Therealjlow | vacation and packing with a Capsule Wardrobe

Can you guess where we are going?

I’m not sure if this is more obvious, but we are going to Paris! As far as Christmas presents go, this might be the best one. Not to mention that it just so coincides with both Valentines Day and our five-year anniversary. Because obviously when you think of Paris you think fashion (or at least I do, closely followed by thoughts of macaroons and French stick) I thought that this would be a great time to do another, capsule wardrobe packing post! Ack! We are going for four days (Tuesday to Friday) so I really wanted to try my hand at packing as minimally as possible. Now with still a week and a half to go some items may change dependent on weather but we will see closer to the time. So as per the capsule I am focusing on keeping a simple colour scheme so each item can be worn as many ways as possible. Lets start with the basics –

  • One pair of leggings
  • One pair of Jeans
  • Two basic tanks in pale pink and black
  • One long sleeved T-shirt in stripes
  • One mid length Black t-shirt
  • One grey waterfall jumper

to see all my capsule items in full check out the original post, “The Winter Capsule: using colour.”

More fun/dressed up pieces – These don’t sound half as fun as they could be but I am really going with simplistic and easy to pull off. I have included the black dress so that when we go out at night I can feel that bit more dressed up!

  • Purple v shaped jumper
  • Fish and Chips T-shirt
  • Black Gap Dress

Shoes –

  • Clarks brogues
  • Workmen boots

Accessories – My accessories are really the fun part of this weeks clothes, I love the blue of this hat and the fun shape of these sunglasses so I am hoping that this will give me the interest that I am looking for in my outfits. I am still on the fence when it comes to my coat choice but either the camel number or my green Long Tall Sally one I think will work wonderfully with all my chosen pieces!

  • Grey and White blanket scarf
  • Purple Leather gloves
  • Yellow knitted headscarf
  • Blue bobble hat
  • Brown plated belt
  • and some gold jewellery I haven’t decided what yet! So keep an eye on Instagram!

Let me tell you guys I am not naturally a good packer, in fact I still have my doubts about what I have laid out. I love the motions of packing, of choosing pieces and thinking of outfits but ultimately when I get to our destination more often than not all that planning goes out of the window, or I stand in front of a suitcase lamenting and complaining that I have nothing to wear. I hope that by choosing to simplify my colours this time round that this may make this holiday more simple but I guess we will only know once we get there! Ack!