Ready, Set, Save.

It’s official. We are seriously saving for a house this year. Why am I telling you this you ask? Well, mainly because I’m telling everyone and you guys, I trust. And when I say trust I mean trust to tell me that there will still be fashion a few years down the line when I can afford to buy it again.

I joke, there’s no way I can go without new clothes. (Sorry Josh.)

However, one thing is for certain, I can’t go on the way I have and afford a house. So there are certain cuts being made and that includes my clothing budget. Instead, I’m definitely limiting new buys to maybe one thing a month, or as my mother has been encouraging me to do is look at what I’m considering, walk away, look at it again, walk away and then on the third time, if it’s still what I want, buy it.

This is already killing me, it’s been a day since the New Year and I’m already having withdrawal pangs. Lucky for me Josh is acting in charge of my shopping for a while. Aka I’ll try sneaking him into shops without him noticing and he’ll guide me back out with that incredible, “I’m disappointed in your lack of fashion control face”.

I’ll pout, he’ll give me a hug and tell me there are shoes and clothes out there that I should save for, that’ll mean more. I don’t need to go in H&M, or New Look and certainly no more Primarni, the horror. Anyhoo you know what this means right? Less clothes.

Here’s the second thing. I suggested we do a big house clean out as well this weekend, but you know that one area that’s gonna take the hit right? My clothing, again. I know it’s for the best, I know I need to get a grip but less? I’m not very good at that, but at least I know it’s not just me. My mum informed me also that my dad has clothes in a chest of drawers and in four of the five wardrobes in their house, so at least I now know who to blame for my obsession . . .

So to hold me off this month I have pre shopped a bit but promised myself to wait until at least the last week of the month until I can buy anything new. This month I’m looking at investing in . . . a dress and possible jumpsuit below.

Somehow I always start a new season in Next I’m not entirely sure how it happens to be honest. I may have also gone in the store this morning also and found a tunic I would consider wearing at a short dress . . . opps. £50 to save though, that’s not too bad right?

jumpsuit summer dress

Find the Jumpsuit (In Tall!) Find the Dress (Not In Tall 😦 )

Old Regular




The weather this week. It’s the kind of weather where I have no idea what to wear. Like at all. I’ve ended up looking incredibly strange! I think its a British thing though, we always get confused by hot or (in our case) Humid weather. Give us a snow storm, we’ve got it covered. Rain? Please we have umbrellas in every corner of our house, car, work we have them everywhere, just in case . . .

So I guess what i’m saying is thank god you guys got to see what I wore back when it was cooler, cause at least then I knew what to do with all these clothes I own!

Hows everyone else dressing for those hot commuter days? Better than me, im sure . . .