Winter Capsule Wardrobe | Sneak Peek

Buy me: Jeans: Zara, Heels: Clarks 2013/14 Similar in BurgundyNavy

The Winter Capsule Wardrobe | Sneak Peek.

Let me start by saying that I am the idiot girl who has spent the whole of December rushing so much so that I caught not only a cold at the beginning of last week but also, a Migraine. Because of this I chose not to do normal outfit posts this week. I am part annoyed at this turn of events since I had planned on one last regular blog post and then take some time off with a few posts on sales and and a recap on 2014 however my nose currently resembles Rudolf’s. Festive yes, attractive? Not so much. So here we are winter capsule sneak peeks!

The Heels: Clarks, January Sale 2014

First up is a pair of heels who have been a staple ever since I bought them! I love these heels so much that if they are not in any of my capsules this year I will be surprised!

The Knee High Boots | c/o Long Tall Sally

These boots are another thing that I spent most of last year searching for and then never found. The over knee boot I feel was one of those big trends of last year which I could never take part in because I never found the right boot. That and of course The Curse of Sabrina.

The best of two worlds, these Long Tall Sally Boots are meant for women often a lot taller than me, so on me of course they come up a lot higher! I think they work really well however and I’m looking forward to introducing these boots into my Winter Capsule Wardrobe.

The Jeans | Zara

I think I have finally gone and found the dream jeans and again, Zara came to the rescue! I looked for ripped jeans all last year and finally after a year of searching here they are! So far I am planning to just have two pairs of jeans in my Winter Capsule these and my black (again, Zara) pair.

The Blazer| H&M (pink is in store)

Oh Blazers, I love you! You know how I wanted a replacement black blazer? Well I figured a soft pink one like this is almost the same right? Ok, probably not but on the plus side when I started writing out my ideas for the Winter Capsule my all time favourite colour combination of purple, grey and blue still came to the forefront. Because part of the last capsule wardrobe taught me the importance of keeping my colour scheme quite cohesive for easy dressing I found pale pink would work really well in mixing up my current colour scheme.

The Classic White Shirt & Plaid Shirt | H&M (mens) & Gap

I have fallen in love with shirts. A big part of what a missed during the Autumn Capsule is the plaid shirt. Mine is from Gap last winter and it is one of the softest, most comfortable shirts I own. Being big chested means shirts can be relatively difficult to wear traditionally so it is my hope that over the Winter Capsule that I can find a way to wear shirts that works with my body shape. So fingers crossed!

This shirt is actually from the mens section in H&M which is also where my favourite Chambray shirt is from. Theres something that I love about masculine tailoring and I believe that that will certainly have a place in the Winter Capsule.