Beauty | Loving Right Now. Detox Mask

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Nightwear +

Not so long ago I spoke about the new, high street charcoal mask range from L’Oreal. A great, affordable product I have continued to use and enjoy this mask but I have however had problems. The problems that Charcoal with its ability to draw out impurities means that acne is a given when it comes to using it irregularly, or even regularly.

Something I’ve found to combat that a little? Or at least amplify the healing process has been Estee Lauders 3 minute, NightWear plus detox mask. I don’t know what it is about this brand but my face loves its skincare. I’m more than sure that there will come a time when I can’t use these products so well but at the moment? I am in love.

A simple white chalk-esque mask, this goes on thinly, lasts a long time and feels as though it has drying qualities without over drying. Upon removal it leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated, which is what we all want right? Better still I have found that this works perfectly for acne prone skin and as a calming, after mask for the L’Oreal Charcoal mask. I realise that it is better not to overload skin but this has proven itself to be the perfect remedy to post-charcoal acne.

A skin saver if you will. It also works great for acne prone skin generally! Let me know below if you too have a favourite mask for these types of issues as I’d love to try some others to compare!

Fashion | Those mom-jeans though . . .

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Sleeveless jacket: New Look sale Spring 2016, White eyelit shirt: Next summer 2015, The ‘Mom’ Jean or relaxed Skinny Jeans from Marks and Spencer* & Orange tied up sandals: ASOS

Styling mom jeans is one of those things which feels as if it should be a big, fashion-no and yet it is too addictive to over look the trend in favor of better tailoring.

If we are honest, ‘Mom jeans’ are never attractive. Mom jeans being the nineties boyfriend or more fittingly, girlfriend fit of the time.

The odd thing about them is we somehow all love them. I put off joining the trend for the longest time. I had never favoured them particularly, having always viewed these jeans as being an unflattering cut. Jeans from a time where we weren’t sure how to make jeans super flattering. Thats what mom jeans have always been for me. Most interestingly it seems that the rise of there popularity on the high street has been born more from our love of vintage then the catwalk. I remember as a late teen when shorts made from vintage Levi jeans became popular and now it seems that the introduction of the full on 80’s/90’s jean has taken a hold of our wardrobes, vintage or not.

So why did I buy some? Its a question I ask myself every time I wear them. On one side because I wanted comfortable, thick, good quality denim jeans which were a loose skinny fit and could be worn, hemmed up to bridge the gap between tailored and relaxed. I may even wear a bandanna with them also, just to complete the look and also because somewhere along the line I too wanted to try an alternative look I missed the first time around.

I believe that it is this which is the key to mom jeans success. We are not wearing them to be flattered, or to get compliments but instead to feel comfortable and be whimsical. They allow us to dress in a different and more expressive way and we get to call it fashion. A reason to wear whatever we want without any sneers or comments to dissuade us. Its my favourite type of dressing and if I had to say anything, that is why I bought a pair of mom jeans.

If wearing them makes you feel nervous I find that the key to making them wearable is to make everything else super flattering. I originally wanted to wear these with wedges which would also look great (height and rolled jeans seem to go hand in hand in making an outfit uber flattering) but in a relaxed summer setting flat sandals can work just as well.

I’m not sure on the longevity of this trend, I can see a lot of them now adorned with colourful, playful badges to keep the trend rolling however I can’t help but wonder what the next could be? How can we take our jeans to another level above relaxed or skinny fit, beyond boot cut and flares, how else can our jeans transform our wardrobes? For now I intend to pull these out on the weekend styles casually with flats and pretty summer tops, on casual fridays with wedges and tailoring and look forward to cooler, winter months filled with leather jackets, white T-shirts, colourful scarves and ankle boots.


*You can go so much more extreme than this pair. If anything this is gateway denim. The great thing about Marks and Spencer (sorry to international readers who don’t have access to this store) is that their jeans are made of great quality. There is no cutting costs, less reliance on lycra, they just make good jeans. Their jeggings for instance are so different from cheaper stores. They feel still like jeans just with the comfort of an elasticated waist band and lets be honest, thats the dream right?


The Capsule Wardrobe | For the love of Chambray

How I’m wearing classic chambray.

A chambray shirt has been a mainstay in my wardrobe since 2012. For the last three years I have had two chambrays, one for winter and one for summer and although I’m not sticking resolutely to the capsule wardrobe I am trying to be careful with my purchases. However a dark chambray shirt? It had to be done.

Something I struggled with moving out of the first year of having a capsule is this, how can I add dimension to my select wardrobe without going overboard? How can I keep my new style identity all whilst continuing to make dressing easy? Seems like a pretty big feat right?

It has felt like somewhat of a difficult line to walk with the capsule. Keeping it fresh whilst keeping the key basics that work effortlessly is an interesting balance. So I did stop for a couple of seconds when it came to purchasing this dark chambray shirt.

Is it a poor purchase considering I already own a well loved chambray or was it genius to invest in a piece I love and repeatedly wear just in a different colour? I decided in the end that yes a dark chambray would be a worthy investment; after all I’ve worn my other one almost to death here on the blog, so why wouldn’t I wear a second?

So far I have kept the look casual. I wore this out for a quick walk with Josh this past weekend. There’s nothing that I love more than a casual walk with Joshey on the weekend so adding my trusty new chambray and a feather down puffa and you have the perfect casual weekend look.

To check out my other favourite ways to wear chambray just click on your favourite look to take you to the blog post!

5 piece wardrobe | Five pieces for AW15

5 piece wardrobe | the five pieces

As you know this year I am playing around with ways to switch up the capsule wardrobe and one of those is the five-piece wardrobe. If you don’t know what this is, it is a French concept where you can buy any basic pieces you need (like basic jeans, a white t shirt etc) and then on top of this you can buy five stand out trend led pieces a season.

So as I believe you can never plan to early I thought I would share the five pieces that have been speaking to me so far during the high-street AW reveals.

The Boho shirt from Next 

Am I Boho girl? Not really. But I love, love, love this shirt! I think what I really love is how its reflective of my living room in actual fact. Joshes parents have spent the last four years exploring Saudi Arabia and India and what they and Josh have bought back has really shaped our living room.

Maybe after having a living room in this style I probably shouldn’t bring that in to my wardrobe but really who’s to say I can’t wear it as well?

The leopard print/fun trainer

Choosing one pair of shoes is officially the hardest thing I have ever done, have I decided to buy only one pair this year? No. I still feel completely out and confused by what my foot needs to be happy but I know that something padded and supportive is the way to go!

I also love these! They are a little odd looking so who knows why but I do . . .

The 70’s on trend denim skirt

I loved the suede version of this style but never ended up getting one in the summer but will that stop me trying again this season? Hell no. I think I love the denim one even more than the suede one!

The sleeveless blazer

A sleeveless blazer; it should be a SS thing but I’m happy to layer it with jumpers and the likes to make it a must have AW piece. I love the instant style and layer potential that this piece has and I will definitely be loving this under last years camel coat for a bit more interest!


(Topshop! Petite, Regular, Tall)

I can’t explain why, I feel like I should just leave the word here like a ticking time bomb. You want to wear what?? Yup. I want to try Dungarees. I like the idea of the flashback to childhood to have something to wear at home and be silly in, I’m all about the whimsy these days and I think this AW? It’s the time to share that.

Topshop Dungarees notes: My ultimate favourite thing about Topshop is it offers its petite and tall ranges almost all the same options. The most frustrating thing I find as a tall woman is that all the highstreet brands offer a vastly different range for tall women. For example and I am sorry to name names but Dorothy Perkins loves to offer tall women (in bulk) black and white basics. Great for some but as boring as tax returns for the rest. The thing that I hate the most is that idea that tall women only want black trousers. Its something I feel like I talk about until I am blue in the face, but I wanted to ask the petite among you this, do you find yourself being type cast with the petite options available? Is there a style that you think high street stores tailor towards which frustrates you? I would be really interested to know and share in another post.