Oh so (not) Vintage.

I would like to introduce you to my most recent sale purchase. This yellow, white and black floral skirt was all alone in Dorothy Perkins and in my size so of course it had to come home with me right? It would get lonely on its own after all.

I think what I love most about it, is it has a vintage vibe. A great vintage vibe is all good in my books. Sure I’ll never look as good as the lovely Gemma but a girl can dream right?

I’m super excited for this weekend as a three day weekend is about three times just as great as a normal weekend. Also my fiancé made me watch the second Hobbit film this past weekend. Now, I know I had read the book at least three times as a child but for my own sanity I must have wiped it from my memory – how have they even contemplated making three films out of that one tiny book? Also I thought that film would never end. In fact i’m very grateful that now on Friday that I’m not in fact still watching it. Me and the Hobbit therefore? Not firm Friends.

Wherever you are enjoy your weekends whether they be one day, two days or three!