said bag was from Vivienne Westwood, I kid you not. My Mum and Dad had bought me something beautiful, unique and fabulous, one of Vivienne’s simple handkerchiefs’ in one of her iconic designs.

This handkerchief quite literally became my right hand handkerchief for a year.  Taking its position on my right crutch I travelled with this handkerchief (even with its sticker still on wherever I went). It learnt the quick limp through the dodgy areas in poplar, Deptford and homerton, London, it came to physio, heavens towards the end it came to a now defunct club in Maidstone, where it caught the eye of the lady hand stamping us to come in.

“I love your scarf!” of course you would, its Westwood.

All in all we had a fantastic run, a year together, but it should have been a lifetime.


Moving to Kent later in the year I packed my prized possession into a blue box. A box I haven’t been able to get rid of since, just in case the scarf is still hiding in the corner but as you now know the scarf went missing. Between Hertfordshire and Kent, a Kent flat to another it disappeared.

I thought honestly, my luck couldn’t get any worse, I lost one scarf, I couldn’t lose a second right? Well that just proves me a fool.


Fast forward to October 2016 and myself and Josh got married, we went to Berlin the day after. Stalked the streets, tagged onto tours and trawled the city of all of its museums. My outfit on repeat was a button up cord skirt, a black lightweight sweater from Zara and a neck scarf.

Vintage, pulled from Beyond Retro in Brick lane, Summer 2012, I’d never felt the need to wear it before. I had always failed to work out a way to wear it when it was slightly too short. In Berlin however, I realised I could wear it many ways. Tied around my neck like a cowgirl, around my wrist, the belt loops in my skirt, I swear it made it back on the plane…

Now I’m not so sure.

Much like the beloved Vivienne Westwood, it seems the silk scarf doesn’t want to stay friends with me for long. I’m becoming a prolific scarf loser. Worst still when they disappear they seem to do so silently, slipping away in the night like a temporary lover. Am I going to spend my life leaving my favourite scarves all over the globe?

I pray to anyone listening that the Vivienne and the vintage number have found their ways into nice loving homes, not chucked out as trash. Maybe Vivienne is now tied to some other girl’s crutch or handbag, the vintage, some stylish ladies neck, or maybe they have made entirely new lives….

In terms of me searching for them both, I haven’t stopped. I keep that blue box in the hopes that it might just offer my scarf back up four years later. I check bags randomly as I have a flash of genius, maybe I left it here…. The sadness is I never have, we moved house again and Vivienne never re surfaced, she was gone. Now I do the same on the vintage, waiting for its eventual return where I might slap myself on the forehead good naturedly, well of course! Here you are!

PRT 2 – Are you wearing your neck tie? A how to and later . . . a how not?


On Monday I shared how to wear a neck tie simply tied into a V shape, today I’m trying something completely different! ‘Belting’ outfits I believe is so much more acceptable now so why not use your scarf as a belt also?

This was also a great fashion experiment for me. In the mirror this particular morning I put my scarf like this and it looked so much better than on film! With that being said however, that is something interesting. Not everything in our head or in the mirror works perfectly. Similarly to just purchasing something without trying it on first, mistakes and misjudgements happen in fashion all the time but experimentation is the key to life and fashion! What I love about playing with items and ideas is sometimes you hit upon something absolutely perfect!



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Dressing up.

DSC_0195 - Version 2


Blazer: Vintage, Stole: Vintage, Perspex Necklace: Accessorize Similar, Top (dress): New Look, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins Similar Heels: New Look




DSC_0207DSC_0198 - Version 2


I may have told you this before. But I work in a casual smart office. Its a place where jeans are welcome. Huzzah! But sometimes a girl needs a little dressing up and date night is the perfect excuse. I feel very mad men in this outfit. The dress is from our anniversary last year, but its a bit of a clinger so I have to be honest it doesn’t get much wear nowadays however mixed with some vintage and a pencil skirt you just can’t go wrong!

Jrizzle’s back!! (But not my rapper days thankfully)





Hello post on the go!

Its been too long! I feel like we all need a couple of coffees and catch up for hours . . . But instead I’ll give you the short version of whats been and whats to come!

Well I have been away to cornwall and devon, witnessed my mums new shop opening, turned 23 (ancient), seen the incredible “about time”, eaten too much exercised too little and slept just enough so successful I feel. Oh, and I went and saw the amazing Paramore!!

The things to come though thats the exciting part!

A post on vintage antique and new from phoenix and the lion on TVC.

The reason I’m not buying clothes for the rest of 2013

September resolutions (in October, obvs)

And lots of remixed fashion!

Hello fall, I’ve missed you and your crisp new starts!!

See you all soon!!


Who saw november coming? One minute it was the summer, I’d just left uni and now look its almost christmas! and me and the boy are now making christmas plans and trying to get everyones christmas presents sorted! Worse still as the time flew its almost been a month since I have updated this blog! even worse was that I had been dedicated to having something new on TVCLifestyles every week and it went un-updated for at least two! which I must apologise for because theres new excuse for an empty blog! none at all! 

Here however its less about vintage and a bit more about me, so let me fill you in on the month gone . . .



With TVC, me and the boy went out and experimented with setting up scenes for accessories, at this point it was still warm out and I was still overly excited about wearing a scarf. Now however Id do anything to be back on the millennium bridge not feeling the arctic wind. 

However sometimes wearing a scarf is fun and you don’t feel like your still freezing when wearing it. 



This is my bf’s scarf which was made by his mum and sister however its so long that we can be redonkulously couperly and share it. Much fun was had trying to breathe while both wrapped in this thing! 


Thinking of scarves I decided the time to re-learn to knit was now! so I bought a bunch of rowen wools from hobby craft in town and got to my needles, I was quite pleased with the outcome. 


This month I also got the pleasure of going to check out the stock of the up and coming vintage and antique furniture and interiors website The Phoenix and the Lion. I loved the stock here are a few photo’s of my favourite pieces. The worst thing was my camera began to run out of battery so I didn’t quite get the perfect shots that I wanted. If your interested in anything posted below, keep checking back as upon the sites launch Im gonna give it a shout out and a couple of links for you guys to check out. 



have a great month! and hopefully I’ll be back again before december strikes!